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look this

I was still not satisfied, so I decided to look through a Palestinian Aramaic, a Bible from even before Prophet 'Isa (may peace be upon him) and the oldest version of the verse that I could find (See What I found was shocking.

Palestinian Aramaic Bible Verse:
"בְמִיתַן אוֹרָיתָא לְעַמֵיה אֲלָהָא מִדָרוֹמָא אִתגְלִי וְקַדִישָא מִטוּרָא דְפָארָן בִגבוּרַת עָלְמִין אִתחֲפִיאוּ שְמַיָא זִיו יְקָרֵיה וְאָמְרֵי תוּשבַחתֵיה מַליָא אַרעָא"
(Habakkuk 3:3).

how can i find this text and confirm this that it is Ahmad, please help, i want to visualise this


Wa aleikum as-salam wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh,

I apologize for my late response! Yes, I will get to this discussion insha'Allah but from what I see, our brother Ijaz Ahmad either didn't understood well my research or he simply didn't read it entirely and/or didn't took into account all of the information related e.g. to the issue concerning the so-called "iotacism" which was a problematic one among the Septuagint experts themselves (like Alfred Rahlfs). According to traditional Islamic stories about prophets, it appears that this illiterate from Isaiah 29:12 was ORIGINALLY identified as "Ahmad" and he was connected directly with the character universally known as the "Servant of God" who is described in Isaiah 42 (Ibn Asakir recorded one naration from Ka'b al-Ahbar who found the name Ahmad being ascribed to this servant... in some Yemeni or probably Syriac version of Isaiah that available to him at that time). Besides that, there is a lot of other details which consequently lead in this direction supporting my argument about Ahmad who was originally mentioned in Isaiah as the ultimate redemptive figure but the last editors of the Hebrew Bible restructured the text and changed the whole prophetic narratives in favor of Israel (so they put Jacob/Israel insted of Ahmad!).

Anyway, perhaps the real reason Brother Idjaz Ahmad opposes my research is because he don't believe at all that Isaiah 29:12 is a prophecy about Prophet Mohammed (SAAW) because of the negative context in which the illiterate is put and because no early Muslim scholar ever has quoted the text of Isaiah 29:12 with respect to Prophet Mohammed (SAAW). The first one who started this argumentation was probably Ahmad Deedat.

I will try to enter the discussion in FB as soon as possible insha'Allah.

name Ahmad or Ahmod is found in Isaiah in dead sea scrolls, look here

(click to enlarge)

hebrew bible

(click to enlarge)

Word Ahmad in bible

אחמד Ahmad

Bible in hebrew Isaiah 42

DSS orginal manuscripts


and i made this phtoo also, beacuse we need to compare word HIra with other words which corrector Cb3 tried to connect with, when you compare these obviosly it looks like he tried to correct it to match word Heiras

(click to enlarge)


No problem akhi. I have sent you my latest update to the section Evidence #1. This time I have added few articles and books written by scholars that confirms the spelling of Hira in its Greek transliterated form Χιρά. A very important info!

Did you actually opened the last file with my updates to Evidence #1 ?

Salam brother , i started a topic about this on FB and this brother Ijaz Ahamad, who is a debator with christians, tried to disprove your fiding, what can you say, can you get into the discussion on facebook with this brother if you have better argument than i have

our discussion on Facebook


for more numerical miracles in the Qur'an visit the biggest page about numericla miracles ion the internet

Jewish Rabbi admits Islam is the oldest religion

Thanks, may Allah reward you for your effort.

can someone help me with this?

brother Osama can you ???
<infidels' link removed>

« on: December 03, 2017, 05:50:49 PM »
Thanks to this website I have come back to Islam but I have a few questions from an athiest that could be cleared up :
1) What was the purpose of Allah
2) What did Allah befnefit from creating us
3) Why hasn't Allah just given a clear sign if he was there why can't he just show us heaven and he'll so we can have strong iman

What was the purpose of Allah

purpose is given by someone else, since he was not created, he is uncaused caused of everything, that is why we cant say God has purpose, purpose is given by him to his creatures, nobody created him that is why does not have purpose, but his creation have purpose beacuse He gave it to his creation

2) What did Allah befnefit from creating us


3) Why hasn't Allah just given a clear sign if he was there why can't he just show us heaven and he'll so we can have strong iman

no, that would be violation of the test, there is reasons why he does not show himself to us now, If he showed himself ,

1.test would be destroyed
2. free will would be half destroyed but not totally
3. and it would be almost impossible to live on earth if God showed himself while we are in the test.

so now, it is best if he is not shows, just like hidden camera is hidden to show how people really behave while people are not aware of the camera.

Imagine God show himself to you, would you dare to go against him, if he has threaten you with hell fire if you make sins, would you dare to do sins anymore if you have seen hell, that is not belief anymore, that is clear and certain knowledge not belief anymore. So beacuse free will would be destroyed and we would almost be forced to follow him beacuse of direct fear, and that is not test anymore....that is why he does not show himself now.

But He will show himself to humanity on the judgment day when the test is over.

In sahih bukhari 1145 and also reported in sahih muslim:

Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) (p.b.u.h) said, "Our Lord, the Blessed, the Superior, comes every night down on the nearest Heaven to us when the last third of the night remains, saying: "Is there anyone to invoke Me, so that I may respond to invocation? Is there anyone to ask Me, so that I may grant him his request? Is there anyone seeking My forgiveness, so that I may forgive him?"

So in the last part of the night allah descends but how does this work for all countries around the world? When its morning in america its night in australia. It is always night on some olace on earth correct? Someone posted this to me to show muhammad had a faulty understanding of the world and that he thought the whole world had one time, how do i respond to this claim?

Jazakkallah khair

this is easy to explain

Did you ever worked in google Earth program???

we as humans can simulate descending and acscending on the Earth while we sit in our chair, to scrolls down to Earth you simulate desecnding to Earth.

So if we as humans can simulate desecnding to Earth, what about Allah who can also descend as he wish and how he wish.

So in the last part of the night allah descends but how does this work for all countries around the world?

this can be explained like this

Allah brings the Earth closer to himself, or in Another Words he accept more Dua in the late night on the Earth where it is night (not whole Earth) but only part where there is night last 3rd of the night.

Why ?

beacuse people leave sleep for God to do prayer and make dua to him, that is why he accept dua more during that part of the Earth when there is last 3rd of the night.

This is daesh

with their evil ideology, they eat themselves, they will be selfdestroyed

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