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iJihad sounds like a fancy name, but I like it. He is very intelligent, polite, and humble.

It seems that The Masked Arab doesn't know much about nuclear terrorism. For instance, Russia is developing a nuclear missile that would destroy an entire country like France or England. It will be finished in 2018.

Assalamu alaikum.

Has David responded yet? It's nearly December.

Exactly. It's December already.

Brother Osama, did David respond to you or not?

Jesus said, "Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth.  I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34)

I wonder why David Wood ignored this verse. Stupid!

Jazakallah kair brother Sama.

It's hilarious that Jesus Christ was trying to deceive/trick his enemies so that he can kill them for retaliation and justice.

Therefore, David Wood is a deceiver.

If Medinah did not exist during Muhammad's life, then where is his funeral? Petra?

The video is called  "Is Christianity a Religion of Peace? (Answering Islam Part 17)" by Acts17Apologetics

Brother Osama, how would you refute this clown. I don't care about the Old Testament because it has a lot of violent verses, but what about New Testament and the Gospels?

This is actually one of the stupidest video I've ever watched because it doesn't make any sense. If Christians don't want to fight against their enemies, then let the Ottoman Empire and Soviet Union take over Europe.

Correct spelling: Muhammad's war cry

David Wood recently published a video about New York terrorist attach. He said that mainstream media published articles about "Allahu Akbar!" when a terrorist shouted at them.
David claimed that Muslim activists are stupid. He argued "Allahu Akbar" is not bigoted for terrorism because of Muhammad's life.

My Rebuttal:
Well, I'm from Saudi Arabia, and the military soldiers say Allahu Akbar many times. I remembered that I watched several videos showing Saudi soldiers shouted "Allahu Akbar!" near the Yemeni border, but mainstream media did not personally like to hear or write about Saudi soldiers' shouting. Jeez, I wonder why.
Thus, Muslim activists are not stupid, but David Wood is truly an idiotical clown. Besides, I say Allahu Akbar for more than 100 times daily. In my average, 99% of Allahu Akbar is used for prayers. 1% for birthday, sports, cheering for something, hangout, and other non-war things. So I'm not sure why David Wood is pathetic, but he did not say anything about my country or Islamic military.

Also, many hadith mentioned about Allahu Akbar that are not related to war, but David ignored these information.

NWO cleanse, Concerning the meaning of "Makka", i can see that Osama already responded to you a you said you'll have to consult an expert to check his claim....we'll have to wait for you i guess

Obviously ---  -

Hey brother Osama, can you give me a hand? We're still refuting this crazy guy about Muhammad's birth.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: John 10:30 & 1 Corinthians 3:8
« on: November 12, 2017, 11:54:11 PM »
Trinitarians can be funny eh?


AMuslimDude STOP THINKING. Watch the documentary or shut up.

Every atom of data is considered; safa, marwa, ptolemy, surah fil, masjid al-haram etc EVERYTHING. Dont ask me to do your research for you.

I don't understand you're telling him to do his own research when you're the one who started this is that even logical? If you've watched the documentary then why don't you summarise the points? It's $2.99 on Amazone prime, i wonder if his parents would allow him to rent this documentary...

Honestly, last Thursday I bought a fish meal at a cafeteria and it was $5.80.

NWO cleanse, you've watched the documentary right? Maybe you should summarise the points for much does it cost by the way? I don't think AMuslimdude213 would be able to afford it, he's still a high school teenager as far as i know....

Yeah, and I'm a freshman of college.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: The cancerous Atheist community
« on: November 11, 2017, 07:39:20 PM »
Well actually, one Muslim expert refuted this topic last year.

What is the name of the documentary on Amazon?

Mihrabs were there since the past,give me one ancient islamic literature mentioning petra.

The Abbasids burned many libraries and went through extensive lengths to destroy any fragment of Quranic history from Petra, then they manufactured your religion thereafter. That's the dominant theory, which you can learn from Dan Gibson's documentary.

If you are overly emotional about your religion, then don't watch it.

Again, that doesn't prove us anything.

What type of books were burned by Muslim empires?

Obviously, stupid scientists couldn't read these books because they already burned, so how did they know these books mentioned about Petra? They are lying.
So, how do you know that these books mentioned about Petra for Muhammad's birth? Show your evidence.

Maybe these books were written by infidels, or Shi'ite or hypocrites.   

Sorry NWO, but your evidence is not powerful enough to support your claim.

So there is no good evidence that these books mentioned about Muhammad's birth in Petra because they were already burned.

According to sources, Islamic invaders burned mass libraries that were belonged to infidels. Just like Muhammad destroyed idols in Mecca.

Some researches suggested that Caliph Umar also burned libraries in Alexandria, Egypt.

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