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Jewish Circumcision "Sucks"
« on: February 24, 2019, 06:40:16 PM »
According to Jewish tradition on circumcision, we learn they had a pretty disturbing way performing this surgery.  Jews regard circumcision as a covenant to Yahweh thus, they perform the act of circumcising a new born child as a devotion following the covenant made to Abraham. Each Jewish child must be circumcised so he is purified  and  join the covenant which his forefathers agreed to as part of the faith in God.

The question is, how was circumcision performed during ancient days? Well, the question to the answer is not limited.

The Circumcision Ritual
Circumcision consists of three actions: milah — cutting the foreskin with a knife, peri'ah — ripping the membrane with a fingernail, and mezizah — applying the mouth to the baby's bleeding penis and sucking blood from the wound.

— Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbath 133a
Soncino 1961 Edition, pages 668-669

GEMARA. … WE SUCK OUT, etc. R. Papa said: If a surgeon does not suck [the WOUND], it is dangerous and he is dismissed. It is obvious? Since we desecrate the Sabbath for it, it is dangerous? — You might say that this blood is stored up, therefore he informs us that it is the result of a wound, and it is like a bandage and cummin: just as when one does not apply a bandage and cummin there is danger, so here too if one does not do it there is danger …
— Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbath 133b
Soncino 1961 Edition, page 672

he method to be adopted is laid down thus: 'One excises the foreskin, [that is] the entire skin covering the glans, so that the corona is laid bare. Afterwards, one tears with the fingernail the soft membrane underneath the skin, turning it to the sides until the flesh of the glans appears. Thereafter, one sucks the membrane until the blood is extracted from the [more] remote places, so that no danger [to the infant] may ensue; and any circumciser who does not carry out the sucking procedure is to be removed [from his office].' … The operation itself, then, consists of three distinct acts: the excision of the prepuce; the laceration of the mucous membrane covering the glans; and the sucking of the blood from the interior of the wound.
— Rabbi Lord Jakobovits (
Jewish Medical Ethics: A Comparative and Historical Study of the Jewish Religious Attitude to Medicine and Its Practice, New York: Bloch Publishing Company, 1959, pages 193-194)

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1906) gives this detailed description:
The operation [circumcision] consists of three parts: "milah," "peri'ah," and "mezizah."

Milah: The child having been placed upon a pillow resting upon the lap of the godfather or "sandek" (he who is honored by being assigned to hold the child), the mohel exposes the parts by removal of garments, etc., and instructs the sandek how to hold the child's legs. The mohel then grasps the prepuce between the thumb and index-finger of his left hand, exerting sufficient traction to draw it from the glans, and places the shield (see Fig. 1, next column) in position just before the glans. He now takes his knife and with one sweep excises the foreskin. This completes the first act. The knife (see Fig. 3) most commonly used is double-edged, although one like those ordinarily used by surgeons is also often employed.

Peri'ah: After the excision has been completed, the mohel seizes the inner lining of the prepuce, which still covers the glans, with the thumb-nail and index-finger of each hand, and tears it so that he can roll it fully back over the glans and expose the latter completely. The mohel usually has his thumb-nail suitably trimmed for the purpose. In exceptional cases the inner lining of the prepuce is more or less extensively adherent to the glans, which interferes somewhat with the ready removal; but persistent effort will overcome the difficulty.

Mezizah: By this is meant the sucking of the blood from the wound. The mohel takes some wine in his mouth and applies his lips to the part involved in the operation, and exerts suction, after which he expels the mixture of wine and blood into a receptacle (see Fig. 4, below) provided for the purpose. This procedure is repeated several times, and completes the operation, except as to the control of the bleeding and the dressing of the wound.


In short during circumcision blood from the baby's penis has to be sucked. This is not only the tradition but also a custom. Jewish rabbis through centuries have been performing this act.

Jesus of the Bible would have been no exception to this Jewish tradition of circumcision.

 On the eighth day, when it was time to circumcise the child, he was named Jesus, the name the angel had given him before he was conceived. (Luke 2:21)

We read from the account of Luke, Jesus was circumcised when he was a baby. We also know from Jewish traditions how circumcision was performed. Now the question is did the rabbis who circumcised Jesus know he was circumcising God? If so was the same rabbi aware he was putting the penis of Yahweh in his mouth sucking the blood? If you say Jesus was a man or baby in this case it was not God, how does it sound the saviour of Christians had his penis inside the mouth of an unknown rabbi?

You can't have the cake and eat it. By tradition and ritual Jesus of the Bible being a Jew would have been circumcised the same way as any Jewish baby, he would not have been an exception.

Thus, we can conclude Jesus of the Bible was circumcised by a Jewish rabbi who put his penis in his mouth an sucked it.


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