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ABSOLUTLY true, brother Idris showed the corruption in the original Isaiah scrolls and blew the entire life open on Ahmed being mentioned in DSS.

Also as I stated before brother Idris confirmed his finding by Rabi Abrahamson . So there is nothing else to discuss. Ahmed is in Bible and u should become a Muslim. As I stated before prophet Ahmed(Muhammad pbuhis) is the comforter that Jesus pbuh's talked about. So even Jesus pbuh is telling u to follow prophet Ahmed.

Butzdenn (Denis Butic) please answer my question,. Why did u not remove ur refuttation to my work when I have rebuked it?

Ur. Site policy dictates that u would remove any material that u tried falsifying if ur claims were weak or were refutted.

Our debate clearly showed I refutted ur claims.

Why have u not deleted it?

Sir, why r u beating around the bush. Have u not noticed from our debate that u clearly lost. If u cannot see that then I cannot help u. Anyone can see I refutted every point u had. U just keep repeating the same thing even though it has been refutted. U should at least care what God thinks of u and I hope u know that God doesn't like wrongdoers and liars.

As I said before, if u were a true Christian u would have at least been honest. We can clearly see ur not honest and immature.

Sir, r u serious? Even a little child could see. How u were defeated. If u don't understand then plz go through it and see how u absolutely had no point. I even refutted ur so called points about tamak was refutted easy go back to our conversation. Also note when u realized that all ur points were refutted, u resorted beligerent behaviour. It's pretty obvious dude.

U do realize that the only fool here is u, right? Seriously, man stop embarrassing urself. If u followed Jesus words u would have been a pacifist but ur behaviour is that of a tyrant.

Sorry dude ur behaviour is ABSOLUTLY NOT CHRIST LIKE. 

As I stated before. Wake up from ur double standard.

Andddddd now ur in delusional mode.   Only one with hate I see is u. I'm pretty sure u would love to kill Muslims ha?  ;)

Poor guy since u know u have been EFFICIENTLY DEFEATED, u go into delinal mode and start showing beligerent behaviour. Have a nice life.  ;)

Sorry buddy plz stop trying to change the topic into other verses. I already efficiently refutted ur flimsy claims. Have a nice day.

The verses in question are not Isaiah 9 or Daniel 7. Also note that verse the Isaiah 9 u mentioned says "son" all prophets were called sons of God. So it is a very weak claim. I already refutted ur claim instead of proving my evidence wrong u point different verses from different chapters pertaining to different contexes, and how r u not being desperate?

I already did, the photos from translators show that those words are names, they do not translate to word but a name. Thus are retained. U r very desperate aren't u?

As I said before there is NUMEROUS mentions of prophet Muhammad pbuhis in Isaiah 42. It is ABSOLUTLY CLEAR that the only person this prophecy is talking about logically is prophet Muhammad pbuhis. If u do not agree then realize that Jesus did say a comforter would come and he came which is prophet Muhammad pbuhis.

Accept it or not, this is ur win or lose. Not mine I have seen this substancle evidence to make that clear judgement. Also I can see clearly u try so hard, to make it to be about Jesus when there is absolutely no mention of Jesus in Isaiah 42. Truly sad.

Have a nice life. ;)

Also u said Jesus would go. Lol!! U sound very desperate do u know that?

Simple, go to Google translator put the word that I used if not use the word without the vowel with the kaf. They both are retained.

BTW did Jesus ever go to Paran? No I don't think so. Did any prophet ever go to Madina the land where Mount sila is at. I don't think so. Yes indeed the entire ISAIAH 42 IS ABSOLUTLY talking about prophet muhammad, buddy there are too many verses that are in reference to the Islamic history in Isaiah 42. So sorry ur so called refuttation is rebuked. Have a nice day and lose ur double standard.

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