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Why do I use Rashad Khalifa's translation of the Noble Quran on the site?

Rashad Khalifa claimed to be a messenger from GOD Almighty.  He is a false prophet and we have refuted him in great details on this site, by Allah Almighty's Grace and Will, at:  So why am I still using his translation of the Noble Quran on the site?  The following points are the reason:

1-  His translation on many Noble Verses is actually very good and much better than many of the Islamic ones out there.  Plus, he uses the accurate translation of "egg-shaped" for the Arabic word "dahaha" in Noble Verse 79:30 to prove that Allah Almighty did indeed declare that He had made the earth into a spherical formDah or Daha in Arabic does also mean spherical, and round, and rolling down, and is rotating around itself.  I gave ample examples about this at:
  1. If the Noble Quran says the earth is "egg-shaped" through a Notion, then why couldn't Prophet Muhammad just say it clear in plain Arabic?  (Detailed proofs demonstrating the miracle of the Word/Notion "dahaha").
  2. The Motion of Earth in the Noble Quran.
  3. The Noble Quran confirms that the earth is rotating around its axle.
  4. Allah Almighty said that the earth is "egg-shaped".
  5. The reduction of earth's size in both the Noble Quran and Science!
  6. The Earth is round according to Islam.
  7. Faults on earth in the Noble Quran and Science!
  8. The Black Sea and Dark Waters in the Noble Quran!
  9. Did the Noble Quran really say that the sun sets and rises on the earth?
  10. Does the Hadith really contain scientific errors regarding the sun's rising and setting?
2-  He also was the only one who accurately translated Noble Verse 55:37.

3-  He also accurately translated Noble Verse 16:66.

4-  He also accurately translated Noble Verse 39:6.

Alteration of Creation Prophecy:

Allah Almighty quoted satan telling Him, the Almighty, in the Glorious Quran the following:

[004:119]  and (1) will lead them astray ولاضلنهمand (2) will stir desires within them ولامنينهمand (3) will command them ولامرنهم and (4) they shall cut the ears of animals فليبتكن اذان الانعامand (5) I will command them ولامرنهم to alter the creation of God فليغيرن خلق الله ." He who taketh Satan rather than God for his patron, is ruined with palpable ruin:

Satan in the five different commands will:

1-  Lead astray.
2-  Stir desires.
3-  Will command the evil ones.
4-  To cut the animals' ears.
5-  Then proceed to alter the creation of GOD Almighty.

Notice the fifth "and":

and (5) I will command them ولامرنهم  to alter the creation of God فليغيرن خلق الله ."

The alteration of Allah Almighty's creation indeed began with the cutting of the animals' ears.  Animal and human cloning all began with the cutting the of the animals' ears to extract the necessary somatic cells from them.  Dolly the sheep was the first creation to ever be cloned.

For ample more proofs and details, please visit:


5-  He is the only one who got the translation of سمكها  (its mass) right in Noble Verse 79:28.

6-  Our anti-Islamic rivals who have Noble Quran search engines on their sites use him, and his translation is actually very popular among the Muslims on the internet.  So if I ignore him, I am afraid that I would leave an advantage for our anti-Islamic rivals which would cause some Muslims to use them.

So the bottom line is that I am minimizing the damage as much as possible.  Should I not use his translation and not take advantage of his good translation and allow Muslims to use him somewhere else (in the infidels' sites)?  Or, should I take him in and let the enemies of Islam out there be sanctioned from all directions?  I chose the second option for the betterment of Islam.


I removed his name and all of the twisted translations from his file:

I also want to mention that the Noble Verses that he twisted and added his personal name to in parenthesis to falsely demonstrate that they are prophesizing/talking about him had been fixed/modified by me personally.


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