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A Conversation I had with a Muslim convert regarding the crucifixion lie:

This is a conversation that I had with a Muslim convert brother on Paltalk.  I changed the brother's alias to "Muslim", because he has Christians in his family.  Mine is "www HeTube Com" (  Please pay close attention to the highlighted parts below.  Also, this conversation is further expanded on this website's blog [2, 1, html].  Also see this post inside the thread:


Muslim: what is your opinion on the phrase "wa lakin shibiha lahum" and why do you think the quran left it ambigious?

Muslim: shubiha*

www HeTube Com: it's not ambigious. It is crystal clear. He was neither killed nor crucified.

Muslim: but it appeared that way

Muslim: what does that mean?

www HeTube Com: because Jesus was a spirit

www HeTube Com: Spirit not a flesh and blood like you and me.

Muslim: i would believe that myself but Allah says he ate food

www HeTube Com: but he was not a normal flesh and blood.

www HeTube Com: he ate food means here he is a creation.

www HeTube Com: not GOD Almighty.

Muslim: can angels eat food?

www HeTube Com: In other words, you could stab Isa, peace be upon him, with a sword and have it come out of his back, and he would heal it instantaneously.

www HeTube Com: brother, he was flesh and blood, but of a different kind.

www HeTube Com: not like you and me.

Muslim: i see

www HeTube Com: so even if they placed him on the cross, he was not crucified nor killed.

www HeTube Com: and the christians' bible supports this.

www HeTube Com: Jesus grabbed a maimed ear and placed it back on the soldier's head.

www HeTube Com: Jesus touched blind men's eyes and made them see again.

www HeTube Com: how could a man this mighty and powerful be killed on some stupid cross.

Muslim: great point

www HeTube Com: great questions by you, dear brother :)

Muslim: well the christians would argue he gave his life voluntarily

Muslim: thanks lol .. i have christians in my family so .. i have to deal with these things

www HeTube Com: Read Psalm 91, Psalm 116-118 and Isaiah 53

www HeTube Com: These chapters all declare he will not die.

www HeTube Com:

www HeTube Com: see it yourself akhi

www HeTube Com: remember brother. Jesus was a Mighty Being. Not some mere human.

www HeTube Com: It's funny that Catholics have saints flying

Muslim: lol

www HeTube Com: yet, Jesus could be killed on the cross??

www HeTube Com: mere saints could fly and eye witnesses supposedly saw them.

www HeTube Com: but yet, JEsus couldn't stay on the cross for a few hours??

Muslim: how would you respond to the verse in the gospels ttht says he came to give his life as a ransom to many

www HeTube Com: the gospels were written 50 to 300 years after Jesus

www HeTube Com: so they are not original writings. and most of them are opinions of men. conjecture.

Muslim: yeah i agree

www HeTube Com: Jesus' final parable was...

www HeTube Com: the sign of Jonah.

www HeTube Com: and Jonah was alive before the whale, inside the whale and outside the whale.

Muslim: yeah he was miraculously protected from death

www HeTube Com: yes

www HeTube Com: and Jesus was protected from death also

Muslim: because naturally one would assume the stomach would have devoured jonah

www HeTube Com: and the books i mentioned SPELL IT OUT.

www HeTube Com: visit the link akhi.

Muslim: in sha Allah

Muslim: jzk

www HeTube Com: indeed, the acids would've dissolved him.

www HeTube Com: and lack of oxygen

Muslim: but what would jesus have meant by "in the heart of the earth"?

Muslim: christians say it means hell

www HeTube Com: lol, did he even go in the heart of the earth?? he was placed on the surface in a tomb (cave). No coffin, no burial.

www HeTube Com: christians made up lies brother

Muslim: yeah the hell thing is blasphemous imo

www HeTube Com: and their story supports the Quran.

www HeTube Com: did not JEsus show the holes of his body to the disciples?

www HeTube Com: this again means that he could not be killed.

www HeTube Com: again, you could drive a sword through him and he would not even be in pain.

Muslim: yeah i believe in the gospel of peter it says he felt no pain if im not mistaken

Muslim: the apocryphal

www HeTube Com: apocolype of peter, yes.

Muslim: jzk akhi youve done a great work

www HeTube Com: thank you dear brother. Jazaka Allah Khayr as well. Best of luck in debating your relatives


Again, this conversation is further expanded on this website's blog [2, 1, html].



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  • This conversation is further expanded on this website's blog [1, html].

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