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Dionysus and the Christian Jesus striking resemblences
« on: May 04, 2017, 10:23:41 PM »
Asalam ul laykum brothers and sister

The original thread that got me researching into this is located here:,797.0.html

That subject got me intruiged because I knew that Jesus image of Christianity and the Trinity came from the acient-Graco  mythologies. Especially the Roman and Greece where Trinities were in abundant. For example Trinity of Zeus, Apollo and Athena. Trinity of Odin, Thor and Loki. Trinity of the 3 maiden goddesses.

But it is very interesting that the entire image of Jesus comes from the Pagan Gnostic God Dionysus.

Here is a article I found where a Christian scholar admits that this is something troubling and should be looked into.

What also the resemblance I see is in the name as well.

That the Jews called jesus: Yashua
Muslims call jesus: Isa/Esa   

Both letters ending in familiar and similar "A" sound.

While the name of Dionysus and Jesus has the same ending as well.

Even what is preached about them is similar as the previous thread and this article mentions:


Either the Devil really has perfected the art of diabolical mimicry or there is a mystery to solve here. Let's review the evidence:

- Jesus is the saviour of mankind, God made man, the Son of God equal with the Father; so is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is born of a mortal virgin who after her death ascends to heaven and is honoured as a divine being; so is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is born in a cave on 25 December or 6 January, as is Osiris-Dionysus.
- The birth of Jesus is prophesied by a star; so is the birth of Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is born in Bethlehem, which was shaded by a grove sacred to Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is visited by the Magi, who are followers of Osiris-Dionysus.
- The Magi bring Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, which a sixth-century BCE Pagan tells us is the way to worship God.
- Jesus is baptized, a ritual practised for centuries in the Mysteries.
- The holy man who baptizes Jesus with water has the same name as a Pagan god of water and is born on the summer solstice celebrated as a Pagan water festival.
- Jesus offers his followers elemental baptisms of water, air and fire, as did the Pagan Mysteries.
- Jesus is portrayed as a quiet man with long hair and a beard; so is Osiris-Bionysus.
- Jesus turns water into wine at a marriage on the same day that Osiris-Dionysus was previously believed to have turned water into wine at a marriage.
- Jesus heals the sick, exorcises demons, provides miraculous meals, helps fishermen make miraculous catches of fish and calms the water for his disciples; all of these marvels had previously been performed by Pagan sages.
- Like the sages of the Mysteries, Jesus is a wandering wonder-worker who is not honoured in his home town.
- Jesus is accused of licentious behaviour, as were the followers of Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is not at first recognized as a divinity by his disciples, but then is transfigured before them in att his gIory; the same is true of Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is surrounded by 12 disciples; so is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus rides triumphantly into town on a donkey while crowds wave branches, as does Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is a just man unjustly accused of heresy and bringing a new religion, as is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus attacks hypocrites, stands up to tyranny and willingly goes to his death predicting he will rise again in three days, as do Pagan sages.
- Jesus is betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, a motif found in the story of Socrates.
- Jesus is equated with bread and wine, as is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus' disciples symbolically eat bread and drink wine to commune with him, as do the followers of Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is hung on a tree or crucified, as is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus dies as a sacrifice to redeem the sins of the world; so does Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus' corpse is wrapped in linen and anointed with myrrh, as is the corpse of Osiris-Dionysus.
- After his death Jesus descends to hell, then on the third day resurrects before his disciples and ascends into heaven, where he is enthroned by God and waits to reappear at the end of time as a divine judge, as does Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus was said to have died and resurrected on exactly the same dates that the death and resurrection of Osiris-Dionysus were celebrated.
- Jesus' empty tomb is visited by three women followers; Osiris-Dionysus also has three women followers who visit an empty cave.
- Through sharing in his passion Jesus offers his disciples the chance to be born again, as does Osiris-Dionysus.

Discounting the 'diabolical mimicry' argument, as all sane people must, how are we to explain these extraordinary similarities between Pagan myth and the story of Jesus?"


But the Most Obvious resemblance is that Both turn water into wine.

It is sad how Christian's try desperatly say that Muslims worship a moon God (astakfirullah), but they do not even realize they are following an acient Greek Mystery religion, basically House of Dionysus cult 2.0

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Re: Dionysus and the Christian Jesus striking resemblences
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 10:31:39 PM »
I forgot to mention this but even this statement of Dionysus is oddly familiar with what Christianity teaches, about salvation through Christ.

"He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation."


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