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Asalam ul laykum dear brothers and sisters. Been quite busy lately so never had time to comment on subjects.

New World Order Cleanse, i do 't see the issue here. In the Quran Allah swt made it pretty clear when he mentioned the following:

We have certainly seen the turning of your face, [O Muhammad], toward the heaven, and We will surely turn you to a qiblah with which you will be pleased. So turn your face towardal-Masjid al-Haram. And wherever you [believers] are, turn your faces toward it [in prayer]. Indeed, those who have been given the Scripture well know that it is the truth from their Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what they do."

So what's the problem here? Clearly everyone knows that musjid al-Haram has always been in Makkah/Bakkah. There are reference from the Quran and Old Testament not just that but other historians. Your pointing out bias historians, so when u go to a doctor to get ur car fixed what happens? Exactly, ur taking expertise in a subject from those who shouldn't be looked as experts in the subject because they are not from the region nor did they look at research of the native people in arabic but rather read from other historians from times were there was termoil between different races and religions. All im saying is ur looking at the wrong people for information, because Allah swt already made it very clear in Quran. Also it wasn't the government that told us muslims to pray towards Kabba which is musjid al-Haram it was Allah swt and prophet Muhammad (pbuh) if u have problem withthat then i don't see how u can call urself a muslim. Sorry bro just being honest.

It isn't enough that muslim countries become war torned thanks to Anglo-American Isreali agendas, but at the same time there had to be this filth khawraji group that had to cause more problems. Because of there sevre idiocy and lack of soul, they caused much more harm to the ummah. Makes u really wonder if they really are zionists.

3 gets its information from an authentic source which is this is the article by and the research they present is done by Carniege Edowment of International Peace, thus we know this is accurate statistics.

"To generate a consistent database which would enable one understand the influence and trends of mankind within the premises of  major religious faiths and practices, research has been carried out by utilizing multiple sources like Population Reference Bureau, CIA Fact Sheet, WIKIPEDIA , Pew Forum, Encyclopedia of the Nations, Holt Rinehart and Winston, BBC and other relevant databases.

The study establishes that the Muslim population is increasing steadily due to higher birth rate as well as conversion, while adherence towards other faiths are either dropping or remained static due to leaving the faiths or lesser growth rate. For example, the Christian population in the west & America(North & South) is dropping due to lesser growth rate through conversion or birth rate as compared to Muslim population and at the same time renouncing the faith system altogether. Christian population is in increase in many of Asian and African countries by both birth rate and conversion. Current data displays that in 2016 Christian population are about 2.07  billion and while Muslims are 2.14 billion.

We calculated on population data sheet of 2016 multiplying the growth rate such as Muslim 1.84% and Christianity 1.13% as found correctly from Carnegie Endowment for International Peace."

Asalam ul laykum brothers and sisters, sorry i havent had time to help contribute to this project. However, brother muslimforever2012, since sina likes to believe his logical fallacy of so called fabricated 4.5 billion apostate muslims. Which actually sounds way too exagerrated and since islam is the fastest growing religion with the Most practising adherents and the Most Largest religion as of 2016. This fabricated 4.6 billion argument falls on its ilogical face.

Brother muslimforever2012, u should include information from that shows that as of 2016 islam is the largest religion of the world while christianity has 2.06 billion. Islam has 2.14 billion. It is the fastest growing due to birth rate and CONVERSION.

Also, the only time there has been mass number of muslims converting to christianity has ALWAYS been due to pressure from christians or clear death sentence of convert or die. For example the Spanish Reconquesta where Queen Isbella ordered that 500,000. To 600,000 muslims of spain to be either forced converted, die or leave. Majority of those muslims chose death.

Even nowaday muslims leaving war striken regions thats to the Anglo-American Isreali Agendas. All or Most of these so called mass conversions r done under pressure, that these muslims need to convert if they want to come here and live a better life. This is a testimony by chruch fathers.
Much of these conversions r looked at with suspicion by immigration authorities and many church fathers believe that it is a form of 'abuse'

Brother after completing ur book u should these points to show how all these falsehoods that ali sina believes r all fabrication and are results of abuse from the western radical christians.

Asalam ul laykum brothers and sisters, goodjob brother muslkmforever2012, brother u should use resources from this site, sister dr. Tazeen and my site. I have some very strong refuttations to David Woods, i havent had time to build on my rebuttal section. But inshallah i will be adding much more.

My site:

« on: June 12, 2017, 03:15:45 AM »
Asalam ul laykum brothers and sisters, first off, before we decide to call an individual a Daesh supporter. We need to do a careful investigation. Most of these "so-called" Daesh supporters aren't Daesh supporters. Infact, many of them before commiting the acts did indeed release a statement on social media how they became fed up with the continuous persecution of muslims and how they want American to stop spreading chaos in their countries. Truth of the fact is there is SUBSTANCLE amount of evidence to prove that US, Britain and Isreal are carrying out a genocide against muslims all over the world. the most clear voices are the judeo-christians social media terrorists like Pamella Geller, David Woods, Jay Smith and so on. The media as we know it is created by the Zionists even the early history of media shows it has always been Jewish owned, for example the pigeon carrier business being started by Jacob de Rothschild.

the real facts are being swept under the rug and that is Majority of these attacks have been due to sending a message to the government to stop this Genocide. But media never lets the true story come out. but remember Daesh and all of these terrorist groups are paid and owned by US, Britain and Isreal.

here is a de-classified government document that proves this:

Those of u if ever have looked at the Foreign policy Projects PNAC and FPI, you would know that the true culprit of the Middle East chaos is mainly West, even though I do agree with u brother AhmedFarooq that we muslim ummah are not perfect and have had religious infights but NOTHING like this ever happened before.

Infact these Anglo-American Isreali agendas are to redraw and create a Greater Isreal, since people are starting to wake up to the reality this is going on. they changed it to "New Middle East" or "Greater Middle East" a plan to REFORM middle eastern countries according to US, Britain and Isreal's interests.

I do not believe that most of these lone wolf attacks are by Daesh Supporters but rather by those who can no longer take all this chaos that is going on. But inshallah, we as muslims know this was going to happen as Allah swt and Muhammad pbuh told us, so we must bare patience and inshallah the Zalimun will definatly get their Recompense.

It is also important to note that the golden mean ratio exists in everything. This is a perfect design it cannot happen from a coincidence for it on its own would equal to billions of coincid nces because there are numerous examples of golden mean on a human body alone. This requires an intellect not coincidence.

The idea of through natural selection there were occurances that led to existance and evolution of creatures through the genomes of their ancestors. Realies heavily on coincidence. For atheists believe that creation of universe happened to numerous events of natural selection and that eventually a planet came about that can hold life and more natural selection led to existance of germs then through them early creators like tripods and so on. Through out these billiona of years all of these are natural selections that led to existance of apes and through apes mankind.

This ideology is highly problematic. Why? Because the main core of this ideology is belief in billions of numbers of coincidences. How can it be coincidence when everything happened flawlessly. There were no errors in creations. Idea od natural selection requires many many errors until arriving at a workable design. However looking at Facts about universe and life, we can see with clear understanding that is not the case.

What is a coincidence:

a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
"it's no coincidence that this new burst of innovation has occurred in the free nations"
synonyms:   accident, chance, serendipity, fortuity, providence, happenstance, fate; a fluk

So as it says remarkable concurrances of events without connection.

This we know for a Fact is the the case in birth of the universe and of life. We know for a fact there are many occurances that are harmonious like how life comes about that is at an approximaty to resources it needs to exists. For example this planet having grass water and other resources needing for life to exist and life existing in this planet is not a coincidences because a coincidence is a chance. It is no longer a chance when events happens in radical amounts and are harmonious to each other. Like how fusion of gas and dust creating stars and how asteroids colliding to a planet giving it natural resources to sustaine life. Cannot be coincidences.

Thus the idea of how natural selection the belief of how ecistance came out through numerous occurance of coincidences is absolutly false. Due to the fact they no longer can be called coincidences since coincidences happen by chance and all of existance cannot happen by chance due to all these facts.

« on: June 08, 2017, 07:13:16 PM »
Asalam ul laykum dear brothers and sisters. It is very important to nite when observing these works of the MiddleAges is that Arabs bedoiuns were a poor community and that meaning of writting resources in those times were very expenaive. So when the scribe sahabas wrote down on parchments during time of prophet muhammad pbuh, those were reused materials. Meaning like a skin of a goat that previously had writtings on it and had to be cleaned so to have no writting and then be reused for preserving Quran. The scholars nowaday use carbondating scans which allows to see if there were ever other text on the material. This however, is irrelevant because many times in old works same materials were reused because materials were expensive and low in availability.

That aside the oldest work is the birmibgham portfolios that contain surah taha, which comes from time of prophet muhammad pbuh. Only some orientalist scholars with agenda argue that the material is few years older then life of prophet muhammad pbuh. However they do not take in account the life of the animal and the entire life of where that material comes from. These arguments were presented by brother adnan rashid, who is a historian and scholar of islam. These r valid arguments because all of these important facts have to be looked at when examining acient historical works.


Asalam ul laykum, use SDL Translation. and use the word with the dalet u will see it is Ahmed.

Asalam ul laykum, i came across this article very disturbing by the Global Research Agency. It is most troubling because it has clear evidences of US, Britiain and Isreal role in Middle East, not only this. But it has the Map of the "New Middle East" they are creating by spreading chaos in the region.

As we can see slowly but surely they r getting what they want a proxy Middle East that is under there control. The entire agenda of US and Britain is the same agenda as Isreal. That is OD Yinon Greater Isreal Project.

"The overhaul, dismantlement, and reassembly of the nation-states of the Middle East have been packaged as a solution to the hostilities in the Middle East, but this is categorically misleading, false, and fictitious. The advocates of a “New Middle East” and redrawn boundaries in the region avoid and fail to candidly depict the roots of the problems and conflicts in the contemporary Middle East. What the media does not acknowledge is the fact that almost all major conflicts afflicting the Middle East are the consequence of overlapping Anglo-American-Israeli agendas."

So there is ABSOLUTLY no dought that all that Middle East has been suffering is thanks to Good Ol Americam Government, Britain and Satanic Isreal.

Brother Osama i recommend saving these links and also i will look into making a DOC with information correlated by these government articles.

Asalam ul laykum, i decided to show evidence for the New American Century, however the policy has changed since 2006 and actually has become even more blatant. uS govenrment shifted from PNAC(project new american century) to FPI(Foreign Policy Initiative), in this policy it is balanted agreement that US plans to "REFORM" middle east:

"In response to what has become known as "Arab Spring", FPI has emphasized to U.S. policymakers that long-standing authoritarian rule in the Middle East and North Africa have created stagnant political and economic systems that are corrupt, oppress political dissidents, create unemployment and fuel anti-American sentiment. FPI's policy solution is the long-term success of democratic and economic reform, specifically the promotion of human rights and democracy.[11]"

While they like to use such beautiful words like democracy and saving people from oppreasive governments. The truth of the fact is they created these oppressive governments. They bring about regime change and instill proxy governments that oppress citizens even further.

Truth of thr fact is, Middle East, NEVER ASKED THEM FOR HELP.

Thus isn't an act of goodwill or helping neihbor human beings. It is an all out invasion and regime change for political interests.


Correction: week from 9/11 = Week before 9/11

There are clear evidences regards to 9/11, i have done extensive research. Infact even before 9/11, there was a secret government document that got leaked not to long ago known as "New American Century" in this document the neo-cons in the government planned to take down 7 muddleeastern countries in 5 years and place their proxy government in place. Infact saddam hussein was put in by them however he broke protocol and he had to be killed.
Getting back on topic, that document corralates with Od Yinon's Greater Isreal Project where Isreal wants control of all the neihboring arab countries. So far isreal has shown by its actions that is exactly what is going on.

9/11 in this context was a planned incident that had many reasons.

1. Larry silverstein a zionist american jew who leased the twin towers was being sued for millions of dollars for restoration fees because the building was infested with asbestos.

2. Larry had connection with other zionist american who knew nathenyahu,

3. The planes were drones

4. Larry silverstein said "pull it" to the fire department giving them authroity to go ahead and demolish the building 7.

5. Bush admin already knew and were paet of the plan, infact younger brother of george w. Bush, marvin bush is among the directors of the security company for the twin towers, SecuraCom.

6. There were3 isreali mossad agents caught by police because they were overlooking the event and were jumponh with joy.

7. Till this day isreali zionists say 9/11 was great for them.

8. When twin tpwers went down there was a huge cloud of asbestos.

If u look at the video i posted a link for here:,2599.0.html

U will see there is substaintial evidence to prove this.

Infact larry silverstein recieved 4.6 billion dollars in insurance payment for a policy he bought a week from 9/11.

Till this day this plan is being carried out.

« on: June 02, 2017, 06:11:05 PM »
Asalam ul laykum brothers and sisters, no killing of children even children of mushrikeen or munafiqeen is not condoned. Infact there are clear verses from Quran prohibiting such things. During the times of Crusades when salahudin defeated them we did not kill their women or children and infact who wanted to leave peacefully we let them leave. During time of the sahabas there has been no incident where muslim have ever killed a child. So those who say such things as "it is ok because so and so reason" these people have rejected the Quran and Allah swt have rejected them.


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