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What is your Religion?

There is only one God:

Im not shia but i agree that ther're muslims, they follow the pillars of islma, i think it would be better if you write sgiha islam instead of shia, it is like you are seperating islam with shiism, as if you are calling them unbelievers, as isn't that forbidden

There is only one God:


--- Quote ---You have separated Islam with Shi'ism. I find that highly offensive.
--- End quote ---

As'salamu Alaikum dear brothers and sisters,

I am one that studied the shias sect very carefully.  Like some of you here, I used to consider them as Muslims.  Shias to me are divided into two:

1-  The liars and infidels among them.
2-  The ignorants.

Shias call unto creations of Allah Almighty for:

1-  Help.
2-  Protection.
3-  Guidance.
4-  Mercy.
5-  Forgiveness.

I have compiled an Arabic version of THEIR TOP SCHOLAS that proves this beyond any doubt.  You can't call unto Ali, or Fatimah, or anybody or any creation before you do something, nor to BEG THEM to accomplish something, and still call yourself a Muslim.  The shia scholars boldly justify this by saying that Allah is far and doesn't always hear us, nor is He always connected with us.  The people of the Bayt (House of the Prophet) are always connected to us and always listen to us and always intercede for us.  Total and utter blasphemy and nonsense!  Islam came to fight and end shirk (associating partners with Allah Almighty).  Even satan recognizes Allah Almighty is One, and Muhammad and all of the Prophets and Messengers are His Prophets and Messengers.  Now does that make satan a Muslim?

Furthermore, shias call Ali "Amir Al-Kawn", or the Amir (Leader, Ruler) of the Universe. Ask any shia scholar this question:  Who is Amir Al-Kawn?  His answer will always be Ali.  This is also blasphemy and an insult on Allah Almighty Himself.

Like I said, I used to be like you, who considered shias as Muslims.  But after I investigated them thoroughly, I couldn't possibly accept them as Muslims.  I will translate the Arabic video into English for you to see, insha'Allah.  You'll then see what I am talking about without any doubt.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah


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