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refuted by brother Osama in the article about scientific miracles itself ;)

i don't care id totally refuted doesn't satisfy you but guess what? brother osama explained this ideology of yours in his article and explained what dahaha can mean

no i'm not a "Quranist", the tafsir??? the tafsir isn't the word of Allah...Allah says inshaqaa not SPLIT IN TWO PARTS, the hadiths you're talking about are not reliable btw and just you know to clear things up...WHATEVER YOU SAY won't change a thing, the Qur'an is word of Allah, Allah put miracles in the Qur'an.

your Dahaha HOAX section doesn't prove anything because it has been totally refuted ;) do you mean the verses say the Earth is flat???

maybe that was too far, i'm sure you don't believe that and i apologise...but Hamza Tzortis is NOT someone i'd take knowledge from

Do you really think anyone would've followed prophet Muhammad pbuh if there were scientifiic errors in the Qur'an back then?

The Qur'an never said the moon was split IN TWO PARTS...Hamza Tzortis? he's been thoroughly refuted and he is hated and seen as a disgrace to islam....he's even labelled as an extremist. you seem to think he's some sort of prophet, hell do you believe that Prophet Muhammad pbuh isn't the last prophet? because many people who are against scientific miracles in the Qur'an could say no

no it wasn't an error back then, because the Qur'an agrees with ALL times that's why Allah didn't say THE EARTH IS ROUND but rather said (Dahaha) because it agreed back then with science and it agrees with science now

I'm sorry but in the end, was it an eclipse or did the moon get cracked?

 It is all rubbish. The prophet (peace be upon him) split the moon.
no it wasn't ;) it is really people like you that cause issues and cause anti islamics to try and refute the Qur'an

@Abdullah hasn't Maurice's claims been refuted ? (On the wikipedia section of Islam and science which is SWARMING with answering islam members which we should fix btw)

I mean... it depends on the level of the so called error.. all I've been trying to research is does it contain 1 error because one could be fatal. Also where could the proof of no errors be found somewhere reliable? (Is the main reason i still come on this site to keep my mind at ease).
no brother there aren't any errors in the Qur'an, anything answering islam says has been refuted


 If it is discovered later on that the Quran contradicts science in some way in the future. Wold you disbelieve in it?
that will never happen ;)

so be it don't believe them but they are part of the Qur'an and i and many people believe in them

@Abdullah lol i lost so many nights of sleep. But how can one prove/be so sure of it :-/
well a simple way to be sure islam is the true religion is this, one must ask "why would prophet Muhammad pbuh lie about being a prophet of God?" in the end you'll find that prophet Muhammad pbuh could not in anyway lie about islam. when non muslims say prophet Muhammad pbuh is a liar i replly with prophet Muhammad pbuh was married to one of the richest woman in mecca and his family were the chiefs of mecca, and suddenly at the age of 40 became shakespeare, made up the Qur'an and got disowned from his tribe and got beat up along wth other muslims everyday and lost all his wealth and shelter for what? A lie?? even his uncle came to him before all the issues and told him to give up on islam and he shall get all he wants, whether it's money, wealth or women but Prophet Muhammad pbuh said " "Even if they place the sun in my right-hand, and the moon in my left-hand in return for giving up this matter (Dawah to Islam), I will never stop – until; - either Allah makes it (the religion of Allah) triumph or I die defending it." [As-Seerah an-Nabaweyyah, Ibn Hisham (vol.1, p.265-266)
So prophet Muhammad pbuh would give up on all that and lose his reputation as the truthful and trustworthy for a lie? I don't think a sane man would do that lol

so do you not believe in any scientific miracles in the Qur'an?

LOL it's quite funny that prophet Muhammad pbuh knew that what the greeks and ancient people even said because you don't know if these sources reached prophet Muhammad's also funny that the Qur'an doesn't mention the mistakes that they did and only mentions the right things proven by Osama already refuted your claim about lands between seas yet you're still mentioning them....oh also even if the ancient greeks discovered moon reflection please tell prove that Prophet Muhammad pbuh knew about this. yeah i  still belive these are miracles, you are the ones changing the words of Allah.

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