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Asalam ul laykum brother Zoraise, good job brother. I will be making an Islamic site once it is up I will let you know. I will name it, also brother keep me updated on the videos ur developing.

Thanks brother Osama, jazakallah, I will try to do my best to refute any significant claim of David Woods or any of the liars. Inshallah.

Asalam ul laykum brothers and sisters. If u feel that there is any significant video of David Woods that you want me to refute, let me know. Jazakallah. ;)

Brother Osama I really loved that debate of yours with Usama Dakdok, I personally find his way of speaking very condisending and unscholarly. I was about to make a refuttation to one of his videos but the damn video is 2 hours long and I got lost while doing the refuttation.

Asalam ul laykum brother Osama, I can definitely understand your point. I researched into salagfsm and wahabism a bit to know about some of their beliefs. The reason why I requested was that I was hoping we can bring him out of that deviation. Just because he or any other salafi or wahabi would call me or u a apostate doesn't make it so.

I fact as we know that those who say others that they are not Muslims and keep them from being Muslims like what salafis and wahabis do they themselves become kafir.

I was just hoping to bring him out of the deviant sect if he is part of it.  As we know that Muhammad pbuhis told us to help our brother who are opressed and those who are opressors. So I pray to Allah swt to give him guidance.

To many brothers and sisters are falling for these traps that is why we should enlighten them before they go joining such evildoers.

Yeah what the heck. I just banned the salafi monkey.  I can't stand these dogs here.  Your level begins to stoop down when you converse with them.  It's like speaking to a monkey.  He looks like you!  But his brain is nothing like yours.

Brother Osama, we want to help the guy see the truth. not ban him, he is a muslim. Even if he might be misguided, it is our Job as muslim to help him understand. you should unban him and try to make him understand but if he doesn't want to understand just leave him.

there is nothng special if there is miracles or scientific claims in quran
its not a big deal at all.. bcoz if its from the one who created this universe.. so it will have..

Brother Mohmed Shahid, brother if it wasn't anything special then tell me why is there no scientific evidences in Gospel or in Torah. Much of the scientific evidence that Christian or Jew claim are neighter COMPLETELY obscure or they have to completely change their verse to make it fit their rhetoric.

Brother there is a VERY GOOD REASON why Allah swt said in the Quran. "That it is for those with UNDERSTANDING"

Quran wants us to EXAMINE it's verses. While nothing of such is in the previous scriptures. Don't you think that is a conclusive evidence to back up the Quran's Scientific Miracles.

It is the lack of understanding of people or DISHONESTY that they do not accept such clear evidences.

Sahih International interpretation:

And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and have made [from] them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze.

You cannot throw a lamp, thus the clearest understanding and interpretation is that something from the lamp is thrown. Thus i believe that Sahih International has the correct interpretation.

Even though the verse doesn't make it 100% clear that it is thrown FROM lamp. If the lamp itself was a missile it wouldn't make sense because Lamps don't move, if a part of the lamp is being thrown that would clearly mean that something is coming out of the lamp that is launched.

Asalam ul laykum rahmatullahi wabarakatihu dear brothers and sisters, as most of us know about a video by our favorite anti-islamic Christian Liar...I mean apologist David Wood. Who claimed in his video "Christianity, Islam, and Pork: How Zakir Naik Destroyed Muhammad" which you can watch in you tube or the link provided in my refutation. He made some claims against the prophethood of our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh. This work of mine is a break down of his claims and refuting them with LOGIC, UNDERSTANDING , RELIGIOUS EVIDENCE, SCHOLARLY EVIDENCE, SCIENTIFIC and MEDICAL EVIDENCE and HONESTY. Much of these things that David Wood lacks when doing his research, but most important thing he lacks is HONESTY. So let's get to refuting:

Jazakallah kayrum for viewing.  ;D

« on: May 09, 2017, 09:54:13 PM »
Hmm interesting I will look into it. The thing is I heard many muftis and other scholars mention the Dabba as to come before the end time to turn people face white or dark depending on their deed. In regards to him talking to the people I wish there was more mentions to make it clear, but I will look into it when I have time.

« on: May 09, 2017, 09:35:44 PM »
It is also important to remember that the Dabat ul ard will change people's faces to black or while depending upon the person's deeds and faith.

Asalam ul laykum brothers, Indeed. Scientists once again proved that Quran is 100% scientifically Ccorrect.  LOL!!! Atheist must hate finding out these truths.  ;D

lamps = stars(Suns)

Missiles = Solar Eruptions(Solar Bursts)

asalam ul laykum brothers, we are sure that that verse is talking about solar eruptions and their solar bursts of energies correct?

Correction: entire lid

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