Author Topic: Disproving Atheists on the possibility of Noahs story.  (Read 1802 times)

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Disproving Atheists on the possibility of Noahs story.
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:56:44 AM »
Atheists have gone to an all time low when it comes to disproving Islam,their new excuse against Islam is Noahs ark,and how its waves werent possible
Now let me demonstrate how those waves were possible and how other Lands also had them

So in Lituya bay the tsunami was 1,720 feet tall
how tall is that? 524 metres which is the size of a normal mountain
as seen in this picture:

so by this we can conclude the flood is possible,but however,now they will say this was a rare phenomena. No it wasnt because there were many tsunamis before it which were the size of a cliff.
The Unzen Tsunami which was 100 meters

The Eltanin impact which was around 200 meters
The vajont dam tsunami which was around 250 meters

so as we can see that these floods were possible so we can conclude the Flood of Noah did indeed most possibly happen.

Now about the Ark and the flood itself,it is a possibility but did it really happen? is there archaelogical proof it happened?
Well according to Charles Leonard Woolley(A archaeologist) he had this to say in his book
" . . . by the time I had written up my notes was quite convinced of what it all meant; but I wanted to see whether others would come to the same conclusion. So I brought up two of my staff and, after pointing out the facts, asked for their explanation. They did not know what to say. My wife came along and looked and was asked the same question, and she turned away remarking casually, "Well, of course, it's the Flood."

[1954, p. 27]"

And this isnt the only proof they also uncovered another one in Mesopotamia(modern day iraq.)
Within a few years, excavations of a third Mesopotamian site, Shuruppak, also uncovered a flood stratum (Schmidt, 1931). It is of particular interest because, according to the Mesopotamian legend, Shuruppak was the home of Ziusudra, the Sumerian Noah. (The Sumerian Ziusudra means "life of long days." The Akkadian equivalent, Utnapishtim, is "he found life," while the alternative Atra-hasis means "exceedingly wise.") This flood level separated late Protoliterate and Early Dynastic I remains and dates from around 2950 to 2850 BCE. Perhaps, but not certainly, the Shuruppak flood may be equated with the earliest flood at Kish. No other Mesopotamian sites have produced flood remains of significance (Mallowan, 1964).

So as we can see that Noah was indeed there and there was infact a flood, they also found bodies referring to it as so

So we can see by this that Noahs ark did indeed exist with complete certainty. and therefore disproves the whole Atheist narrative.


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