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What is the best way to convert a non-Muslim to Islam?

Questioning Trinity proves Islam



A Conversation I had with a Muslim convert regarding the crucifixion lie:

This is a conversation that I had with a Muslim convert brother on Paltalk.  I changed the brother's alias to "Muslim", because he has Christians in his family.  Mine is "www HeTube Com" (  Please pay close attention to the highlighted parts below.  Also, this conversation is further expanded on this website's blog [1].  Also see this post inside the thread:


  • Bible: They were set up for conjecture [2].  See Matthew 27:16-17 and many other verses.
  • Roman's Law:  Survive the cross = YOU LIVE! [2].

    Muslim: what is your opinion on the phrase "wa lakin shibiha lahum" and why do you think the quran left it ambigious?

    Muslim: shubiha*

    www HeTube Com: it's not ambigious. It is crystal clear. He was neither killed nor crucified.

    Muslim: but it appeared that way

    Muslim: what does that mean?

    www HeTube Com: because Jesus was a spirit

    www HeTube Com: Spirit not a flesh and blood like you and me.

    Muslim: i would believe that myself but Allah says he ate food

    www HeTube Com: but he was not a normal flesh and blood.

    www HeTube Com: he ate food means here he is a creation.

    www HeTube Com: not GOD Almighty.

    Muslim: can angels eat food?

    www HeTube Com: In other words, you could stab Isa, peace be upon him, with a sword and have it come out of his back, and he would heal it instantaneously.

    www HeTube Com: brother, he was flesh and blood, but of a different kind.

    www HeTube Com: not like you and me.

    Muslim: i see

    www HeTube Com: so even if they placed him on the cross, he was not crucified nor killed.

    www HeTube Com: and the christians' bible supports this.

    www HeTube Com: Jesus grabbed a maimed ear and placed it back on the soldier's head.

    www HeTube Com: Jesus touched blind men's eyes and made them see again.

    www HeTube Com: how could a man this mighty and powerful be killed on some stupid cross.

    Muslim: great point

    www HeTube Com: great questions by you, dear brother :)

    Muslim: well the christians would argue he gave his life voluntarily

    www HeTube Com: Show me in the entire NT where Jesus said I came to die for your sins?

    www HeTube Com: and show me...

    Muslim: thanks lol .. i have christians in my family so .. i have to deal with these things

    www HeTube Com: in the entire OT where it prophesied about the coming Servant or Messiah to die for people's sins?

    www HeTube Com: Read Psalm 91, Psalm 116-118 and Isaiah 53

    www HeTube Com: These chapters all declare he will not die.

    www HeTube Com:

    www HeTube Com: see it yourself akhi

    www HeTube Com: remember brother. Jesus was a Mighty Being. Not some mere human.

    www HeTube Com: It's funny that Catholics have saints flying

    Muslim: lol

    www HeTube Com: yet, Jesus could be killed on the cross??

    www HeTube Com: mere saints could fly and eye witnesses supposedly saw them.

    www HeTube Com: but yet, JEsus couldn't stay on the cross for a few hours??

    Muslim: how would you respond to the verse in the gospels ttht says he came to give his life as a ransom to many

    www HeTube Com: the gospels were written 50 to 300 years after Jesus

    www HeTube Com: so they are not original writings. and most of them are opinions of men. conjecture.

    Muslim: yeah i agree

    www HeTube Com: show me one statement from Jesus saying that he came to die for sins.

    www HeTube Com: i am waiting.

    www HeTube Com: Jesus' final parable was...

    www HeTube Com: the sign of Jonah.

    www HeTube Com: and Jonah was alive before the whale, inside the whale and outside the whale.

    Muslim: yeah he was miraculously protected from death

    www HeTube Com: yes

    www HeTube Com: and Jesus was protected from death also

    Muslim: because naturally one would assume the stomach would have devoured jonah

    www HeTube Com: and the books i mentioned SPELL IT OUT.

    www HeTube Com: visit the link akhi.

    Muslim: in sha Allah

    Muslim: jzk

    www HeTube Com: indeed, the acids would've dissolved him.

    www HeTube Com: and lack of oxygen

    Muslim: but what would jesus have meant by "in the heart of the earth"?

    Muslim: christians say it means hell

    www HeTube Com: lol, did he even go in the heart of the earth?? he was placed on the surface in a tomb (cave). No coffin, no burial.

    www HeTube Com: christians made up lies brother

    Muslim: yeah the hell thing is blasphemous imo

    www HeTube Com: and their story supports the Quran.

    www HeTube Com: did not JEsus show the holes of his body to the disciples?

    www HeTube Com: this again means that he could not be killed.

    www HeTube Com: again, you could drive a sword through him and he would not even be in pain.

    Muslim: yeah i believe in the gospel of peter it says he felt no pain if im not mistaken

    Muslim: the apocryphal

    www HeTube Com: apocolype of peter, yes.

    Muslim: jzk akhi youve done a great work

    www HeTube Com: thank you dear brother. Jazaka Allah Khayr as well. Best of luck in debating your relatives


    Again, this conversation is further expanded on this website's blog [1].  Again, see this post inside the thread:


  • Bible: They were set up for conjecture [2].  See Matthew 27:16-17 and many other verses.
  • Roman's Law:  Survive the cross = YOU LIVE! [2].


    Psalm 116:16 clearly references Jesus and his Mother, Mary.  Peace be upon both of them.

    Isaiah 53:10 and Psalm 91:16 declare that Jesus' life will be EXTENDED!


    Questions about Jesus prove he is not GOD.

    Which Jesus was released and which was crucified?  There were two Jesuses with Pontus Pilot.  Not just one.

    What is the best way to convert a non-Muslim to Islam?

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