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Dr. Munir Munshey's Rebuttals section:

* Dr. Munir Munshey's own English translation of the Noble Quran.  He translated the entire Noble Quran in English.

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to say that we are truly honored to have brother Munir Munshey in our team!


Rebuttals to David Wood:

  1. Rebuttal to "Allah Starts Christianity By Accident".


Rebuttals to Khaled:

  1. Rebuttal to Khaled on the Noble Quran's Preservation.


Rebuttals to Sam Shamoun:

  1. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun on the Change of Qibla.
  2. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun on Semen Production in the Noble Quran.


Articles on Islam:

  1. Introduction to the Noble Quran.
  2. ‘Hijab’ and the Freedom of Women - A Speech given By Mawlana Taqi Usmani, Rendered into English.
  3. Marriage and Divorce.




Rebuttals, and exposing the lies of the Answering Islam team section.

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