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it can be possible Satan appearing as Dajjal or Dajjal is a being that is totally different than Satan. Based on the story narrated, we have false messiah killed. And Satan appears after that.

--- Quote ---The Dajjal would appear in my Ummah and he would stay (in the world) for forty - I cannot say whether he meant forty days, forty months or forty years. And Allah would then send Jesus son of Mary who would resemble 'Urwa b Mas'ud. He (Jesus Christ) would chase him and kill him.......

Only the wicked people would survive and they would be as careless as birds with the characteristics of beasts. They would never appreciate the good nor condemn evil. Then Satan would come to them in human form and would say: Don't you respond? And they would say: What do you order us? And he would command them to worship the idols but, in spite of this, they would have abundance of sustenance and lead comfortable lives.
--- End quote ---

This is where every one is going wrong, believing in fabricated hadiths, be they classed as Sahih or not........the story is long, but the authentication was not done as regards checking as to what the Quran states. If a hadith is not in line with the Quran, then the hadith is false.......simple.....

Dejjal is Satan and Satan is Dejjal, and yes he will be killed, by Jesus, or by Allahs Mercy, and that is the end of him and his followers. You see, this last hour, is the coming of Saqar, the Planet you call Nibiru or Planet X. The end of times is really about here. Also, the only people left will be the righteous..not the unbelievers,,,,think about it....all non believers and Jesus reigning with Imam Mahdi,,,,what would be the point of that !!!!...come on people start thinking and opening your minds up. Test the hadiths out against the Quran. The Jews and the modern scholars have fooled you a gooden....

.We are allowed to think and use our minds as Allah states many times as to the open and obvious deceptions of Satans and the Jews, which are all fore told in the Quran........I suggest you all start reading the Quran, and lay off the hadiths, they are misguiding you. I follow only those hadiths that make sense as regards in line with Quran, and by the wisdom of a dear friend of mine who is a relative of our Prophet Muhammad,peace and blessing be upon him and his family, am I able to know a few extra hadiths, that are not about Quranic matters.

Sh Truthseaker:

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Brother, the Dajjal is 100% a real person.  He is someone that will come to us in the future first calling himself a savior, then a messenger, and then god himself.  Allah will give him the abilities to control weather, cure incurable diseases and bring the dead back to life.  Everyone agrees that he is a person and he will appear in the future.

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All characteristics of Horus

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I cant believe it symbolical.I have heard a hadis.[haven't byhearted].[but later saw that hadis in this video:   ]

Sh Truthseaker:

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Dejjal is Satan and Satan is Dejjal, and yes he will be killed, by Jesus, or by Allahs Mercy, and that is the end of him and his followers.

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 It cant be.Qur'an quotes iblees asking Allah time till last day to deviate humans, and Allah Almighty has given it.The end of the world is not on the day Isa (PBUH) arrives.

Asalamu alaykum.

Im not an Ahmadi, but the Ahmadiyya community agrees with you. Their prophet (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) foretold that the greatest Dajjal is the Christian missionaries, where Dajjal isnt a single person but a system. After all, Allah dislikes hypocrites and polytheists the most.

I agree with the notion that Dajjal being a single person is logistically improbable. Mohammad's (pbuh) dream was probably metaphorical.


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