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Bride is Wife?

The following article was taken from http://www.answering-christianity.com/blog/index.php/topic,3215.msg15963.html#msg15963:


Nothing but they are deciveing people and at the end he says that brother Osama never responds to him which proofs his defeats regarding pornography in bible


As'salamu Alaikum,

Go see the gospel of porn's praising of incest in the Song of Songs:


We find in the book this: I wish you were my brother so I would've had sex with you a long long time ago.  The gospel of porn is ok with her saying this.  And this is supposed to be a husband and wife as the liars from the Jews and Christians claim?  It's nothing but a sexual relationship between a boyfriend and a quite loose and harlotty girlfriend.  That's why in this gospel of porn, they go secretly to the field to have sex.

Now why would a husband and wife need to do that?


Bride is wife?

In the Middle East, there is no "boyfriend" and "girlfriend".  If two are spoken of, or if two fall in love and want to get married, then the guy would call her his bride.  This is close enough to a fiancée.  So in this gospel of porn, when he calls her his "bride", he's not calling her his wife as the barking sodomized-by-their-priests proclaim.  It's a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.  This is why:

1-  She wished he was her brother.

2-  This is also why they go to the field to have sex in secret.

I never find a need to have sex with my wife outside our bedroom EXCEPT in a hotel room when we're on vacation!  And she doesn't need to wish if I were her brother!!


How stupid and sick!

Take care,
Osama Abdallah




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