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Dr. Munir Munshey (one of www.answering-christianity.com's authors):

Yusuf Ali:

[002:109]  Quite a number of the People of the Book wish they could Turn you (people) back to infidelity after ye have believed, from selfish envy, after the Truth hath become Manifest unto them: But forgive and overlook, Till God accomplish His purpose; for God Hath power over all things.

[009:017]  It is not for such as join gods with God, to visit or maintain the mosques of God while they witness against their own souls to infidelity. The works of such bear no fruit: In Fire shall they dwell.

[009:023]  O ye who believe! take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love infidelity above Faith: if any of you do so, they do wrong.

[009:107]  And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity - to disunite the Believers - and in preparation for one who warred against God and His Apostle aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; But God doth declare that they are certainly liars.


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Sher Ali:

[002:258]  Hast thou not heard of him who disputed with Abraham about his Lord, because ALLAH has given him kingdom ? When Abraham said, `My Lord is HE WHO gives life and causes death,' he said, `I also give life and cause death.' Abraham said, `Well, ALLAH brings the sun from the East; bring it thou from the West,' Thereupon the infidel was confounded. And ALLAH guides not the unjust people.



[036:007]  Already hath the judgment, (for their infidelity) proved true of most of them, for they believe not.


[002:019]  Or like a stormy cloud from heaven, fraught with darkness, thunder, and lightning, they put their fingers in their ears, because of the noise of the thunder, for fear of death; God encompasseth the infidels:

[002:088]  The Jews say, our hearts are uncircumcised: But God hath cursed them with their infidelity, therefore few shall believe.

[002:089]  And when a book came unto them from God, confirming the scriptures which were with them, although they had before prayed for assistance against those who believed not, yet when that came unto them which they knew to be from God, they would not believe therein: therefore the curse of God shall be on the infidels.

[002:104]  O true believers, say not to our Apostle, Raina; but say Ondhorna; and hearken: The infidels shall suffer a grievous punishment.

[002:108]  Will ye require of your Apostle according to that which was formerly required of Moses? But he that hath exchanged faith for infidelity, hath already erred from the strait way.

[002:191]  And kill them wherever ye find them, and turn them out of that whereof they have dispossessed you, for temptation to idolatry is more grievous than slaughter: Yet fight not against them in the holy temple, until they attack you therein; but if they attack you, slay them there. This shall be the reward of the infidels.

[002:210]  Do the infidels expect less than that God should come down to them overshadowed with clouds, and the angels also? But the thing is decreed, and to God shall all things return.

[002:216]  War is injoined you against the infidels; but this is hateful unto you: Yet perchance ye hate a thing which is better for you, and perchance ye love a thing which is worse for you: But God knoweth and ye know not.

[002:217]  They will ask thee concerning the sacred month, whether they may war therein: Answer, to war therein is grievous; but to obstruct the way of God, and infidelity towards him, and to keep men from the holy temple, and to drive out his people from thence, is more grievous in the sight of God, and the temptation to idolatry is more grievous than to kill in the sacred months. They will not cease to war against you, until they turn you from your religion, if they be able: But whoever among you shall turn back from his religion, and die an infidel, their works shall be vain in this world, and the next; they shall be the companions of hell fire, they shall remain therein for ever.

[002:254]  O true believers, give alms of that which we have bestowed on you, before the day cometh wherein there shall be no merchandizing, nor friendship, nor intercession. The infidels are unjust doers.

[002:258]  Hast thou not considered him who disputed with Abraham concerning his Lord, because God had given him the kingdom? When Abraham said, my Lord is he who giveth life, and killeth: He answered, I give life, and I kill. Abraham said, verily God bringeth the sun from the east, now do thou bring it from the west. Whereupon the infidel was confounded; for God directeth not the ungoldly people.

[002:276]  God shall take his blessing from usury, and shall increase alms: For God loveth no infidel, or ungodly person.

[003:010]  As for the infidels, their wealth shall not profit them any thing, nor their chlidren, against God: They shall be the fewel of hell fire.

[003:013]  Ye have already had a miracle shewn you in two armies which attacked each other: One army fought for God's true religion, but the other were infidels; they saw the faithful twice as many as themselves in their eye-sight; for God strengtheneth with his help whom he pleaseth. Surely herein was an example unto men of understanding.

[003:028]  Let not the faithful take the infidels for their protectors, rather than the faithful: He who doth this, shall not be protected of God at all; unless ye fear any danger from them: But God warneth you to beware of himself; for unto God must ye return.

[003:056]  Moreover, as for the infidels, I will punish them with a grievous punishment in this world, and in that which is to come; and there shall be none to help them.

[003:080]  God hath not commanded you to take the angels and the prophets for your Lords: Will He command you to become infidels, after ye have been true believers?

[003:086]  How shall God direct men who have become infidels after they had believed, and born witness that the Apostle was true, and manifest declarations of the divine will had come unto them? For God directeth not the ungodly people.

[003:090]  Moreover they who become infidels after they have believed, and yet increase in infidelity, their repentance shall in no wise be accepted, and they are those who go astray.

[003:100]  O true believers, if ye obey some of those who have received the scripture, they will render you infidels, after ye have believed:

[003:101]  And how can ye be infidels, when the signs of God are read unto you, and his Apostle is among you? But he who cleaveth firmly unto God, is already directed into the right way.

[003:137]  There have already been before you examples of punishment of infidels, therefore go through the earth, and behold what hath been the end of those who accuse God's Apostles of imposture.

[003:141]  and that God might prove those who believe, and destroy the infidels.

[003:149]  O ye who believe, if ye obey the infidels, they will cause you to turn back on your heels, and ye will be turned back and perish:

[003:176]  They shall not grieve thee, who emulously hasten unto infidelity; for they shall never hurt God at all. God will not give them a part in the next life, and they shall suffer a great punishment.

[003:177]  Surely those who purchase infidelity with faith, shall by no means hurt God at all, but they shall suffer a grievous punishment.

[004:046]  Of the Jews there are some who pervert words from their places; and say, we have heard, and have disobeyed; and do thou hear without understanding our meaning, and look upon us: Perplexing with their tongues, and reviling the true religion. But if they had said, we have heard, and do obey; and do thou hear, and regard us: Certainly it were better for them, and more right. But God hath cursed them by reason of their infidelity; therefore a few of them only shall believe.

[004:089]  They desire that ye should become infidels, as they are infidels, and that ye should be equally wicked with themselves. Therefore take not friends from among them, until they fly their country for the religion of God; and if they turn back from the faith, take them, and kill them where-ever ye find them; and take no friend from among them, nor any helper,

[004:101]  When ye march to war in the earth, it shall be no crime in you if ye shorten your prayers, in case ye fear the infidels may attack you; for the infidels are your open enemy.

[004:117]  The infidels invoke beside Him only female deities; and only invoke rebellious Satan.

[004:137]  Moreover they who believed, and afterwards became infidels, and then believed again, and after that disbelieved, and increased in infidelity, God will by no means forgive them, nor direct them into the right way.

[004:141]  They who wait to observe what befalleth you, if victory be granted you from God, say, were we not with you? But if any advantage happen to the infidels, they say unto them, were we not superior to you, and have we not defended you against the believers? God shall judge between you on the day of resurrection; and God will not grant the unbelievers means to prevail over the faithful.

[004:143]  wavering between faith and infidelity, and adhering neither unto these nor unto those: And for him whom God shall lead astray, thou shalt find no true path.

[005:017]  They are infidels, who say, verily God is Christ the son of Mary. Say unto them, and who could obtain any thing from God to the contrary, if he pleased to destroy Christ the son of Mary, and his mother, and all those who are on the earth? For unto God belongeth the kingdom of heaven and earth, and whatsoever is contained between them; he createth what he pleaseth, and God is almighty.

[005:041]  O Apostle, let not them grieve thee, who hasten to infidelity, either of those who say, we believe, with their mouths, but whose hearts believe not; or of the Jews, who hearken to a lie, and hearken to other people; who come not unto thee: They pervert the words of the law from their true places, and say, if this be brought unto you, receive it; but if it be not brought unto you, beware of receiving ought else; and in behalf of him whom God shall resolve to seduce , thou shalt not prevail with God at all. They whose hearts God shall not please to cleanse, shall suffer shame in this world, and a grievous punishment in the next:

[005:044]  We have surely sent down the law, containing direction, and light: Thereby did the prophets, who professed the true religion, judge these who judaized; and the doctors and priests also judged by the book of God, which had been committed to their custody; and they were witnesses thereof. Therefore fear not men, but fear me; neither sell my signs for a small price. And whoso judgeth not according to what God hath revealed, they are infidels.

[005:057]  O true believers, take not such of those to whom the scriptures were delivered before you, or of the infidels, for your friends, who make a laughingstock, and a jest of your religion; but fear God, if ye be true believers;

[005:061]  When they came unto you, they said, we believe: Yet they entered into your company with infidelity, and went forth from you with the same; but God well knew what they concealed.

[005:064]  The Jews say, the hand of God is tied up. Their hands shall be tied up, and they shall be cursed for that which they have said. Nay, his hands are both stretched forth; He bestoweth as He pleaseth: That which hath been sent down unto thee from thy Lord shall increase the transgression and infidelity of many of them; and we have put enmity and hatred between them, until the day of resurrection. So often as they shall kindle a fire for war, God shall extinguish it; and they shall set their minds to act corruptly in the earth, but God loveth not the corrupt doers.

[005:068]  Say, O ye who have received the scriptures, ye are not grounded on any thing, until ye observe the law and the gospel, and that which hath been sent down unto you from your Lord. That which hath been sent down unto thee from thy Lord shall surely increase the transgression and infidelity of many of them: But be not thou solicitous for the unbelieving people.

[005:072]  They are surely infidels, who say, verily God is Christ the son of Mary; since Christ said, O children of Israel, serve God, my Lord and your Lord; whoever shall give a companion unto God, God shall exclude him from paradise, and his habitation shall be hell fire; and the ungodly shall have none to help them.

[005:073]  They are certainly infidels, who say, God is the third of three: For there is no God, besides one God; and if they refrain not from what they say, a painful torment shall surely be inflicted on such of them as are unbelievers.

[006:025]  There is of them who hearkeneth unto thee when thou readest the Koran; but We have cast vails over their hearts, that they should not understand it, and a deafness in their ears: And though they should see all kinds of signs, they will not believe therein; and their infidelity will arrive to that height that they will even come unto thee, to dispute with thee. The unbelievers will say, this is nothing but silly fables of ancient times.

[006:037]  The infidels say, unless some sign be sent down unto him from his Lord, we will not believe: Answer, verily God is able to send down a sign: But the greater part of them know it not.

[006:122]  Shall he who hath been dead, and whom We have restored unto life, and unto whom We have ordained a light, whereby he may walk among men, be as he whose similitude is in darkness, from whence he shall not come forth? Thus was that which the infidels are doing, prepared for them.

[008:014]  This shall be your punishment; taste it therefore: And the infidels shall also suffer the torment of hell fire.

[008:045]  O true believers, when ye meet a party of the infidels, stand firm, and remember God frequently, that ye may prosper:

[008:055]  Verily the worst cattle in the sight of God are those who are obstinate infidels, and will not believe.

[008:060]  Therefore prepare against them what force ye are able, and troops of horse, whereby ye may strike a terror into the enemy of God, and your enemy, and into other infidels besides them, whom ye know not, but God knoweth them. And whatsoever ye shall expend in the defence of the religion of God, it shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.

[008:067]  It hath not been granted unto any prophet, that he should possess captives, until he had made a great slaughter of the infidels in the earth. Ye seek the accidental goods of this world, but God regardeth the life to come; and God is mighty and wise.

[008:073]  And as to the infidels, let them be deemed of kin the one to the other. Unless ye do this, there will be a sedition in the earth, and grievous corruption.

[009:012]  But if they violate their oaths, after their league, and revile your religion, oppose the leaders of infidelity, -- for there is no trust in them, -- that they may desist from their treachery.

[009:017]  It is not fitting that the idolaters should visit the temples of God, being witnesses against their own souls of their infidelity. The works of these men are vain; and they shall remain in hell fire for ever.

[009:023]  O true believers, take not your fathers or your brethren for friends, if they love infidelity above faith; and whosoever among you shall take them for his friends, they will be unjust doers.

[009:032]  They seek to extinguish the light of God with their mouths; but God willeth no other than to perfect his light, although the infidels be averse thereto.

[009:037]  Verily the transferring of a sacred month to another month, is an additional infidelity. The unbelievers are led into an error thereby: They allow a month to be violated one year, and declare it sacred another year, that they may agree in the number of months which God hath commanded to be kept sacred; and they allow that which God hath forbidden. The evil of their actions hath been prepared for them: For God directeth not the unbelieving people.

[009:066]  Offer not an excuse: Now are ye become infidels, after your faith. If we forgive a part of you, we will punish a part, for that they have been wicked doers.

[009:074]  They swear by God that they said not what they are charged with: Yet they spake the word of infidelity, and became unbelievers, after they had embraced Islam. And they designed that which they could not effect; and they did not disapprove the design for any other reason, than because God and his Apostle had inriched them, of his bounty. If they repent, it will be better for them; but if they relapse, God will punish them with a grievous torment, in this world and in the next; and they shall have no patron on earth, nor any protector.

[009:085]  Let not their riches or their children cause thee to marvel: For God intendeth only to punish them therewith in this world; and that their souls may depart, while they are infidels.

[009:107]  There are some who have built a temple to hurt the faithful, and to propagate infidelity, and to foment division among the true believers, and for a lurking place for him who hath fought against God and his Apostle in time past; and they swear, saying, verily we intended no other than to do for the best: But God is witness that they do certainly lie.

[009:123]  O true believers, wage war against such of the infidels as are near you; and let them find severity in you: And know that God is with those who fear him.

[009:125]  But unto those in whose hearts there is an infirmity, it will add farther doubt unto their present doubt; and they shall die in their infidelity.

[011:017]  Shall he therefore be compared with them, who followeth the evident declaration of his Lord, and whom a witness from him attendeth, preceded by the book of Moses, which was revealed for a guide, and out of mercy to mankind? These believe in the Koran: But whosoever of the confederate infidels believeth not therein, is threatened with the fire of hell, which threat shall certainly be executed: Be not therefore in a doubt concerning it; for it is the truth from they Lord: But the greater part of men will not believe.

[013:005]  If thou dost wonder at the infidels denying the resurrection, surely wonderful is their saying, after We shall have been reduced to dust, shall We be restored in a new creature? These are they who believe not in their Lord; these shall have collars on their necks, and these shall be the inhabitants of hell fire: Therein shall they abide for ever.

[013:007]  The infidels say, unless a sign be sent down unto him from his Lord, we will not believe. Thou art commissioned to be a preacher only, and not a worker of miracles: And unto every people hath a director been appointed.

[013:027]  The infidels say, unless a sign be sent down unto him from his Lord, we will not believe. Answer, verily God will lead into error whom He pleaseth, and will direct unto Himself him who repenteth,

[013:032]  Apostles before thee have been laughed to scorn; and I permitted the infidels to enjoy a long and happy life: But afterwards I punished them; and how severe was the punishment which I inflicted on them!

[013:033]  Who is it therefore that standeth over every soul, to observe that which it committeth? They attribute companions unto God. Say, name them: Will ye declare unto Him that which He knoweth not in the earth? Or will ye name them in outward speech only? But the deceitful procedure of the infidels was prepared for them; and they are turned aside from the right path: For he whom God shall cause to err, shall have no director.

[013:035]  This is the description of paradise, which is promised to the pious. It is watered by rivers; its food is perpetual, and its shade also: This shall be the reward of those who fear God. But the reward of the infidels shall be hell fire.

[013:042]  Their predecessores formerly devised subtle plots against their prophets; but God is master of every subtle device. He knoweth that which every soul deserveth: And the infidels shall surely know, whose will be the reward of paradise.

[014:002]  God is He unto whom belongeth whatsoever is in heaven and on earth: And woe be to the infidels, because a grievous punishment waiteth them;

[014:028]  Hast thou not considered those who have changed the grace of God to infidelity, and cause their people to descend into the house of perdition,

[015:060]  except his wife; we have decreed that she shall be one of those who remain behind to be destroyed with the infidels.

[016:088]  As for those who shall have been infidels, and shall have turned aside others from the way of God, We will add unto them punishment upon punishment, because they have corrupted others.

[016:101]  When We substitute in the Koran an abrogating verse in lieu of a verse abrogated, -- and God best knoweth the fitness of that which He revealeth, -- the infidels say, thou art only a forger of these verses: But the greater part of them know not truth from falsehood.

[016:106]  Whoever denieth God, after he hath believed, except him who shall be compelled against his will, and whose heart continueth stedfast in the faith, shall be severely chastised: But whoever shall voluntarily profess infidelity, on those shall the indignation of God fall, and they shall suffer a grievous punishment.

[017:089]  And We have variously propounded unto men in this Koran, every kind of figurative argument; but the greater part of men refuse to receive it, merely out of infidelity.

[018:102]  Do the unbelievers think that I will not punish them, for that they take my servants for their protectors besides me? Verily We have prepared hell for the abode of the infidels.

[019:073]  When our manifest signs are read unto them, the infidels say unto the true believers, which of the two parties is in the more eligible condition, and formeth the more excellent assembly?

[019:083]  Dost thou not see that we send the devils against the infidels, to incite them to sin by their instigations?

[021:097]  and the certain promise shall draw near to be fulfilled: And behold, the eyes of the infidels shall be fixed with astonishment, and they shall say, alas for us! We were formerly regardless of this day; yea, we were wicked doers.

[022:038]  that God will repel the ill designs of the infidels from the true believers; for God loveth not every perfidious unbeliever.

[022:055]  But the infidels will not cease to doubt concerning it, until the hour of judgement cometh suddenly upon them; or until the punishment of a grievous day overtake them.

[024:055]  God promiseth unto such of you as believe, and do good works, that he will cause them to succeed the unbelievers in the earth, as he caused those who were before you to succeed the infidels of their time; and that he will establish for them their religion which pleaseth them, and will change their fear into security. They shall worship Me; and shall not associate any other with Me. But whoever shall disbelieve after this; they will be the wicked doers.

[026:200]  Thus have We caused obstinate infidelity to enter the hearts of the wicked:

[026:210]  The devils did not descend with the Koran, as the infidels give out:

[029:047]  Thus have We sent down the book of the Koran unto thee: And they unto whom We have given the former scriptures, believe therein; and of these Arabians also there is who believeth therein: And none reject our signs, except the obstinate infidels.

[030:009]  Do they not pass through the earth, and see what hath been the end of those who were before them? They excelled the Meccans in strength, and broke up the earth, and inhabited it in greater affluence and prosperity than they inhabit the same: And their Apostles came unto them with evident miracles; and God was not disposed to treat them unjustly, but they injured their own souls by their obstinate infidelity;

[030:014]  On the day whereon the hour shall come, on that day shall the true believers and the infidels be separated:

[032:028]  The infidels say to the true believers, when will this decision be made between us, if ye speak truth?

[033:009]  O true believers, remember the favour of God towards you, when armies of infidels came against you, and We sent against them a wind, and hosts of angels which ye saw not: And God beheld that which ye did.

[033:025]  God hath driven back the infidels in their wrath: They obtained no advantage; and God was a sufficient protector unto the faithful in battle; for God is strong and mighty.

[033:064]  Verily God hath cursed the infidels, and hath prepared for them a fierce fire,

[035:036]  But for the unbelievers is prepared the fire of hell: It shall not be decreed them to die a second time; neither shall any part of the punishment thereof be made lighter unto them. Thus shall every infidel be rewarded.

[037:167]  The infidels said,

[037:172]  that they should certainly be assisted against the infidels,

[038:062]  And the infidels shall say, why do we not see the men whom we numbered among the wicked,

[039:008]  When harm befalleth a man, he calleth upon his Lord, and turneth unto Him: Yet afterwards, when God hath bestowed on him favour from himself, he forgetteth that being which he invoked before, and setteth up equals unto God, that he may seduce men from his way. Say unto such a man, enjoy this life in thy infidelity for a little while: But hereafter shalt thou surely be one of the inhabitants of hell fire.

[040:005]  The people of Noah, and the confederated infidels which were after them, accused their respective prophets of imposture before these; and each nation hatched ill designs against their Apostle, that they might get him into their power; and they disputed with vain reasoning; that they might thereby invalidate the truth: Wherefore I chastised them; and how severe was my punishment!

[040:010]  But the infidels, at the day of judgement, shall hear a voice crying unto them, verily the hatred of God towards you is more grievous than your hatred towards yourselves: Since ye were called unto the faith, and would not believe.

[040:014]  Call therefore upon God, exhibiting your religion pure unto Him, although the infidels be averse thereto.

[040:025]  And when he came unto them with the truth from Us, they said, slay the sons of those who have believed with him, and save their daughters alive: But the stratagem of the infidels was no other than vain.

[040:047]  And think on the time when the infidels shall dispute together in hell fire; and the weak shall say unto those who behaved with arrogance, verily we were your followers: Will ye, therefore, relieve us from any part of this fire?

[040:055]  Wherefore do thou, O prophet, bear the insults of the infidels with patience; for the promise of God is true: And ask pardon for thy fault; and celebrate the praise of thy Lord, in the evening and in the morning.

[041:029]  And the infidels shall say in hell, O Lord, shew us the two who seduced us, of the genii and men, and we will cast them under our feet, that they may become most base and despicable.

[041:043]  No other is said unto thee by the infidels of Mecca, than what hath been formerly said, unto the Apostles before thee: Verily thy Lord is inclined to forgiveness, and is also able to chastise severely.

[041:045]  We heretofore gave the book of the law unto Moses; and a dispute arose concerning the same: And if a previous decree had not proceeded from thy Lord, to respite the opposers of that revelation, verily the matter had been decided between them, by the destruction of the infidels; for they were in a very great doubt as to the same.

[042:021]  Have the idolaters deities which ordain them a religion which God hath not allowed? But had it not been for the decree of respiting their punishment to the day of separating the infidels from the true believers, judgement had been already given between them: For the unjust shall surely suffer a painful torment.

[043:033]  If it were not that mankind would have become one sect of infidels, verily We had given unto those who believe not in the Merciful, roofs of silver to their houses, and stairs of silver, by which they might ascend thereto,

[043:079]  Have the infidels fixed on a method to circumvent our Apostle? Verily We will fix on a method to circumvent them.

[044:015]  We will take the plague from off you, a little: But ye will certainly return to your infidelity.

[045:008]  who heareth the signs of God, which are read unto him, and afterwards proudly persisteth in infidelity, as though he heard them not: -- Denounce unto him a painful punishment: --

[045:031]  But as to the infidels, it shall be said unto them, were not my signs rehearsed unto you? But ye proudly rejected them, and became a wicked people?

[047:008]  But as for the infidels, let them perish; and their works shall God render vain.

[047:011]  This shall come to pass, for that God is the patron of the true believers, and for that the infidels have no protector.

[047:018]  Do the infidels wait for any other than the last hour, that it may come upon them suddenly? Some signs thereof are already come: And when it shall actually overtake them, how can they then receive admonition?

[047:020]  The true believers say, hath not a sura been revealed commanding war against the infidels? But when a sura without any ambiguity is revealed, and war is mentioned therein, thou mayest see those in whose hearts is an infirmity, look towards thee with the look of one whom death overshadoweth.

[048:025]  These are they who believed not, and hindered you from visiting the holy temple, and also hindered the offering, being detained, that it should not arrive at the place where it ought to be sacrificed. Had it not been that ye might have trampled on divers true believers, both men and women, whom ye knew not, being promiscuously assembled with the infidels, and that a crime might therefore have lighted on you on their account, without your knowledge, He had not restrained your hands from them: But this was done, that God might lead whom He pleaseth into his mercy. If they had been distinguished from one another, we had surely chastised such of them as believed not, with a severe chastisement.

[048:029]  Mohammed is the Apostle of God: And those who are with him are fierce against the unbelievers, but compassionate towards one another. Thou mayest see them bowing down, prostrate, seeking a recompense from God, and his good will. Their signs are in their faces, being marks of frequent prostration. This is their description in the pentateuch, and their description in the gospel: They are as seed which putteth forth its stalk, and strengtheneth it, and swelleth in the ear, and riseth upon its stem; giving delight unto the sower. Such are the Moslems described to be: That the infidels may swell with indignation at them. God hath promised unto such of them as believe, and do good works, pardon and a great reward.

[049:007]  And know that the Apostle of God is among you: If he should obey you in many things, ye would certainly be guilty of a crime, in leading him into a mistake. But God hath made the faith amiable unto you, and hath prepared the same in your hearts; and hath rendered infidelity, and iniquity, and disobedience hateful unto you. These are they who walk in the right way;

[054:004]  And now hath a message come unto them, wherein is a determent from obstinate infidelity;

[058:010]  Verily the clandestine discourse of the infidels proceedeth from Satan, that he may grieve the true believers: But there shall be none to hurt them in the least, unless by the permission of God; wherefore in God let the faithful trust.

[059:016]  Thus have the hypocrites deceived the Jews: Like the devil, when he saith unto a man, be thou an infidel; and when he is become an infidel, he saith, verily I am clear of thee; for I fear God, the Lord of all creatures.

[060:010]  O true believers, when believing women come unto you as refugees, try them: God well knoweth their faith. And if ye know them to be true believers, send them not back to the infidels: They are not lawful for the unbelievers to have in marriage; neither are the unbelievers lawful for them. But give their unbelieving husbands what they shall have expended for their dowers. Nor shall it be any crime in you if ye marry them, provided ye give them their dowries. And retain not the patronage of the unbelieving women: But demand back that which ye have expended for the dowry of such of your wives as go over to the unbelievers; and let them demand back that which they have expended for the dowry of those who come over to you. This is the judgement of God, which He establisheth among you: And God is knowing and wise.

[060:013]  O true believers, enter not into friendship with a people against whom God is incensed: They despair of the life to come, as the infidels despair of the resurrection of those who dwell in the graves.

[061:008]  They seek to extinguish God's light with their mouths: But God will perfect his light, though the infidels be averse thereto.

[066:009]  O prophet, attack the infidels with arms, and the hypocrites with arguments; and treat them with severity: Their abode shall be hell, and an ill journey shall it be thither.

[067:027]  But when they shall see the same nigh at hand, the countenance of the infidels shall grow sad: And it shall be said unto them, this is what ye have been demanding.

[068:005]  Thou shalt see, and the infidels shall see,

[069:050]  But it shall surely be an occasion of grievous sighing unto the infidels;

[071:007]  And whensoever I call them to the true faith, that Thou mayest forgive them, they put their fingers in their ears, and cover themselves with their garments, and persist in their infidelity, and proudly disdain my counsel.

[073:010]  And patiently suffer the contumelies which the infidels utter against thee; and depart from them with a decent departure.

[079:010]  The infidels say, shall we surely be made to return whence we came?

[080:017]  May man be cursed! What hath seduced him to infidelity?

[083:034]  Wherefore one day the true believers, in their turn, shall laugh the infidels to scorn:

[083:036]  Shall not the infidels be rewarded for that which they have done?

[086:015]  Verily the infidels are laying a plot to frustrate my designs:

Muhammad Al-Hilali & Muhsin Khan:



Khalifa: (why is he here?)


[002:006]  As to the infidels, alike is it to them whether thou warn them or warn them not - they will not believe:

[002:019]  Or like those who, when there cometh a storm-cloud out of the Heaven, big with darkness thunder and lightning, thrust their fingers into their ears because of the thunder-clap, for fear of death! God is round about the infidels.

[002:024]  But if ye do it not, and never shall ye do it, then fear the fire prepared for the infidels, whose fuel is men and stones:

[002:088]  And they say, "Uncircumcised are our hearts." Nay! God hath cursed them in their infidelity: few are they who believe!

[002:089]  And when a Book had come to them from God, confirming that which they had received already - although they had before prayed for victory over those who believed not - yet when that Koran come to them, of which they had knowledge, they did not recognise it. The curse of God on the infidels!

[002:098]  Whoso is an enemy to God or his angels, or to Gabriel, or to Michael, shall have God as his enemy: for verily God is an enemy to the Infidels.

[002:104]  O ye who believe! say not to our apostle, "Raina" (Look at us); but say, "Ondhorna" (Regard us). And attend to this; for, the Infidels shall suffer a grievous chastisement.

[002:161]  Verily, they who are infidels and die infidels, - these! upon them shall be the malison of God and of angels and of all men:

[002:171]  The infidels resemble him who shouteth aloud to one who heareth no more than a call and cry! Deaf, Dumb, blind: therefore they have no understanding.

[002:191]  And kill them wherever ye shall find them, and eject them from whatever place they have ejected you; for civil discord is worse than carnage: yet attack them not at the sacred Mosque, unless they attack you therein; but if they attack you, slay them. Such the reward of the infidels.

[002:217]  They will ask thee concerning war in the Sacred Month. SAY: To war therein is bad, but to turn aside from the cause of God, and to have no faith in Him, and in the Sacred Temple, and to drive out its people, is worse in the sight of God; and civil strife is worse than bloodshed. They will not cease to war against you until they turn you from your religion, if they be able: but whoever of you shall turn from his religion and die an infidel, their works shall be fruitless in this world, and in the next: they shall be consigned to the fire; therein to abide for aye.

[002:250]  And when they went forth against Goliath and his forces, they said, "O our Lord! pour out steadfastness upon us, and set our feet firm, and help us against the infidels!"

[002:253]  Some of the apostles we have endowed more highly than others: Those to whom God hath spoken, He hath raised to the loftiest grade, and to Jesus the Son of Mary we gave manifest signs, and we strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. And if God had pleased, they who came after them would not have wrangled, after the clear signs had reached them. But into disputes they fell: some of them believed, and some were infidels; yet if God had pleased, they would not have thus wrangled: but God doth what he will.

[002:254]  O Believers! give alms of that with which we have supplied you, before the day cometh when there shall be no trafficking, nor friendship, nor intercession. And the infidels are the wrong-doers.

[002:258]  Hast thou not thought on him who disputed with Abraham about his Lord, because God had given him the kingdom? When Abraham said, "My Lord is He who maketh alive and cause to die:" He said, "It is I who make alive and cause to die!" Abraham said, "Since God bringeth the sun from the East, do thou, then, bring it from the West." The infidel was confounded; for God guideth not the evil doers:

[002:276]  God will bring usury to nought, but will increase alms with usury, and God loveth no infidel, or evil person.

[002:286]  God will not burden any soul beyond its power. It shall enjoy the good which it hath acquired, and shall bear the evil for the acquirement of which it laboured. O our Lord! punish us not if we forget, or fall into sin; O our Lord! and lay not on us a load like that which thou hast laid on those who have been before us; O our Lord! and lay not on us that for which we have not strength: but blot out our sins and forgive us, and have pity on us. Thou art our protector: give us victory therefore over the infidel nations.

[003:010]  As for the infidels, their wealth, and their children, shall avail them nothing against God. They shall be fuel for the fire.

[003:012]  Say to the infidels: ye shall be worsted, and to Hell shall ye be gathered together; and wretched the couch!

[003:013]  Ye have already had a sign in the meeting of the two hosts. The one host fought in the cause of God, and the other was infidel. To their own eyesight, the infidels saw you twice as many as themselves: And God aided with his succour whom He would: And in this truly was a lesson for men endued with discernment.

[003:028]  Let not believers take infidels for their friends rather than believers: whoso shall do this hath nothing to hope from God - unless, indeed, ye fear a fear from them: But God would have you beware of Himself; for to God ye return.

[003:080]  God doth not command you to take the angels or the prophets as lords. What! would he command you to become infidels after ye have been Muslims?

[003:090]  As for those who become infidels, after having believed, and then increase their infidelity - their repentance shall never be accepted. These! they are the erring ones.

[003:091]  As for those who are infidels, and die infidels, from no one of them shall as much gold as the earth could contain be accepted, though he should offer it in ransom. These! a grievous punishment awaiteth them; and they shall have none to help them.

[003:100]  O believers! if ye obey some amongst those who have received the Scripture, after your very Faith will they make you infidels!

[003:101]  But how can ye become infidels, when the signs of God are recited to you, and his prophet is among you? Whoever holdeth fast by God, is already guided to a straight path.

[003:106]  On THE DAY when faces shall turn white, and faces shall turn black! And as to those whose faces shall have turned black ". . . .What! after your belief have ye become infidels? Taste then the chastisement, for that ye have been unbelievers."

[003:116]  But as for the infidels, their wealth, and their children shall avail them nothing against God. They shall be the inmates of the fire, to abide therein eternally.

[003:141]  And that God may test those who believe, and destroy the infidels.

[003:149]  O ye who have believed! if ye obey the infidels, they will cause you to turn upon your heels, and ye will fall back into perdition:

[003:151]  We will cast a dread into hearts of the infidels because they have joined gods with God without warranty sent down; their abode shall be the fire; and wretched shall be the mansion of the evil doers.

[003:156]  O ye who believe! be not like the infidels, who said of their brethren when they had travelled by land or had gone forth to war, "Had they kept with us, they had not died, and had not been slain!" God purposed that this affair should cause them heart sorrow! God maketh alive and killeth; and God beholdeth your actions.

[003:176]  Let not those who vie in haste after infidelity grieve thee: Verily not one whit shall they injure God! God will refuse them all part in the life to come: a severe chastisement shall be their lot.

[003:177]  They truly who purchase infidelity at the price of their faith, shall not injure God one whit! and a grievous chastisement shall be their lot.

[003:178]  Let not the infidels deem that the length of days we give them is good for them! We only give them length of days that they may increase their sins! and a shameful chastisement shall be their lot.

[004:042]  On that day they who were Infidels and rebelled against the prophet, shall wish that the earth were levelled with them! But nothing shall they hide from God.

[004:051]  Hast thou not observed those to whom a part of the Scriptures hath been given? They believe in Djibt and Thagout, and say of the infidels, "These are guided in a batter path than those who hold the faith."

[004:084]  Fight, therefore, on God's path: lay not burdens on any but thyself; and stir up the faithful. The might of the infidels haply will god restrain, for God is the stronger in prowess, and the stronger to punish.

[004:089]  They desire that ye should be infidels as they are infidels, and that ye should be alike. Take therefore none of them for friends, till they have fled their homes for the cause of God. If they turn back, then seize them, and slay them wherever ye find them; but take none of them as friends or helpers,

[004:101]  And when ye go forth to war in the land, it shall be no crime in you to cut short your prayers, if ye fear lest the infidels come upon you; Verily, the infidels are your undoubted enemies!

[004:102]  And when thou, O apostle! shalt be among them, and shalt pray with them, then let a party of them rise up with thee, but let them take their arms; and when they shall have made their prostrations, let them retire to your rear: then let another party that hath not prayed come forward, and let them pray with you; but let them take their precautions and their arms. Pleased would the infidels be for you to neglect your arms and your baggage, that they might turn upon you at once! And it shall be no crime in you to lay down your arms if rain annoy you, or if ye be sick. But take your precautions. Verily, God hath made ready a shameful torment for the infidels.

[004:140]  And already hath He sent this down to you in the Book "WHEN YE SHALL HEAR THE SIGNS OF GOD THEY SHALL NOT BE BELIEVED BUT SHALL BE MOCKED AT." Sit ye not therefore with such, until they engage in other discourse; otherwise, ye will become like them. Verily God will gather the hypocrites and the infidels all together in Hell.

[004:141]  They watch you narrowly. Then if God grant you a victory, they say, "Are we not with you?" and if the infidels meet with a success, they say to them, "Were we not superior to you: and did we not defend you from those believers?" God shall judge betwixt ye on the day of the resurrection, and God will by no means make a way for the infidels over the believers.

[004:144]  O believers! take not infidels for friends rather than believers. Would ye furnish God with clear right to punish you?

[004:151]  These! they are veritable infidels! and for the infidels have we prepared a shameful punishment.

[004:161]  And because they have taken usury, though they were forbidden it, and have devoured men's substance in frivolity, we have got ready for the infidels among them a grievous torment.

[005:010]  But they who are Infidels and treat our signs as lies - these shall be mated with Hell fire.

[005:017]  Infidels now are they who say, "Verily God is the Messiah Ibn Maryam (son of Mary)! SAY: And who could aught obtain from God, if he chose to destroy the Messiah Ibn Maryam, and his mother, and all who are on the earth together? For with God is the sovereignty of the Heavens and of the Earth, and of all that is between them! He createth what He will; and over all things is God potent.

[005:036]  As to the infidels - if that they had twice the riches of the earth to be their ransom from torment on the day of resurrection, it should not be accepted from them! And a dolorous torment shall be their's.

[005:041]  O Apostle! let not those who vie with one another in speeding to infidelity vex thee; - of those who say with their mouths, "We believe," but whose hearts believe not; - or of the Jews listeners to a lie-listeners to others - but who come not to thee. They shift the words of the law from their places, and say, "If this be brought to you, receive it; but if this be not brought to you, then beware of it." For him whom God would mislead, thou canst in no wise prevail with God! They whose hearts God shall not please to cleanse, shall suffer disgrace in this world, and in the next a grievous punishment;

[005:044]  Verily, we have sent down the law (Towrat) wherein are guidance and light. By it did the prophets who professed Islam judge the Jews; and the doctors and the teachers judged by that portion of the Book of God, of which they were the keepers and the witnesses. Therefore, O Jews! fear not men but fear Me; and barter not away my signs for a mean price! And whoso will not judge by what God hath sent down - such are the Infidels.

[005:054]  O ye who believe! should any of you desert His religion, God will then raise up a people loved by Him, and loving Him, lowly towards the faithful, haughty towards the Infidels. For the cause of God will they contend, and not fear the blame of the blamer. This is the Grace of God! On whom He will He bestoweth it! God is Vast, Omniscient!

[005:057]  O ye who believe! take not such of those who have received the Scriptures before you, as scoff and jest at your religion, or the Infidels, for your friends, but fear God if ye are believers:

[005:061]  When they presented themselves to you they said, "We believe;" but Infidels they came in unto you, and Infidels they went forth! God well knew what they concealed.

[005:072]  Infidels now are they who say, "God is the Messiah, Son of Mary;" for the Messiah said, "O children of Israel! worship God, my Lord and your Lord." Whoever shall join other gods with God, God shall forbid him the Garden, and his abode shall be the Fire; and the wicked shall have no helpers.

[005:073]  They surely are Infidels who say, "God is the third of three:" for there is no God but one God: and if they refrain not from what they say, a grievous chastisement shall light on such of them as are Infidels.

[005:080]  Thou shalt see many of them make friends of the infidels. Evil the actions which their own passions have sent on beforehand; for God is angry with them, and in torment shall they abide for ever:

[006:001]  PRAISE be to God, who hath created the Heavens and the Earth, and ordained the darkness and the light! Yet unto their Lord do the infidels give peers!

[006:007]  And had we sent down to thee a Book written on parchment, and they had touched it with their hands, the infidels had surely said, "This is nought but plain sorcery."

[006:025]  Some among them hearken unto thee: but we have cast veils over their hearts that they should not understand the Koran, and a weight into their ears: and though they should see all kinds of signs, they will refuse all faith in them, until when they come to thee, to dispute with thee, the infidels say, "Verily, this is nothing but fables of the ancients."

[006:130]  O race of Djinn and men! came not apostles to you from among yourselves, rehearsing my signs to you, and warning you of the meeting of this your day? They shall say, "We bear witness against ourselves." This world's life deceived them; and they shall bear witness against themselves that they were infidels: -

[007:037]  And who is worse than he who deviseth a lie of God, or treateth our signs as lies? To them shall a portion here below be assigned in accordance with the Book of our decrees, until the time when our messengers, as they receive their souls, shall say, "Where are they on whom ye called beside God?" They shall say: "Gone from us." And they shall witness against themselves that they were infidels.

[008:007]  And remember when God promised you that one of the two troops should fall to you, and ye desired that they who had no arms should fall to you: but God purposed to prove true the truth of his words, and to cut off the uttermost part ofthe infidels;

[008:012]  When thy Lord spake unto the angels, "I will be with you: therefore stablish ye the faithful. I will cast a dread into the hearts of the infidels." Strike off their heads then, and strike off from them every finger-tip.

[008:014]  "This for you! Taste it then! and for the infidels is the torture of the fire!"

[008:015]  O ye who believe! when ye meet the marshalled hosts of the infidels, turn not your backs to them:

[008:018]  This befel, that God might also bring to nought the craft of the infidels.

[008:036]  The infidels spend their riches with intent to turn men aside from the way of God: spend it they shall; then shall sighing be upon them, and then shall they be overcome. And the infidels shall be gathered together into Hell,

[008:038]  SAY to the infidels: If they desist from their unbelief, what is now past shall be forgiven them; but if they return to it, they have already before them the doom of the ancients!

[008:050]  If thou didst see, when the angels cause the infidels to die! They smite their faces and their backs, and - "Taste ye the torture of the burning:

[008:059]  And think not that the infidels shall escape Us! They shall not weaken God.

[008:065]  O prophet! stir up the faithful to the fight. Twenty of you who stand firm shall vanquish two hundred: and if there be a hundred of you they shall vanquish a thousand of the infidels, for they are a people devoid of understanding.

[008:073]  The infidels lend one another mutual help. Unless ye do the same, there will be discord in the land and great corruption.

[009:012]  But if, after alliance made, they break their oaths and revile your religion, then do battle with the ring-leaders of infidelity - for no oaths are binding with them that they may desist.

[009:017]  It is not for the votaries of other gods with God, witnesses against themselves of infidelity, to visit the temples of God. These! vain their works: and in the fire shall they abide for ever!

[009:026]  Then did God send down His spirit of repose upon His Apostle, and upon the faithful, and He sent down the hosts which ye saw not, and He punished the Infidels: This, the Infidels' reward!

[009:030]  The Jews say, "Ezra (Ozair) is a son of God"; and the Christians say, "The Messiah is a son of God." Such the sayings in their mouths! They resemble the saying of the Infidels of old! God do battle with them! How are they misguided!

[009:032]  Fain would they put out God's light with their mouths: but God only desireth to perfect His light, albeit the Infidels abhor it.

[009:037]  To carry over a sacred month to another, is only a growth of infidelity. The Infidels are led into error by it. They allow it one year, and forbid it another, that they may make good the number of months which God hath hallowed, and they allow that which God hath prohibited. The evil of their deeds hath been prepared for them by Satan: for God guideth not the people who do not believe.

[009:049]  Some of them say to thee, "Allow me to remain at home, and expose me not to the trial." Have they not fallen into a trial already? But verily, Hell shall environ the Infidels!

[009:066]  Make no excuse: from faith ye have passed to infidelity! If we forgive some of you, we will punish others: for that they have been evil doers.

[009:073]  O Prophet! contend against the infidels and the hypocrites, and be rigorous with them: Hell shall be their dwelling place! Wretched the journey thither!

[009:074]  They swear by God that they said no such thing: yet spake they the word of infidelity, and from Muslims became unbelievers! They planned what they could not effect; and only disapproved of it because God and His Apostle had enriched them by His bounty! If they repent it will be better for them; but if they fall back into their sin, with a grievous chastisement will God chastise them in this world and the next, and on earth they shall have neither friend nor protector!

[009:085]  Let not their riches or their children astonish thee: through these God is fain only to punish them in this world, and that their souls should depart while they are still infidels.

[009:107]  There are some who have built a Mosque for mischief and for infidelity, and to disunite the faithful, and in expectation of him who, in time past, warred against God and His Apostle. They will surely swear, "Our aim was only good:" but God is witness that they are liars.

[009:123]  Believers! wage war against such of the infidels as are your neighbours, and let them find you rigorous: and know that God is with those who fear him.

[009:125]  But as to those in whose hearts is a disease, it will add doubt to their doubt, and they shall die infidels.

[010:004]  Unto Him shall ye return, all together: the promise of God is sure: He produceth a creature, then causeth it to return again - that he may reward those who believe and do the things that are right, with equity: but as for the infidels! - for them the draught that boileth and an afflictive torment - because they have not believed.

[011:007]  And He it is who hath made the Heavens and the Earth in six days: His throne had stood ere this upon the waters, that He might make proof which of you would excel in works. And if thou say, "After death ye shall surely be raised again," the infidels will certainly exclaim, "This is nothing but pure sorcery."

[013:014]  Prayer is His of right: but these deities to whom they pray beside Him give them no answer, otherwise than as he is answered who stretcheth forth his hands to the water that it may reach his mouth, when it cannot reach it! The prayer of the Infidels only wandereth, and is lost.

[013:033]  Who is it then that is standing over every soul to mark its actions? Yet have they set up associates with God. SAY: Name them. What! Would ye inform God of that which He knoweth not on the Earth? Or are they not a mere empty name? But prepared of old for the infidels was this fraud of theirs; and they are turned aside from the path; and whom God causeth to err, no guide shall there be for him!

[013:042]  Those who lived before them made plots: but all plotting is controlled by God: He knoweth the works of every one, and the infidels shall know whose will be the recompense of the abode.

[013:043]  The infidels, moreover, will say; Thou art not sent of God. SAY: God is witness enough betwixt me and you, and, whoever hath knowledge of the Book.

[014:002]  Of God; to whom belongeth whatever is in the Heavens and whatever is on the Earth: and woe! for their terrible punishment, to the infidels,

[014:028]  Hast thou not beholden those who repay the goodness of God with infidelity, and sink their people into the abode of perdition -

[015:002]  Many a time will the infidels wish that they had been Muslims.

[015:008]  - We will not send down the angels without due cause. The Infidels would not in that case have been respited.

[016:027]  On the day of resurrection, too, will He shame them. He will say, "Where are the gods ye associated with me, the subjects of your disputes?" They to whom "the knowledge" hath been given will say, Verily, this day shall shame and evil fall upon the infidels.

[016:033]  What can the infidels expect but that the angels of death come upon them, or that a sentence of thy Lord take effect? Thus did they who flourished before them. God was not unjust to them, but to their ownselves were they unjust;

[016:039]  That He may clear up to them the subject of their disputes, and that the infidels may know that they are liars.

[016:083]  They own the goodness of God - then they disown it - and most of them are infidels.

[016:084]  But one day, we will raise up a witness out of every nation: them shall the infidels have no permission to make excuses, and they shall find no favour.

[016:088]  As for those who were infidels and turned others aside from the way of God, to them we will add punishment on punishment for their corrupt doings.

[016:106]  Whoso, after he hath believed in God denieth him, if he were forced to it and if his heart remain steadfast in the faith, shall be guiltless: but whoso openeth his breast to infidelity - on such shall be wrath from God, and a severe punishment awaiteth them.

[016:127]  Endure then with patience. But thy patient endurance must be sought in none but God. And be not grieved about the infidels, and be not troubled at their devices;

[017:008]  Haply your Lord will have mercy on you! but if ye return, we will return: and we have appointed Hell - the prison of the infidels.

[018:029]  And SAY: the truth is from your Lord: let him then who will, believe; and let him who will, be an infidel. But for the offenders we have got ready the fire whose smoke shall enwrap them: and if they implore help, helped shall they be with water like molten brass which shall scald their Wretched the drink! and an unhappy couch!

[018:056]  We send not our Sent Ones but to announce and to warn: but the infidels cavil with vain words in order to refute the truth; and they treat my signs and their own warnings with scorn.

[018:080]  As to the youth his parents were believers, and we feared lest he should trouble them by error and infidelity.

[018:100]  And we will set Hell on that day close before the infidels,

[018:102]  What! do the infidels think that they can take my servants as their patrons, beside Me? Verily, we have got Hell ready as the abode of the infidels.

[019:073]  And when our clear signs are rehearsed to them, the infidels say to those who believe: "Which of the two parties is in the best plight? and which is the most goodly company?"

[019:083]  Seest thou not that we send the Satans against the Infidels to urge them into sin?

[021:030]  Do not the infidels see that the heavens and the earth were both a solid mass, and that we clave them asunder, and that by means of water we give life to everything? Will they not then believe?

[021:036]  And when the infidels see thee they receive thee only with scoffs: - "What! is this he who maketh such mention of your gods?" Yet when mention is made to them of the God of Mercy, they believe not.

[021:039]  Did the infidels but know the time when they shall not be able to keep the fire of hell from their faces or from their backs, neither shall they be helped!

[021:097]  And this sure promise shall draw on. And lo! the eyes of the infidels shall stare amazedly; and they shall say, "Oh, our misery! of this were we careless! yea, we were impious persons."

[022:011]  There are some who serve God in a single point. If good come upon one of them, he resteth in it; but if trial come upon him, he turneth him round (to infidelity) with the loss both of this world and of the next! This same is the clear ruin!

[022:019]  These, the Faithful and the Infidels, are the two disputants who dispute concerning their Lord: but for those who have disbelieved, garments of fire shall be cut out; the boiling water shall be poured down upon their heads:

[022:038]  That God will ward off mischief from believers: for God loveth not the false, the Infidel.

[022:055]  But the Infidels will not cease to doubt concerning it, until "the Hour" come suddenly upon them, or until the chastisement of the day of desolation come upon them.

[022:057]  But they who were Infidels and treated our signs as lies - these then - their's a shameful chastisement!

[022:072]  And when our clear signs are rehearsed to them, thou mayst perceive disdain in the countenances of the Infidels. Scarce can they refrain from rushing to attack those who rehearse our signs to them! SAY: Shall I tell you of worse than this? The fire which God hath threatened to those who believe not! Wretched the passage thither!

[023:117]  And whoso, together with God, shall call on another god, for whom he hath no proof, shall surely have to give account to his Lord. Aye, it shall fare ill with the infidels.

[024:039]  But as to the infidels, their works are like the vapour in a plain which the thirsty dreameth to be water, until when he cometh unto it, he findeth it not aught, but findeth that God is with him; and He fully payeth him his account: for swift to take account is God:

[024:057]  Let not the Infidels think that they can weaken God on His own Earth: their dwelling place shall be the Fire! and right wretched the journey!

[025:004]  And the infidels say, "This Koran is a mere fraud of his own devising, and others have helped him with it, who had come hither by outrage and lie."

[025:026]  On that day shall all empire be in very deed with the God of Mercy, and a hard day shall it be for the Infidels.

[025:032]  And the infidels say, "Unless the Koran be sent down to him all at once. . . ." But in this way would we stablish thy heart by it; in parcels have we parcelled it out to thee;

[025:052]  Give not way therefore to the Infidels, but by means of this Koran strive against them with a mighty strife.

[025:055]  Yet beside God do they worship what can neither help nor hurt them: and the Infidel is Satan's helper against his Lord:

[029:047]  Thus have we sent down the Book of the Koran to thee: and they to whom we have given the Book of the law believe in it: and of these Arabians there are those who believe in it: and none, save the Infidels, reject our signs.

[029:054]  They will challenge thee to hasten the punishment: but verily Hell shall be round about the infidels.

[029:068]  But who acteth more wrongly than he who deviseth a lie against God, or calls the truth when it hath come to him, a lie? Is there not an abode for the infidels in Hell?

[030:058]  And now have we set before men, in this Koran, every kind of parable: yet if thou bring them a single verse of it, the infidels will surely say, "Ye are only utterers of vain things."

[032:029]  SAY: On the day of that decision, the faith of infidels shall not avail them, and they shall have no further respite.

[033:025]  And God drove back the infidels in their wrath; they won no advantage; God sufficed the faithful in the fight: for God is Strong, Mighty!

[033:048]  And obey not the Infidels and Hypocrites - yet abstain from injuring them: and put thou thy trust in God, for God is a sufficient guardian.

[033:064]  Verily, God hath cursed the Infidels, and hath got ready for them the flame:

[035:036]  But for infidels is the fire of Hell; to die shall never be decreed them, nor shall aught of its torment be made light to them. Thus reward we every infidel!

[036:070]  To warn whoever liveth; and, that against the Infidels sentence may be justly given.

[037:167]  And if those infidels say,

[038:002]  In sooth the Infidels are absorbed in pride, in contention with thee.

[038:004]  And they marvel that a warner from among themselves hath come to them; and the Infidels say, "This is a sorcerer, a liar:

[038:027]  We have not created the heaven and the earth and what is between them for nought. That is the thought of infidels; but woe to the infidels because of the fire!

[039:003]  Is not a sincere worship due to God? But they who take others beside him as lords saying, "We serve them only that they may bring us near to God" - God will judge between them and the faithful, concerning that wherein they are at variance. Verily God will not guide him who is a liar, an infidel.

[039:032]  And who acteth more unjustly than he who lieth of God, and treateth the truth when it cometh to him as a lie? Is there not a dwelling-place in Hell for the infidels?

[040:004]  None but infidels gainsay the signs of God: but let not their prosperity in the land deceive thee.

[040:006]  Thus is it that thy Lord's sentence, that inmates shall they be of the fire, was accomplished upon the infidels.

[040:010]  But to the infidels shall a voice cry, "Surely the hatred of God is more grievous than your hatred of yourselves, when ye were called to the faith, and remained unbelievers."

[040:014]  Call then on God, offering him a pure worship, though the infidels abhor it.

[041:050]  And if we cause him to taste our mercy after affliction hath touched him, he is sure to say, "This is my due: and I take no thought of the Hour of Resurrection: and if I be brought back to my Lord, I shall indeed attain with Him my highest good." But we will then certainly declare their doings to the Infidels, and cause them to taste a stern punishment.

[044:034]  Yet these infidels say,

[045:031]  But as to the Infidels - "Were not my signs recited to you? but ye proudly scorned them, and became a sinful people."

[046:011]  But the infidels say of the believers, "If it were a good Book they would not have been before us in believing it:" And not having submitted to guidance, they proceed to say, "It is an old lying legend!"

[046:034]  And a day is coming when the infidels shall be set before the fire. "Is not this it in truth?" They shall say, "Aye, by our Lord." He said, "Taste then the punishment for that ye would not believe."

[047:003]  This - because the infidels followed vanity, while those who believe, followed the truth from their Lord. Thus to men doth God set forth their likenesses.

[047:004]  When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters. And afterwards let there either be free dismissals or ransomings, till the war hath laid down its burdens. Thus do. Were such the pleasure of God, he could himself take vengeance upon them: but He would rather prove the one of you by the other. And whoso fight for the cause of God, their works he will not suffer to miscarry;

[047:008]  But as for the infidels, let them perish: and their works shall God bring to nought:

[047:010]  Have they not journeyed through the land, and seen what hath been the end of those who flourished before them? God brought destruction on them: and the like of this doth await the infidels.

[047:011]  This - because God is the protector of those who believe, and because the infidels have no protector.

[047:018]  For what do the infidels wait, but that the Hour come suddenly on them? Already are its signs come, and when it hath come on them indeed, how can they be warned then?

[047:035]  Be not fainthearted then; and invite not the infidels to peace when ye have the upper hand: for God is with you, and will not defraud you of the recompense of your works.

[048:013]  For, whoso believeth not in God, and His Apostle. . . . Verily, we have got ready the flame for the Infidels!

[048:022]  If the Infidels shall fight against you, they shall assuredly turn their backs; then, neither protector nor helper shall they find!

[048:029]  Muhammad is the Apostle of God; and his comrades are vehement against the infidels, but full of tenderness among themselves. Thou mayst see them bowing down, prostrating themselves, imploring favours from God, and His acceptance. Their tokens are on their faces, the marks of their prostrations. This is their picture in the Law, and their picture in the Evangel: they are as the seed which putteth forth its stalk; then strengtheneth it, and it groweth stout, and riseth upon its stem, rejoicing the husbandman - that the infidels may be wrathful at them. To such of them as believe and do the things that are right, hath God promised forgiveness and a noble recompense.

[050:002]  They marvel forsooth that one of themselves hath come to them charged with warnings. "This," say the infidels, "is a marvellous thing:

[050:024]  And God will say, "Cast into Hell, ye twain, every infidel, every hardened one,

[050:045]  We know best what the infidels say: and thou art not to compel them. Warn then by the Koran those who fear my menace.

[051:060]  Woe then to the infidels, because of their threatened day.

[054:008]  Hastening to the summoner. "This," shall the infidels say, "is the distressful day."

[054:043]  Are your infidels, O Meccans, better men than these? Is there an exemption for you in the sacred Books?

[057:019]  And they who believed in God and his apostle are the men of truth, and the witnesses in the presence of their Lord; They shall have their recompense and their light: But as for the infidels, and those who give the lie to our signs, these shall be the inmates of Hell.

[058:005]  Truly they who oppose God and His Apostle shall be brought low, as those who were before them were brought low. And now have we sent down demonstrative signs: and, for the Infidels is a shameful chastisement.

[059:016]  Like Satan when he saith to a man, "Be an infidel:" and when he hath become an infidel, he saith, "I share not thy guilt: verily, I fear God the Lord of the Worlds."

[060:002]  If they meet with you they will prove your foes: hand and tongue will they put forth for your hurt, and will desire that you become infidels again.

[060:010]  O Believers! when believing women come over to you as refugees (Mohadjers), then make TRIAL of them. God best knoweth their faith; but if ye have also ascertained their faith, let them not go back to the infidels; they are not lawful for them, nor are the unbelievers lawful for these women. But give them back what they have spent for their dowers. No crime shall it be in you to marry them, provided ye give them their dowers. Do not retain any right in the infidel women, but demand back what you have spent for their dowers, and let the unbelievers demand back what they have spent for their wives. This is the ordinance of God which He ordaineth among you: and God is Knowing, Wise.

[060:011]  And if any of your wives escape from you to the Infidels from whom ye afterwards take any spoil, then give to those whose wives shall have fled away, the like of what they shall have spent for their dowers; and fear God in whom ye believe.

[060:013]  O Believers! enter not into amity with those against whom God is angered; they despair of the life to come, even as the Infidels despair of the inmates of the tombs.

[061:008]  Fain would they put out the light of God with their mouths! but though the Infidels hate it, God will perfect his light.

[064:002]  It is He who hath created you all; yet some of you are infidel and others believers: but God beholdeth all your actions.

[064:007]  The infidels pretend that they shall not be raised from the dead. SAY: Yea, by my Lord, ye shall surely be raised; then shall ye surely be told of your deeds! And easy is this for God.

[066:007]  O ye Infidels! make no excuses for yourselves this day; ye shall surely be recompensed according to your works.

[066:009]  O Prophet! make war on the infidels and hypocrites, and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their abode! and wretched the passage to it!

[067:020]  Who is he that can be as an army to you, to succour you, except the God of Mercy? Truly, the infidels are in the merest delusion.

[067:027]  But when they shall see it nigh, sad shall wax the countenances of the infidels: and it shall be said, "This is what ye have been calling for."

[067:028]  SAY: What think ye? Whether God destroy me or not, and those who follow me, or whether he have mercy on us, yet who will protect the infidels from a woeful torment?

[068:051]  Almost would the infidels strike thee down with their very looks when they hear the warning of the Koran. And they say, "He is certainly possessed."

[069:050]  But it shall be the despair of infidels,

[070:002]  On the infidels: none can hinder

[071:026]  And Noah said, "Lord, leave not one single family of Infidels on the Earth:

[071:027]  For if thou leave them they will beguile thy servants and will beget only sinners, infidels.

[074:010]  A day, to the Infidels, devoid of ease.

[076:004]  For the Infidels we have got ready chains and collars and flaming fire.

[079:010]  The infidels will say, "Shall we indeed be restored as at first?

[080:042]  These are the Infidels, the Impure.

[083:034]  Therefore, on that day the faithful shall laugh the infidels to scorn,

[083:036]  Shall not the infidels be recompensed according to their works?

[086:017]  Deal calmly therefore with the infidels; leave them awhile alone.

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