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Another question.
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:30:02 PM »
This is my last question as I have seemed to silenced him on the issue of slavery,but this is a interesting issue he bought he asked me

That if Adams children were the only ones in the world does that mean they commited incest? and wouldnt that be some genetic diseases,etc?

AND he also said about the cloning one

Dear Beez,  ++ Allah actually CLONED ADAMS children.  --- Let me see if I understand this...
If Allah Cloned Adam's Children, that means all the clones would have identical DNA. 
If they have identical DNA, Isn't that incest?
Isn't that having sex with brothers or sisters.
Isn't that going to result in genetic diseases. 
For an all knowing god,
Allah seem to know very little about human anatomy
Allah seem to know very little about genetics.

All children at some point have told a made up story. 
The adults will ask the children to explain this, to explain that.
The children tap into their vast imagination and provide amazing explanation. 
The adults will ask to explain, the explanation. 
And the story grows ever more fantastical than it ever was

After a while ... all will realize ... that the story have become too silly.
Your explanation ... my friend .. is too silly.

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Re: Another question.
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2017, 10:11:12 PM »
Answer it if you have an answer different to the one I found,I already found an answer to this question in the "Spine cell" article which also has scientific proofs,I should also tell him facts dont care about your feelings,I told him about the facts and he started to get all emotional on the fact of Incest,etc,etc

And all the time I disproved him,he really used the subjectivist fallacy I told him Eastern Muslims treat them like this he says "maybe for you guys its good,for them its bad" Which is a subjectivist fallacy.

and he kept BSing on the Noah story calling it a Genocide,when Noahs people were so evil that they would kill and ridicule anyone who disagrees with Paganism,

and he also started to tell me Noahs story is fake but its not fake,this is a interesting finding I found going through archaelogical research works and also Islamic websites,

Woolley's excavations are described by the German archaeologist Werner Keller as follows:

"The graves of the kings of Ur" - so Woolley, in the exuberance of his delight at discovering them, had dubbed the tombs of Sumerian nobles whose truly regal splendour had been exposed when the spades of the archaeologists attacked a fifty-foot mound south of the temple and found a long row of superimposed graves. The stone vaults were veritable treasure chests, for they were filled with all the costly goblets, wonderfully shaped jugs and vases, bronze tableware, mother of pearl mosaics, lapis lazuli, and silver surrounded these bodies which had mouldered into dust. Harps and lyres rested against the walls…

When after several days some of Woolley's workmen called out to him, "We are on ground level", he let himself down onto the floor of the shaft to satisfy himself. Woolley's first thought was "This is it at last". It was sand, pure sand of a kind that could only have been deposited by water.

They decided to dig on and make the shaft deeper. Deeper and deeper went the spades into the ground: three feet, six feet - still pure mud. Suddenly, at ten feet, the layer of mud stopped as abruptly as it had started. Under this clay deposit of almost ten feet thick, they had struck fresh evidence of human habitation…

The Flood - that was the only possible explanation of this great clay deposit beneath the hill at Ur, which quite clearly separated two epochs of settlement…217

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Re: Another question.
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2017, 08:59:33 AM »
In the Quran, it's says that if it's very necessary to do something harm, then it's not haram. Like if you very thirsty and you have nothing to drink but wine, then it's not haram to drink it.