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Where are the Bible contradictions when they all had been clearly answered by Christians?

This topic is further discussed here: http://www.answering-christianity.com/blog/index.php/topic,3036.msg14697.html#msg14697:


But when all the contradictions were pulled together they were answered pretry clearly check it yourself 100 bible contradictions answers.

As'salamu Alaikum dear brothers,

There are multiple sides to answering this:

1-  There is no such thing called "Bible".  It is a man-made lie.  GOD Almighty ordered the believers to not add or subtract any Word from His Words.  They must keep them perfect and unspoiled.  Yet, what do we have today?  We have a Bible!  A history book that contains even the most ridiculous things such as Mark "wanting to winter there" and he should bring Timothy along with him, to fights and open debates among the disciples, to graphical pornography where women's vaginas are praised and they taste like "wine".  Every page of the Bible is mixed with mens' words that are either about events, or Prophets' sayings, or just plain garbage.

To see ample proofs for all of these points, visit:


There is no Bible!  It's a big lie.


2-  The so-called "Bible" itself, its books and gospels were:

a- Written by mysterious men.
b- Written by an unknown number of men.
c- Written in unknown places.
d- Written in unknown dates.
e- Do contain alterations, fables and man-made injections in them.

For ample proofs, visit:



3-  When one says there are no contradictions in the Bible, what exactly do they mean anyway?  What can we establish from the man-made religion of Trinity and Christianity?  From the Bible, you CAN NOT establish:

a-  That Jesus was crucified.
b-  That Jesus is our Creator.



The Bible is a lie.  Christianity is a lie.  Trinity is a lie.


4-  The Bible does indeed contain ample contradictions within its text, and also ample errors that are in clash with history:


Take care,
Osama Abdallah





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