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Shaad, This link should help you to defeat anti-muslim users.

Besides, the US-led coalition has been killed thousands  of civilians in Syria and Iraq since 2014, according to Humand Rights Watch.

Yes brother Osama, and the world's tallest building will be completed in 2019. The building called the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Plus the Saudi government recently planned to build a $500 billion megacity called Neom, which is 33 times larger than New York City.


Several months ago, world's first robotic cop joined Dubai for law enforcement.

This is crazy! Intelligent robots are taking over in the Middle East.

Everyone! Check this out. It's very cool, but we need to keep an eye on robots in the future. Robots might do some bad things like killing humans. Who knows, but Allah Almighty knows the answer.

As-salam alaikum Brother Osama,

Did David Wood respond to you about your debate?

Feminism / Re: The rise of feminism! How dangerous is it?
« on: October 25, 2017, 07:08:36 PM »
Feminism is truly a cancer. It can cause damaging our religion and Arab cultures.  Also, did you know that Muslim men and women can pray together in the same room in some western countries? This is crazy!

Here's a good article.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Any Good response to a Nazi?
« on: October 25, 2017, 05:15:09 PM »
An African American Muslim scholar refuted David Wood about the white prophet and his own black slavery.

Hope this helps.

Jazakallah khair,


What do you mean? Are you saying it's not blasphemous if satan is God?

Watch this video by Christian preacher.

Brother Osama, what do you think about this topic?

Sorry brother Sama, but it's time to thoroughly refute them!

We can't allow these stupid clowns carrying wrong ideas in the social media about Islam. This is part of jihad.

I really want these clowns to debate our critical topics, including pedophile, but if they refuse to do so, they are fat cowards. Cowards are losers.
The critical topics that these clowns don't like to debate.

- Jews in the Bible and Gospels.
- Women in Christianity
- Pedophile in the Bible and Gosphels
- Scientific errors in the Bible and Gosphels.


Well I heard a news article about an elderly Christian man helping Muslim kids for learning how to memorize the Qur'an in Egypt.

Wallah? How did they decline your topic about the scientific errors in the Bible? I think it's discriminatory. David Wood actually debated with Muslim scholars about the scientific errors in the Qur'an.

Obviously, this is truly a double standard.

What about pedophile in the Bible? I am getting tired of hearing clown David mocking our Prophet about Aisha.

Well this is actually a logical fallacy. The fact that the US and Israel are anti-Palestinian bias.
Here is the link for more information:


Brother Osama, you should debate David Wood about the scientific errors in the Bible, too.

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