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Thats the same issue that i was thinking of that it could be possible that the lack of support from family in regards to the alcohol and perverted thoughts could have lead him to that. Also i wasn't judging him but i was stating what he practiced. It could have been that he felt a conflicting ideals in his mind and heart and at end of day he might of taught dying a myrtr death would cleanse him. In the end of the day u cannot help and pity him because he got trapped by shaitan.

In the end of the day he was just a very confused person who was probably overwhelmed by his taughts.

Greatjob brother ahmadfarooq, that makes a lot of sense now, he was mentally deranged and wasn't really a muslim because of his interest in gay community. Also since fbi interviewed him 3 times there was no affiliation. OMG ISIS must feel humiliated praising a non practising muslim who was interested in gay community. Astakfirrullah may allah protect the ummah at large.

I know brother i was just explaining what scholars say who the homosexual people are connected to, in regards to islamic information.


Trinitarian theology was never created to help understand god but rather a creation through vendetta of the early churches, it was not a creation of it's own but rather evolution of the Alexandrian theology of homoousios. To tackle the arianism and other beliefs that were believed to be heresies.

In short, trinitarian theology was created to support the alexandrian theology but for the western christiandom it ended up replacing it. This theology was created in the 3rd century, and went through a phase of to rationalize it in the 4th century, but ultimately it cannot be rationalized, since 3=1=3 cannot be made sense of so the early church left it as an article of faith that it can only be understood through faith and not logic.

So in this case anyone can believe in anything and say you must have faith. That cannot be the truth since truth needs both logic and faith.


Overwhelming evidence that in Rome, Early Europe, Europe and US adults married children and it was lawful.

legal age, 12 for girls and 14 for boys  -

Isabelle of France married Richard II - Isabelle barely became 7 and got married to Richard II and became widow 2 years after.

I believe this should be sufficient to prove that was a norm of the time. HOWEVER, justifying using that hadith in our time is wrong since certain things change do to human biology. I would say it is the fault of Islamic courts allowing any such marriages to occur.

Also brother Osama I want you analysis on the studies in regards to Aisha(ra) age being 16 then 19, most Islamic sites said that it is fabricated and this is only claim from ahmadiyyans.

Sodomitiea ia term to link them historically, it does not matter if they do the action with consent or not, it is all the same. However, i never said that they shouldnt be treated with humilaty. Anyone who respects others should be respected.

Regarding whether this was hoax. The san bernadino was a hoax because if u look at the female who was shot, the picture clearly showed the individual wearing baggy pants and had white legs meaning it was a cacasian. So it definatly seems more tricks of the zionist illuminati to furthure there plans for a civil or global discord.

9/11 is a separate matter, however I have some absolute evidence in regards to who was responsible for that. I think I will relate my findings to that issue once Ramadan ends because it is a very interesting findings which I'm sure everyone would want to do their own investigation on. So lets leave that matter for later and discuss in regards to this tragedy.

Everyone has been given free-will by Allah(god), no one has right even us to go kill through aggression. However, I am not sure if this issue was that of a Muslim since 1) there is no photo of the dead body of the assailant 2) no clear photo of how many casualties 3) we are mostly seeing re-runs there is no solid evidence of the assailant and how many people harm. I wish there would be a honest news but that is not possible when the Zionists own the media. I mean the The Zionist masters the Rothschild family created and owns Reuters. So how can we expect truthfulness from the western media.

Man with weapons and potential explosives identified, 'wanted to harm' L.A. gay pride parade, chief says:

James Howell arrested with weapons near LA Gay Pride event :

Here is another BREAKING NEWS:

a white male was arrested this morning in santa monica, california. He had couple of assult rifles and was police suspect bombs. Name of the suspect is James Howell, he is an indiana man who was about to attack the L.A. gay parade. Police stopped him and interigated, he said "he wantedvto shoot up the gay parade."

I will post link later inshallah.

This happened at same time as orlando shooting, but no mass media or breaking news coverage. This is obvious attack of christian terrorist. It is wayyyy to much of a coincidence that it happened at same time and in florida and california which have the highest homosexual population.

Asalam ul lakum, astakfirrullah that IF this is true how can any muslim do such an act especially on ramadan. The ideal message is that of prophet lut(pbuh) in this situation, prophet lut(pbuh) was sent to the sodomites, he never once struk them but only warned them that their creator doesnt like that action. But prophet lut(pbuh) never once acted aggressivly towards them and even prophet ibrahim(pbuh) asked the angels and allah(pbuh) to give them another chance. But they came to harm prophet lut(pbuh) only then allah(god) punished them, only when the sodomites came in a state of aggression.

This act is wrong, even i dislike that sin that homosexuals engage in, i would never harm them unless they try to harm me. Such an action as this happened is against what we are told to do by allah(god). I have to wonder if this man lived in america for so long that cant have been the first time he say homosexuals kissing. IF this is true, what made him do this now of all times. Also if no one knew yesterday there was a news report that the florida presidential poll is crucial for Trump, i find it strange the next day this happens.

POLITICS & RELIGION / Re: The American Muslims and Elections
« on: June 12, 2016, 03:31:49 AM »
American politics have been very vague in regards to where true power lies. Since the very start of this country the belief of government for the people by the people was tarnished. The same powers that control UK sent their puppets to control america's upbringing. To put it in a very simple form going back back in history since 17th and 18th century there has been great influence on europe and then america. This influence is that of banks and mystic judaism. Inshallah when i have more time i will share my findings. Also i must let you know that the zionist entity is the same as illuminati. They are 2 parts of the same coin. For those who want to research on this subject i recommend learning the history of the worlds most powerful dynasty rothschild family, then i believe you will know the truth. Also israel is not state of judaism but state of rothschild. America's future was destroyed at the point of industrial revolution and when rockefellers who are close to rothschild came from europe to america.

This seems to be an attempt to prove quranic prophecies to be fallacies. Evn though i have no dought that the prophecy regards to byzantine came true. It is not a big prophecy of our time. The real prophecy from the quran of our time is regards to banu israel, as brother osama mentioned in his debates and articles that the prophecy regarding banu israel's humiliating demise through hitler's prosecution through baking the jews in ovens came through as quran prochecised.

But remember brothers quran is never meant for prophecies it is as wat it is, the light of guidance not a book of prophecies. For prochecies check the authentic hadiths. Right now i am texting through phone it is hard to make references, but when i have chance to get on a computer i will provide many prophecies that came true through hadith. Also go on wikipedia and there a prophecies of muhammad(pbuh). I have to remind all minor signs have come true only major signs remain now. I pray allah azawajjal protects us because things are going to become difficult in near future.

Walakum salaam thanks brother sharif, these people are so blind that they are blasphming and turning away more and more from their own religion. If they don't heal the disease in there heart it will lead to them becoming fully pagan.

Also there were many battles fought fought for retribution such what roman king dracula did to 25000 ottoman muslim, impaling them from bottom to up on a wooden pole and ottoman defeated king dracula and his people to exact there retribution.

Asalam ul lakum brothers im new to this site. May allah bless u all and ramadan mubarak.

After analysing i noticed the material is not consistant on which pagan religion that they are trying to connect to. Firstly mentions of prophet(pbuh) having link with sabeans and ahkans, there is no islamic history of such connections. As the islamic history tells he only went to iraq for trades not exchange of knowledge but only business. Then i noticed they tried attacking fasting as a pagan concept this is false because then this would mean judaism is pagan because of sabbath and christianity is to because some christians do follow scriptures and fast. They are shooting their foot with such claim. Then connection of the moon and allah with the pike. This is nonsense because allah and arabic writting is universal there nothing pagan there.
Then the concept of bowing down, jesus bowed down multiple of times and so did moses in the scriptures. These claims are fabrication and have no power what so ever because it would make all 3 abrahamic faiths look like pagan religion. The person who came up with that material needs to see a doctor.

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