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thank you for your replies brother Osama

so this question has been asked to me by a muslim recently and i'm not sure how to respond

« on: October 03, 2016, 10:41:31 AM »
or is it the shortest distance from the kabaa that counts as qibal?

« on: October 03, 2016, 10:36:56 AM »
i know this question seems a bit illogical but since the qibla is towards the holy kabaa, doesn't that mean that if i look opposite the qibla i'll still be looking towards the kabaa? since the earth is spherical??

Just a quick question, did prophet Muhammad pbuh know that the Earth was round or did he think it was flat??

this will insha Allah benifit him and end his doubting, you are the ignorant one here.
Brother Osama banned you because you were using one banned you unjustly, in fact you're causing ramihs to doubt more when you address him/her

You act like a child who always wants the ball eventhough he always fails at playing with it

« on: September 21, 2016, 03:58:16 PM »
sorry, i just found the refutation

« on: September 21, 2016, 11:17:45 AM »
Narrated Anas:

When 'Abdullah bin Salam heard the arrival of the Prophet at Medina, he came to him and said, "I am going to ask you about three things which nobody knows except a prophet: What is the first portent of the Hour? What will be the first meal taken by the people of Paradise? Why does a child resemble its father, and why does it resemble its maternal uncle" Allah's Apostle said, "Gabriel has just now told me of their answers." 'Abdullah said, "He (i.e. Gabriel), from amongst all the angels, is the enemy of the Jews." Allah's Apostle said, "The first portent of the Hour will be a fire that will bring together the people from the east to the west; the first meal of the people of Paradise will be Extra-lobe (caudate lobe) of fish-liver. As for the resemblance of the child to its parents: If a man has sexual intercourse with his wife and gets discharge first, the child will resemble the father, and if the woman gets discharge first, the child will resemble her." On that 'Abdullah bin Salam said, "I testify that you are the Apostle of Allah." 'Abdullah bin Salam further said, "O Allah's Apostle! The Jews are liars, and if they should come to know about my conversion to Islam before you ask them (about me), they would tell a lie about me." The Jews came to Allah's Apostle and 'Abdullah went inside the house. Allah's Apostle asked (the Jews), "What kind of man is 'Abdullah bin Salam amongst you?" They replied, "He is the most learned person amongst us, and the best amongst us, and the son of the best amongst us." Allah's Apostle said, "What do you think if he embraces Islam (will you do as he does)?" The Jews said, "May Allah save him from it." Then 'Abdullah bin Salam came out in front of them saying, "I testify that None has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah." Thereupon they said, "He is the evilest among us, and the son of the evilest amongst us," and continued talking badly of him.

Bukhari :: Book 4 :: Volume 55 :: Hadith 546

as long as the questions have answers Allah gave us then it is for his benefit, he is not trying to annoy us

Almadi, so you've only shown 1 tafsir of the earth being flattened while all the others said SPREAD OUT, did you not see in brother Osama's article when he addressed that? i never said DECEPTIVE attitude, i'm telling you that the doubt has already happened, if he never asks about these things he might leave islam and die a kafir, then who's to blame? YOU and him....prophet Muhammad pbuh said it is haram to ask too many questions about what ALLAH DIDN'T REVEAL in the Qur' not make false claims and distort the meaning to make it suit your messed up ideology

Also in other threads or topics you keep telling people who ask questions to shut up, who are you to say that? they can ask as many questions as they like and if you don't like it DON'T ANSWER. simple as that, are you trying to terrify them and stop them from asking questions? they have doubts or waswas about something and you want them to stay like that? your attitude towards people is atrocious.

explain to me what DAHAHA means according to you then i'll show you the refutation

Why would i lie to you? if something is refuted then i'd tell you it's refuted, if something isn't refuted then i wouldn't say it's refuted, brother Osama just refuted Hamza again...Hamza isn't an arab and he's trying to interpret the Qur'an using translations so there's all the proof to make me stay away from such a person

i want you to explain what you think dahaha means because you haven't explained it in your DAHAHA HOAX section, no it is a miracle because people at the time in mecca thought the earth was flat, btw your explanation of flatness is extremely unhelpful and doesn't make any sense...."when the Quran says things like "do they not see how the Earth was flattened" it means flattened to the eye" that makes absolutely no sense. the arabic word is SUTIHAT meaning pressed and expanded not flattened. Brother Osama explained this already

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