Author Topic: To brother Osama: Quran 19 code and Quran 9:128-129  (Read 2379 times)

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To brother Osama: Quran 19 code and Quran 9:128-129
« on: March 29, 2014, 02:04:45 pm »
Hello brother Osama, I haven't done my research on this topic so I do not have a position.

Let me be the first to say that I would have no issue calling anyone a kaffir when it comes to denying even one verse in the Quran, so I do not think I would be denying a Quranic verse. The issue is though, are these 2 verses Quranic verses? Have they been revealed to us by Allah? I ask this because you have done an extensive study on this 19 code of the Quran and I'm wondering your opinion. Why don't these verses fit within the code? I've read many things and many oppinons so far, but I haven't done any actual research on this topic. Some say these 2 verses are false verses, others say they aren't. But, since you've looked at the 19 miracle and studied it, what do you think of these verses?

I will be looking into this soon. This is what I have found so far about Allah preserving the Quran.

"Indeed, it is We who have brought down the Reminder (Quran) and We will preserve it." 15:9

It is noteworthy here to emphasise that God promises to preserve the Quran and not the "mushaf", the mushaf is the printed Quran.

A confirmation of this issue can be seen in the variations of certain words in the Hafz and Warsh versions of the Quran. The different spelling of a number of words between these two widely accepted versions of the Quran demonstrates that God does not preserve what humans print, but only preserve the Quran which can be accessed by all humans and which is preserved through the code of the Quran.

The Quran is called "mahfooz" (preserved) only in the master tablet with God (85:21) and not in the paper copy printed by humans.

[Quran 85:21] But this is an honored Qur'an, [Inscribed] in a Preserved tablet.

^This is one oppinion. The other opinion is that these verses mean that Allah will defend the Quran that humans have in their hand.

I currently hold no position because I am not in the right place to judge this. I need to look more into this.

Thanks for your help!

Maybe you could reconcile these verses with the 19 code. d

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Re: To brother Osama: Quran 19 code and Quran 9:128-129
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2014, 01:46:02 am »
As'salamu Alaikum dear brother Mclink94,

Good question, akhi.  We have thoroughly refuted the Rashad Khalifa cult in great details many years ago at:  His cult is listed in the link.

The two Noble Verses are authentic Noble Verses, and they are in the Uthman Scrolls of the Holy Quran.  The dajjal, Rashad Khalifa, came up with this nonsense of removing the two Noble Verses on his own, akhi.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah