Author Topic: What do you think of this Christian women???  (Read 2917 times)

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What do you think of this Christian women???
« on: March 13, 2015, 04:44:24 PM »
Assalam alykam all

just wanted to get your thoughts on this women

there are alot of people like this who believe God speaks to  them

Most people say its Jinn   but i think sometimes its their own mind    they are so emotionally involved in  their faith they believe God speaks to them they start seeing visions of Prophercy and events etc

here is a video  please give me your feed back

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Re: What do you think of this Christian women???
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2015, 01:03:35 AM »
i believe all religious Christians claim to have the ability to communicate to God personally.
Some sit in corners and focus. And thus they will be able to communicate to God.. they believe it is the work of Holy Spirit within them.
(thus they hear some sort of inner voice)

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Re: What do you think of this Christian women???
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2015, 12:14:26 PM »
About Jew/Christ:
5: 41. O Messenger (Muhammad SAW)! Let not those who hurry to fall into disbelief grieve you, of such who say: "We believe" with their mouths but their hearts have no faith. And of the Jews are men who listen much and eagerly to lies - listen to others who have not come to you. They change the words from their places; they say, "If you are given this, take it, but if you are not given this, then beware!" And whomsoever Allâh wants to put in Al¬Fitnah [error, because of his rejecting the Faith], you can do nothing for him against Allâh. Those are the ones whose hearts Allâh does not want to purify (from disbelief and hypocrisy); for them there is a disgrace in this world, and in the Hereafter a great torment.
9:31. They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allâh (by obeying them in things which they made lawful or unlawful according to their own desires without being ordered by Allâh), and (they also took as their Lord) Messiah, son of Maryam (Mary), while they (Jews and Christians) were commanded [in the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)) to worship none but One Ilâh (God - Allâh) Lâ ilâha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He). Praise and glory be to Him, (far above is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him)."
3: 78. And verily, among them is a party who distort the Book with their tongues (as they read), so that you may think it is from the Book, but it is not from the Book, and they say: "This is from Allâh," but it is not from Allâh; and they speak a lie against Allâh while they know it.
5: 64. The Jews say: "Allâh's Hand is tied up (i.e. He does not give and spend of His Bounty)." Be their hands tied up and be they accursed for what they uttered. Nay, both His Hands are widely outstretched. He spends (of His Bounty) as He wills. Verily, the Revelation that has come to you from Allâh increases in most of them their obstinate rebellion and disbelief. We have put enmity and hatred amongst them till the Day of Resurrection. Every time they kindled the fire of war, Allâh extinguished it; and they (ever) strive to make mischief on earth. And Allâh does not like the Mufsidûn (mischief¬makers).
65. And if only the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) had believed (in Muhammad SAW) and warded off evil (sin, ascribing partners to Allâh) and had become Al¬Muttaqûn (the pious - see V.2:2) We would indeed have blotted out their sins and admitted them to Gardens of pleasure (in Paradise).
2: 79. Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands and then say, "This is from Allâh," to purchase with it a little price! Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for that they earn thereby.
15: 9. Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur'ân) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption).
18: 102. Do then those who disbelieve think that they can take My slaves [i.e., the angels, Allâh's Messengers, 'Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), etc.] as Auliyâ' (lords, gods, protectors, etc.) besides Me? Verily, We have prepared Hell as an entertainment for the disbelievers (in the Oneness of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism).
103. Say (O Muhammad SAW): "Shall We tell you the greatest losers in respect of (their) deeds?
62: 5. The likeness of those who were entrusted with the (obligation of the) Taurât (Torah) (i.e. to obey its commandments and to practice its legal laws), but who subsequently failed in those (obligations), is as the likeness of a donkey who carries huge burdens of books (but understands nothing from them). How bad is the example (or the likeness) of people who deny the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allâh. And Allâh guides not the people who are Zâlimûn (polytheists, wrong-doers, disbelievers, etc.).
6. Say (O Muhammad SAW): "O you Jews! If you pretend that you are friends of Allâh, to the exclusion of (all) other mankind, then long for death if you are truthful."
7. But they will never long for it (death), because of what (deeds) their hands have sent before them! And Allâh knows well the Zâlimûn (polytheists, wrong-doers, disbelievers, etc.).
8. Say (to them): "Verily, the death from which you flee will surely meet you, then you will be sent back to (Allâh), the All-Knower of the unseen and the scene, and He will tell you what you used to do."[Advice]
98: 1. Those who disbelieve from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) and among Al-Mushrikûn, were not going to leave (their disbelief) until there came to them clear evidence.
2. A Messenger (Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) from Allâh, reciting (the Qur'ân) purified pages [purified from Al-Bâtil (falsehood, etc.)].
3. Containing correct and straight laws from Allâh.
5. And they were commanded not, but that they should worship Allâh, and worship none but Him Alone (abstaining from ascribing partners to Him), and perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât) and give Zakât: and that is the right religion.
6. Verily, those who disbelieve (in the religion of Islâm, the Qur'ân and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) and Al-Mushrikûn will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures.
Bukhari :: Book 4 :: Volume 56 :: Hadith 829
Bukhari :: Book 1 :: Volume 8 :: Hadith 427,428
Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah's Apostle said, "May Allah's curse be on the Jews for they built the places of worship at the graves of their Prophets."
Bukhari :: Book 6 :: Volume 60 :: Hadith 157
Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah:
The Prophet said, "May Allah curse the Jews! When Allah forbade them to eat the fat of animals, they melted it and sold it, and utilized its price! "
Following Jew/Christ way prohibited:
42: 15. So unto this (religion of Islâm, alone and this Qur'ân) then invite (people) (O Muhammad SAW), and Istaqim [(i.e. stand firm and straight on Islâmic Monotheism by performing all that is ordained by Allâh (good deeds, etc.), and by abstaining from all that is forbidden by Allâh (sins and evil deeds, etc.)], as you are commanded, and follow not their desires but say: "I believe in whatsoever Allâh has sent down of the Book [all the holy Books, this Qur'ân and the Books of the old from the Taurât (Torah), or the Injeel (Gospel) or the Pages of Ibrâhim (Abraham)]
Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 36 :: Hadith 468 , 469,471
Muslim :: Book 34 : Hadith 6448
Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 92 :: Hadith 422, 421,460
Narrated Abu Huraira:
The people of the Book used to read the Torah in Hebrew and then explain it in Arabic to the Muslims. Allah's Apostle said (to the Muslims). "Do not believe the people of the Book, nor disbelieve them, but say, 'We believe in Allah and whatever is revealed to us, and whatever is revealed to you.' "