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Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun’s article

A Series of Answers to Common Questions


Sami Zaatari



Shamoun has followed in the footsteps of several of his brethren of repeating the same out-dated argument. Shamoun has written an article concerning Muhammad's marriage to Aisha. This has been the focus of some of the most insulting arguments put forth by missionaries. Their slander and insults against Muhammad due to this marriage is a disgrace and quit sad. It is sad that we the Muslims continuously honor and respect Jesus, while the Christian cannot offer the same respect to Muhammad. I am not saying Christians have to honor Muhammad or believe in him as a prophet, but the least they could do is show some respect, but it seems that is asking for too much.


There will be no need for me to write a direct rebuttal refuting Shamouns article word for word, the reason for this is because this argument and the marriage of Muhamamd and Aisha has been given enough answers by Muslims. For these answers please visit these links:


That should be enough links with enough information on Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha. I call on Christians to go on those sites and read what they have to say and educate themselves a bit rather than make baseless claims against Islam. It will save you and the Muslims a lot of time rather than to go over the same argument over and over again.


Even though this situation of Muhammad and Aisha has been explained over and over again. You can be rest assured that Christians will keep on bringing this argument up. The best option would be is to simply ignore them and let them be and hope they will see the truth as many other Christians have. You cannot blame the Christian side for keeping on repeating the same argument over and over again. You can’t expect them to admit they have been refuted and that their argument is no more. For if they admit it, then they wont have much to argue about on Islam. The fact is they need to keep on making arguments against Islam. They will never stop doing it neither, but let them be, we have the truth and they don’t, so we cant really blame them for making cheap arguments against Islam. The devil always loses.








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