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   [PLEASE READ]  Islam is the true and an unique religion. And it is the only religion acceptable to Allah the most high. Okay, lets think Islam is not the right religion and Muhammad (SAW) is not the true Prophet. Then, how did he know that he will be the last prophet ? It's something impossible to know. Can any assure that he will be the last person to be the teacher of this school ? Absolutely no. But Muhammad (SAW) assured us that he is the last prophet and no other prophet will come After him. Okay if Muhammad (SAW) is not the last prophet, then why still there is no advent of a new religion with a new prophet ? We know whenever the teaching of one prophet ended other prophet came within few years with new teachings. But 1400 years have past still the teachings of Muhammad (SAW) is prevailing and will prevail till the Day of Judgement. And not only this the biography of Muhammad (SAW) is fully preserved by Allah. This didn't happen in terms of other prophets. Do we know the full Biography of Hazrat Isa, Hazrat Dawood, Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Ibrahim? No. Again many scriptures predicted the coming of Muhammad (SAW). This proves that Muhammad (SAW) is the true prophet. Again, you will find lots of differences of Islam with other religions. For example. there are millions of Muslims who have memorized the entire Quran. But you will hardly find any hindu or christen who have memorized their entire book. Again just differenciate between their praying method and ours. Which one do you think is more beneficial. Ofcourse ours. This is because in their prayers they don't get the opportunity to exercise their body, but we get. And our prayer is also like meditation. So all these proves that Islam is the true religion. Just notice one thing everyone is after us. You will find hundreds of Anti Islamic sites on the web We have the highest number of enemies. Only we are branded as terrorists, not the people of other religions. And when any Muslim country falls in trouble there is none for help. Example no one has come forward to help countries like Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. We are alone. Only Allah is with us. But I think due to lack of unity we are not also getting much help from Allah the most high. So, we have to work in order to change our own lot. We have to correct ourselves before the Major signs of Qiyamah starts to take place. Because after that no ones repentance will be accepted. This world is like a M.C.Q. Test for us. In a M.C.Q test we get 3 or 4 options. And we have to choose the right one. In same way, in this world the first question for a person is,


  a.Christanity               b.Islam

  c.Judism                     d.Hinduism

Correct answer is:  b.Islam     

This is the most important Question. If anybody fails to answer, he will get 0 in the Exam. Because the answers to rest of the Questions is hidden in this answer. If anyone successfully answers the first Question, then if he is attentive he will be able answer rest of the Questions very easily. And his reward will be Jannat. Everyone should know in order to attain a magnificent reward, he or she has to give a difficult test.

 That's all I wanted to say. If the readers think I'm not right they are welcome to oppose my views they can criticize it. 
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