Author Topic: Refuting that no one witnessed the Prophet SAWs miracles  (Read 1660 times)

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Refuting that no one witnessed the Prophet SAWs miracles
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:13:26 PM »
Christian Deceptionaries have been using this allegation for quite a while now,deceiving young Christians in their safe spots,so the allegation that goes is this:

"If Every Prophet did a miracle as a sign of their people everyone saw,How come no one witnessed Muhammad SAWs miracles?"

Well this allegation is false,completely it is used by someone who probably never opened sahih

This is a miracle which exists in authentic hadith resources such as Bukhari, Muslim and narrated by Hazrat Anas. Hz. Anas narrates:

“Along with the apostle of Allah, we were in a place called Zawra with about three hundred companions. He ordered us to make wudu for the afternoom (asr) prayer but we could not find any water. He ordered us to find a little water; we found and brought it to Him. He dipped his blessed hands into this water. I saw that water was flowing from his fingers like a fountain. Then, three hundred people who were there came and made wudu and used that water for their needs. (1)

Another miracle is narrated by Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah:

The people were left without water on the Day of Hudaybiya. A group of people came to the Apostle of Allah PBUH) while he was making wudu from the pitcher. The Apostle of Allah asked them:

“What happened to you?”

They answered: “We are ruined O Apostle of Allah! We are ruined O Apostle of Allah!”

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“You will not be ruined when I am among you!”

“O Apostle of Allah! We have no water left for making wudu or drinking other than the pitcher you have!”

Upon this, the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) put his hand over the pitcher and said;

“Here you are, In the name of God”. Water was flowing from his fingers like bubbling from a well-spring! Muslims both drank water from it and made wudu.

Jabir b. Abdullah was asked:

“At that time, how many people were present there?


“We were a thousand and five hundred! (2)

• “…The Prophetﷺ was told that Ali (RadiAllahu Anhu) was suffering from eye-trouble, so he applied saliva to Ali’s eyes and invoked Allah to cure him. He at once got cured as if he had no ailment.” [Bukhari]

‘Uthman ibn Hunayf relates:

A blind man came to God’s Messenger and requested him to pray to God to recover his eyes. The Messenger said: “If you desire, I’ll not pray-being blind may be better for your afterlife-or I’ll pray.” The man chose to be relieved of blindness and the Messenger told him: “Go and do an ablution. Then pray two rak‘as and say: ‘O God! Surely my appeal is to You and I turn toward You through the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of mercy: O Muhammad, surely I turn toward God through you, that He uncover my sight. O God, make him my intercessor.’” The man did what the Messenger told him and his sight was restored.6

As another example, Jabir relates:

I was with God’s Messenger during a military campaign. When my camel became exhausted and left behind, God’s Messenger prodded it slightly. This made the camel so fast that I had to pull on the reins to make it slower so that I could listen to the Messenger, but Iwas unable to [slow it down].8

So as we see there were witnesses,so how many times will Christians lie now?

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Re: Refuting that no one witnessed the Prophet SAWs miracles
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2017, 06:04:28 PM »
lets ask them who are the 500 witness that seen Jesus alive after death
and who seen him ascended into heaven!

they maybe can give a several names (mostly wrong) that maybe doesn't exceed the count of hands and it's fingers.

where the other 488 are just a numbers on papers.


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