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NWO Cleanse, let's wrap this nonsense up.  Either you directly respond to my latest post or begone.


I can't comment on the Arabic language, you might be right; I'm going to consult people who are skilled in Arabic. But Mecca at this juncture cannot mean the city Mecca today, because of everything I've said previously. If it did it would make everything messy.

Yes, I am entirely open to being proven wrong and learning. The goal is to strive to understand the Quran as it is, not assume conclusions from external literatures.

It doesn't matter. Mecca is a city in the Arabian Peninsula, and I've never heard that Petra is a holy land for Muslims.
Currently, there is no evidence that Muhammad (phub) was born in Petra. Not in the Qur'an or Hadith, or even Islamic history.

Your claim is dumb because Qur'an actually mentioned about Mecca in 1,400 years ago. Where in the Qur'an that mentioned Petra? Answer now!

In fact, all English translators, including doctors and non-Muslims, agreed that the Qur'an mentioned Mecca in 48:24.

NWO, just give up already. Mecca is a historical city, but Petra is useless.

And don't forget to answer my simple question, NWO.

dang old.

Trying to wriggle your way out with ill-researched one liners isn't going to make your black box worship historical.

Mihrabs were introduced so that the new prayer direction could be identified. The original prayer direction was... I don't need to say it, do I? It begins with the letter P.

Yes Mr. NWO. I know the exact answer. P means piss.



This is the one instance of this root of "Mekka". By comparative Quranic analysis of "Bibatni" and the lexicons, "Bibatni Mekka" translates to "belly of destruction", not "midst of Mekka (city)". Mecca today is not in a belly-like structure, and so fails to impress on these sparse descriptions within the Quran.

Your religion is a psychological operation, look up what that is. The 9/11 inside job is a great example of a psychological operation that is easily demonstrable.

Yes, sure. Whatever you say. Virginia means virgin. Therefore, people are virgins hahaha.

In fact, I'm living in a small town in Pennslyvania. It's called State College. So, this town is all about state college, right?

Philadelphia means "brotherly love". According to sources, this fancy word came from the new testament.

The same thing with Medinah. It means "city".
And many other examples as well.

Your argument is dumb and hilarious.

9/11 is a serious mystery. We know that the U.S. and Israeli governments have a lot of classified documents that are related to 9/11.

And now they accused Saudi Arabia for claiming 9/11? This is going too far! I really hope WikiLeak can hack classified documents from Israeli-American government.

You can disagree all you want, but many non-Muslims agree with us. Ironically, I heard an American preacher believe that the U.S. government had been responsible for 9/11.

And did you know that the Pentagon secretly paid a half of a billion dollars for making fake al-Qaeda's videos during US invasing in Iraq?

Oh by the way, President Trump ordered to release classified files about John F. Kenedy, but some federal officials urged him not to release some high-sensitive files for security reasons.

Jeez, I wonder why.
And you still refuse to answer my simple question.

« on: November 09, 2017, 09:46:23 PM »
Wa alaikum as-salam brother Shaad,

Not so much. Disabled people, children, women, elders, and illnesses did not have to pay jizya.

Only men have to pay it, and it just depends on financial classes.

For instance, high-class men had to pay 50 cent, middle class men had to pay 25 cent, and low class was 10 cents. Something like that, but you can research about it. Jizya in Wikipedia for example.
Shaad, just ignore Isamophobic idiots. Besides, Muslims have to pay zakat for charity. If they don't pay it, they would be punished, but anti-Muslims don't really care about that. Stupid!


I would like to return the question to you and ask: where in the Quran does it say that Muhammad was from Mecca? The Quran itself uses very few place names.
Mr. NWO,

The holy Qur'an doesn't tell a full story about Muhammad (phub) you dummy. That's why we use hadith to find the answer.
Unfortunately, because you are a Quranist, how do you know that he was from Petra? You were just guessing.
Besides, the holy Qur'an mentioned about Mecca in 48:24, but where is a verse that mentioned Petra?

Don't decline to answer my question you coward.

O by the way, Mecca has a lot of mountians, so we arrived in Ta'if airport and drove about an hour to Mecca. However, many pilgrims arrived in Jeddah's airport for Hajj.

So my question is, of course, why Saudi government didn't build a huge airport in Mecca?

Brother Shaad,

NWO didn't respond to us because he feels stupid.

I challenge him where is a verse that mentioned about Petra and Muhammad (phub) in the Qur'an, but he  declined.


Please subscribe this website.

Answering-Christianity and Discover-the-Truth can join together to refute against radical infidels!

Brother Shaad,

NWO is lazy.

Burning mass libraries?

Again, how did you know these books were written about Petra or Mecca? Your evidence does not prove you anything because we really don't know. Maybe they burned libraries because these books were witten by infidels. I don't know, but you cannot jump to conclusion.

I already watched the video that you gave us a link, but this stupid guy was just guessing.

Your belief is idiotical.

I don't think NWO knows much about 9/11. I mean several hijackers, including the mastermind, went to the strip club in Las Vegas several months before 9/11, according to FBI and witnesses.

Gee, I wonder why these terrorists did not kill female infidels or gambling.

You know that a strip club is completely forbidden under Shariah law. Honestly, they would get punished by Islamic courts.

Besides, Israel has a lot of classified docments about 9/11. Did you know that an Israeli company has private calling in the United Sates? It means that people can call someone secretly so that FBI or CIA cannot hear them, according to FOX News report.
Gee, I wonder why. Creepy.

Sorry sir, but you seriously know nothing about 9/11.

Again, Mecca is historical. Your evidence is pathetic.

Give me a verse that Muhammad (phub) was born in Petra.

Again, your stupid evidence did not prove me that Makkah was not historical. Petra sounds like a unpopular area in southern Jordan. No top Islamic scholars or Salafi said about Muhammad (phub) and Petra.

Also, we have old hadith like Muwatta Malik mentioned about Mecca many times. That was around 700 CE, but oral hadith were memorized since Islam was born.

You just looked the hadiths that were written in 900 CE, but what about oral hadiths? 


"You just looked the hadiths that were written in 900 CE, but what about oral hadiths?"

Dear brother Albarra, I am afraid that your last statement makes it sound like he has HADITHS (sayings of the Prophet) that were written around year 900 AD/CE that actually say Petra was indeed Mecca.  I just want to make it clear to the reader that such Hadiths do not exist.  Your statement was referring to the alleged maps that he was talking about.  And of course his statement is very stupid, because Mecca did ACTUALLY EXIST in 900 and 800 and 700 and 600 and thousands of years before!  But at the very least, we know that it existed before 900 AD, whether there was a map drawn for it or not.  People lived there and it was always called MECCA, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was born there, and his entire sub-tribe Hashim and entire tribe Quraysh were the inhabitants of Mecca.  And the House of GOD Almighty that was built by Abraham and Ishmael, peace be upon them, was already there.

Just wanted to clarify that.  Jazaka Allah Khayr.


Mecca is not the same place as Macoraba.

No, there are no statues at Mecca depicting the Nabatean Gods. There just isn't. Because it's not there. It's just not. Just like the sky isn't green.

That's completely dumb. How did you know it's not there. You were just guessing.

Statues? You mean 300 idols around Ka'aba?

Also, "the sky isn't green" is completely different than Mecca.

Okay Mr. Quranist, but can you give me a verse that Muhammad (phub) was born in Petra?


Second Amendment is truly a cancer. The gun violence in the United States continue to rise, but anti-Muslims don't really care about that. They just wanted to ban some poor Muslim countries from entering the country. Stupid!

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