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I was looking into Isaiah 53, it is very sporadic, at times it sounds like the Christian form of Jesus and other times it sounds like prophet Muhammad pbuh. But here is something interesting I uncovered in Isaiah 52.

Isaiah 52:15 New International Version
"so he will sprinkle many nations, and kings will shut their mouths because of him. For what they were not told, they will see, and what they have not heard, they will understand."

Here is where it gets interesting:

New Living Translation
"And he will startle many nations. Kings will stand speechless in his presence. For they will see what they had not been told; they will understand what they had not heard about."

we can see it in more translations:

International Standard Version
"so will he startle many nations. Kings will shut their mouths at him; for what had not been told them they will see, and what they had not heard they will understand."

King James 2000 Bible
"So shall he startle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider."

Now if you know the Context of life of Prophet Muhammad pbuh, he was commanded by God almighty to send letters to the nations to let them know of the message. Some of the Nations shut up and followed, while others who fought were left speechless.

Famous words of King Herculius: 'O Byzantines! If success is your desire and you seek the correct guidance, and wish for your empire to remain, then give a pledge of allegiance to this Prophet (i.e. embrace Islam).'

Abu Sufyaan then added: 'When Heraclius had finished his speech and had read the letter, there was a great cry in the Royal Court. So we were turned out of the court. I told my companions that the question of Ibn Abu Kabshah (i.e., Prophet Muhammad) had become so prominent that even the King of Al-Asfar (Byzantine) was afraid of him. Then I began being certain that he (i.e. the Prophet) would be a victorious conqueror in the near future, until I embraced Islam (i.e. Allah guided me to it)."

A sub-narrator added: "Ibn An-Naathoor was the governor of Jerusalem and Heraclius was the head of the Christians of Shaam; both of them were Christian scholars who were well learned regarding their religion. Ibn An-Naathoor narrated that once, while Heraclius was visiting Jerusalem, he woke up one morning depressed and in a bad mood. Some of his priests asked him why he was in such a mood. Heraclius was a foreteller and an astrologer; he replied: 'At night, when I looked at the stars, I saw that the leader of those who practice circumcision had appeared (i.e., become conquerors). Who are these people who practice circumcision?' The priests replied: 'Nobody except the Jews practice circumcision, so you should not be afraid of them (the Jews). Just issue orders to kill every Jew present in the country.'

While they were discussing this, a messenger sent by the king of Ghassaan to convey the news of Allah's messenger to Heraclius was brought in. Having heard the news, he (i.e. Heraclius) ordered the people to go and see whether the messenger sent by Ghassaan was circumcised. The people, after seeing him, told Heraclius that he was indeed circumcised. Heraclius then asked him about the Arabs in general. The messenger replied: 'The Arabs also practice circumcision.'

After hearing this, Heraclius remarked that sovereignty of the Arabs had appeared. Heraclius then wrote a letter to his friend in Rome who was as knowledgeable as Heraclius. Heraclius then left, heading towards Hims (a town in Syria) and stayed there until he received the reply to a letter that he had sent to one of his friends inquiring about the emergence of the Prophet – his friend agreed with him that this was indeed the emergence of a true Prophet. With that, Heraclius invited all the heads of the Byzantines to assemble in his palace at Hims. When they assembled, he ordered that all the doors of his palace be closed. Then, he emerged and said: 'O Byzantines! If success is your desire and you seek the correct guidance, and wish for your empire to remain, then give a pledge of allegiance to this Prophet (i.e. embrace Islam).'

(On hearing the views of Heraclius) the people ran towards the gates of the palace like wild beasts, but found the doors closed. Heraclius then realised their hatred of Islam, and when he lost hope of their embracing Islam, he ordered that they be brought back to him. (When they returned) he said: 'What I said was only to test the strength of your conviction about your religion, and I have seen it.' The people then prostrated before him and were delighted by him, and so this was the end of Heraclius's story (regarding his faith.)” [Al-Bukhari]

 As we all know that King Heraclius wanted to become Muslim but his greed got in the way. But in his heart he did believe Islam was the true religion since he being a king and a scholar of his religion he knew of passages that guided him and the dream that he received from God almighty about a circumcised messenger.

Ibn al-Qayyim mentions in Zaad al-Ma’aad (3/694) that when Heraclius heard news of the Negus becoming Muslim, he said: “By Allaah, were it not for the sake of holding on to my kingdom, I would have done what he has done.”

None of these kings believed except for the first Negus, the king of Abyssinia (Ethiopia), and the king of ‘Ammaan and his brother.

so we can see how prophet Muhammad fulfills the prophecy of the Isaiah 52:15 and the Isaiah 42.  but Isaiah 53 is rely hard to understand because jesus was not tortured to the point that he was not recognizable, so who could this have been? If you look at who suffered more in life, that clearly is prophet Muhammad pbuh, who was stoned, attacked, pierced by arrow and etc... While prophet jesus IF we accept the crucifiction happened without the regard of actual dying for our sin. even then the suffering was only once and severe. Now regards if Jesus pbuh was held in "low esteem" as God said in Isaiah 53, this cannot be jesus pbuh, because there was absolutely no point where God ever mentioning Jesus being held in "low esteem" by God's perspective.

The Only Prophet that I can think of that this COULD have been talking about is Jonah. Since Jonah did become mingled and was unrecognizable because the stomach acid of the whale melting his skin and he could have been held low esteem by God for leaving his people that he was sent to. But this does not fit Jesus nor Prophet Muhammad pbuh because both are held in the HIGHEST of esteem by God almighty.

Asalam ul laykum brother and sister,

Brother Mohamed I will look into Isaiah 53 later, gotta take things one step at a time. Inshallah when I make work in regards to it I will post it here brother. I never looked at Isaiah 53 critically so I don't know much about it.

Regards to job of a Messiah is very simple, the Messiah will come at the time of termoil and he will defeat the anti Christ dajjal. This is what Jews and Muslims believe that job of a Messiah is that sort of like a hero. But Christian's completely blow it out of proportion and make it into something that it isn't.

But the true significance is that of the dalet and how it resembles the kaf. That is what really changes Athmch to Ahmed.

Regards to in Hebrew T and H being mixed up, brother this wouldn't really be surprising after all both languages are semitic languages who have the same root and background. This is what I understood from the different translations like Atmad and Ahmed notice the T and the H, as u said it urself that in acient Hebrew they probably didn't differentiate it.

Brother Osama regards to the site Do It In Hebrew, I tried it vice versa, I typed in Ahmed in English to Hebrew translation. It is correct I do not know why they changed it from Hebrew to english to be "I will."

So go ahead try this method by typing in Ahmed and translating English to Hebrew, it is indeed correct.


Here are varients of Ahmed :. Achmad, Achmat, Achmed, Achmet, Ahmat, Ahmet, Ahmadu, Amadou, Ahmot, Amadu

If you are getting any of these above while translating all of this is correct, these are varients due to different way of pronunciation.

Correction: "completely different"

To me it seems that there are varients to the translation to that word like some say ATMC and others say Atmch for the that word with the kaf. What is important to notice is that this word is a name and the translator is retaining it. While some translators are saying Ahmed, this proves that Ahmed is indeed the meaning of this word. I even tried typing in Ahmed from English to Hebrew. It gave me the word that I corrected with the dalet. But when I type in "Whom I Uphold" u get a completely set of Hebrew letters.

Walakum salam brother, I took a brief look into the four servant song of Isaiah. This isn't a separate biblical work. These are mentions and verse through out isaiah 42 that go back to the context of the special servant of God that is being mentioned in Isaiah 42:1. The reason why I decided to make Isaiah 42:1 in such importance is that the Entire Isaiah 42 is talking about the servant mentioned at the first verse. If I can completely dissect this then there is undeniable proof that the entire isaiah 42 is talking about prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Now from the my work above, I did that and I showed clear evidence that it is about prophet Muhammad pbuh. However, I will take it further and make it absolute evident that it is prophet Muhammad, by also proving that "whom I uphold," shouldn't even belong there because that is not what the verse says in Hebrew.

I will also work on making more works that shows how prophet Muhammad pbuh fulfills Isaiah 42 prophecy. The first verse is already evident of that. As it says "he will bring justice to nation's" prophet Jesus never brought justice to nations, however prophet Muhammad pbuh did by sending letters to other nations to come to Islam, while some accepted others didn't and fought and lost, that was the justice.

Inshallah I will do the best I can.  =)

Asalam ul laykum brother Osama, it was working fine a moment ago. For some reason Google Drive and Google Doc occurred an error. Is there another way I can show my work here. I used the hyperlink code and shared my Google Drive share link for the work. But for some reason it occurred an error and I am trying to do it again but it is causing same problem. What method do you recommend?

Since I have a tight schedule managing opening a business, college, 2 jobs and family. I have a hard time to do that and can only do things at my own pace. I talked to brother TruthExposer777, he said he can convert my work to videos, I did provide him with this work. So hopefully u will see it posted on his channel soon.

Thank you brother, I am looking more deeper into Isaiah 42 since it is the MOST CLEAREST EVIDENCE of the prophesy of prophet Muhammad pbuh in the OT. I will work harder to dissect this. Also I will also show more translations that both "Athmck" and "Ahmed" are names and are suppose to be RETAINED, but they translated it. My next work will be on "Whom I uphold" and we will see if this is correct or false. I want to dissect this to the point that No apologetic has anything to say regards to it.    ;)

Asalam ul laykum brothers, the work I am about to show you is a scholarly piece that I have been working on. It is absolutely CLEAR evidence that "Ahmed" prophet Muhammad pbuh prophesized name is in the Isaiah 42:1 in Hebrew. Enjoy: EVIDENCE AHMED in DSS OT in HEBREW by ADIL RIAZ.docx.pdf

I did some extra research and I might be coming up with a part 2 of it.
Leave me feedback and let me know what you think.

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Anyone can make up anything without an actual source. Don't believe everything u read

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