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R u that intellectually challenged ask any scholar vowels make absolutely no difference of the word.

The reason why I removed it is because translators do not use them thus they get in the way of translations. So u seriously are very pathetic.

Apparently u do not understand simple logic. Names are not suppose to be translated. Both Ahmed and Atmch are both names because the translation becomes retained. Since names are suppose to be translated. Also even the translation of that name is wrong. As I mentioned above. It was not a guess. And even I mentioned brother Idris confirmed this by Rabi Abrahamson.

So I do not see how u have any rebuttal to this. When a prominent Hebrew scholars admits that Ahmed definitely could be correct.

Also note u said that change of letter would not change the meaning. Why? It's obvious because it is in the Quran a scripture that came later that tells of Ahmed being mentioned. The Jews at the time of the original Isaiah scrolls had no idea who Ahmed was.

Also tell me why we're the Jews living in Madina? Why where they living in hejaz.

I will explain from ur own source. After this u will see Indeed very clearly that Isaiah 42 speaks of prophet Muhammad pbuh:

New International Version
Let the wilderness and its towns raise their voices; let the settlements where Kedar lives rejoice. Let the people of Sela sing for joy; let them shout from the mountaintops

The wilderness it is talking about is wilderness of Paran(arabia). The Mountain Sela it is talking about is the Mount Sela in Madina.

Do u still need more evidence.

It is clear u do not seek truth because I presented this to other intelligent Christian's and they were at least honest and admitted this was clear that prophet Muhammad pbuh is the last messenger. (No I will not tell u the name of the Christian I know in my real life, nor do I care what ur opinion on it would be, but I do pray he becomes a Muslim inshallah)

The most important thing to note, he got the whole theme of the work wrong. He started out getting completely the wrong points about the work. He keeps using English when the work is in Hebrew. he aprently does not have a basic understanding about Christian history that DSS was originally in Hebrew and I found and other brothers have found this evidence in the Original language, English was a translation, also I mentioned that that it was a misinterpretation that it was changed to "whom I uphold" u can clearly see that. Since the translators retaine both Ahmed and Ahmch. Thus "whom I uphold" was translated from their own decision. Also BTW I already typed in "whom I uphold" translation from English to Hebrew it does not come out to אחמה, "whom I uphold" comes out to על מי אני.

Also remember it was brother Idris who first found this descovered in the original written DSS, he confirmed it by Rabi Abrahamson. Also that Rabi Abrahamson did acknowledge that is indeed possible. Also Christian's agree that Jews did corrupt their text by altering words. Then how I do not see what the problem they are having. I think this guy is playing a double standard game.

R u absolutely kidding g me, the so called refuttation he mentions of my work is so pathetic that it should be throwing out into garbage can for just being so sporadic and not related. The only thing that I could any related that he tried to refute my work with was this:

[1]Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.

[6]I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles;

[7]To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

That is so pathetic the verse 6 and 7 prove Even more it was prophet Muhammad pbuhas, because the Jews called Arabs gentiles, prophet muhmad pbuh became the light for the gentiles and brought them out of darkness and freed prisonors.

It kinda sucks this guy spoiled my next work, I was going to come up with material next about how Isaiah 42 has more verses that show clearly it is prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Also note he is not looking at Hebrew At All, he keeps accepting the false misinterpretation and thinks it refutes it.  Lol!!! Pathetic

Do u not see how ur hatred for Muslims is destroying u. Is that what Christianity teaches u to do? Hate. Please man think clearly about the path u taken, u will not get anything in life but become consumed with hatred and become a loser in here after. Don't follow for the traps of Satan. U think ur doing good, but ur not. Ur hatred doesn't effect Islam. Zionist and neo cons did 9/11 to create hatred towards Islam. They planned against God and God almighty repaid them for their injustice, because of 9/11 ppl started to do alot of research on Islam and the population jped from 1.6billion to 2.08 billion. Only the true religion as God mentioned in Quran(3:19) can do such a thing.

If u feel Islam is false, then why does the gospel keeps making references to Makkah, to prophet Muhammad pbuh, and much more. Instead of referencing the works of individuals sponsored by sociopaths like Pamella Geller. Look at the evidence that provide here with a. UNBIASED mind.

Also remember brother the Isaiah 52:15 and Isaiah 42:1 could be talking about the same servant. Also it is important to note that there may be many MISINTERPRETATIONS that are the reason why it seems. Abscure the identity of this Servant of God, but Isaiah 42:1 mentions the name Ahmed, so there is Much higher chance that Isaiah may be talking much more about prophet Muhammad pbuh, also important to note the earlier link shows how it cannot be Jesus.

Assalamun Alaikum dear brother

The Servant songs (also called the Servant poems or the Songs of the Suffering Servant) are songs in the Book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible. They were first identified by Bernhard Duhm in his 1892 commentary on Isaiah. The songs are four poems written about a certain "Servant of God." God calls the servant to lead the nations, but the servant is horribly abused among them. In the end, he is rewarded.

Some scholars regard Isaiah 61:1-3 as a fifth servant song, although the word "servant" is not mentioned in the passage.

According to the majority of Hebrew scholars they speak of one and the same servant.

My point here is that if Isaiah 42 is about Prophet Muhammad then the rest of the song is also about him. We just need to dig even more and find out.

The below are the reference to the Four Servant Songs

Isaiah 42:1-9
Isaiah 49:1-12
Isaiah 50:4-9
Isaiah 52-53

The Christian interpretation of the Suffering Servant is not valid since they believe in atoning for sins of others. We need a Jewish interpretation.  Below is a link to a Jewish site. It explains the suffering servant and also prove that Christ is not the suffering servant.

The site is called Jews for Judaism

What u are mentioning sounds like should be looked more into. I will do some research on this. However, we know 1 thibg, it Definitly isn't Jesus, here is why:

I forgot to mention this but even this statement of Dionysus is oddly familiar with what Christianity teaches, about salvation through Christ.

"He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation."

Asalam ul laykum brothers and sister

The original thread that got me researching into this is located here:,797.0.html

That subject got me intruiged because I knew that Jesus image of Christianity and the Trinity came from the acient-Graco  mythologies. Especially the Roman and Greece where Trinities were in abundant. For example Trinity of Zeus, Apollo and Athena. Trinity of Odin, Thor and Loki. Trinity of the 3 maiden goddesses.

But it is very interesting that the entire image of Jesus comes from the Pagan Gnostic God Dionysus.

Here is a article I found where a Christian scholar admits that this is something troubling and should be looked into.

What also the resemblance I see is in the name as well.

That the Jews called jesus: Yashua
Muslims call jesus: Isa/Esa   

Both letters ending in familiar and similar "A" sound.

While the name of Dionysus and Jesus has the same ending as well.

Even what is preached about them is similar as the previous thread and this article mentions:


Either the Devil really has perfected the art of diabolical mimicry or there is a mystery to solve here. Let's review the evidence:

- Jesus is the saviour of mankind, God made man, the Son of God equal with the Father; so is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is born of a mortal virgin who after her death ascends to heaven and is honoured as a divine being; so is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is born in a cave on 25 December or 6 January, as is Osiris-Dionysus.
- The birth of Jesus is prophesied by a star; so is the birth of Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is born in Bethlehem, which was shaded by a grove sacred to Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is visited by the Magi, who are followers of Osiris-Dionysus.
- The Magi bring Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, which a sixth-century BCE Pagan tells us is the way to worship God.
- Jesus is baptized, a ritual practised for centuries in the Mysteries.
- The holy man who baptizes Jesus with water has the same name as a Pagan god of water and is born on the summer solstice celebrated as a Pagan water festival.
- Jesus offers his followers elemental baptisms of water, air and fire, as did the Pagan Mysteries.
- Jesus is portrayed as a quiet man with long hair and a beard; so is Osiris-Bionysus.
- Jesus turns water into wine at a marriage on the same day that Osiris-Dionysus was previously believed to have turned water into wine at a marriage.
- Jesus heals the sick, exorcises demons, provides miraculous meals, helps fishermen make miraculous catches of fish and calms the water for his disciples; all of these marvels had previously been performed by Pagan sages.
- Like the sages of the Mysteries, Jesus is a wandering wonder-worker who is not honoured in his home town.
- Jesus is accused of licentious behaviour, as were the followers of Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is not at first recognized as a divinity by his disciples, but then is transfigured before them in att his gIory; the same is true of Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is surrounded by 12 disciples; so is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus rides triumphantly into town on a donkey while crowds wave branches, as does Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is a just man unjustly accused of heresy and bringing a new religion, as is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus attacks hypocrites, stands up to tyranny and willingly goes to his death predicting he will rise again in three days, as do Pagan sages.
- Jesus is betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, a motif found in the story of Socrates.
- Jesus is equated with bread and wine, as is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus' disciples symbolically eat bread and drink wine to commune with him, as do the followers of Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus is hung on a tree or crucified, as is Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus dies as a sacrifice to redeem the sins of the world; so does Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus' corpse is wrapped in linen and anointed with myrrh, as is the corpse of Osiris-Dionysus.
- After his death Jesus descends to hell, then on the third day resurrects before his disciples and ascends into heaven, where he is enthroned by God and waits to reappear at the end of time as a divine judge, as does Osiris-Dionysus.
- Jesus was said to have died and resurrected on exactly the same dates that the death and resurrection of Osiris-Dionysus were celebrated.
- Jesus' empty tomb is visited by three women followers; Osiris-Dionysus also has three women followers who visit an empty cave.
- Through sharing in his passion Jesus offers his disciples the chance to be born again, as does Osiris-Dionysus.

Discounting the 'diabolical mimicry' argument, as all sane people must, how are we to explain these extraordinary similarities between Pagan myth and the story of Jesus?"


But the Most Obvious resemblance is that Both turn water into wine.

It is sad how Christian's try desperatly say that Muslims worship a moon God (astakfirullah), but they do not even realize they are following an acient Greek Mystery religion, basically House of Dionysus cult 2.0

Also brother, I noticed u didn't include that what I mentioned in my work, regards to similarities between kaf and dalet. The rest of the work isn't related to the same subject.  Nevertheless it is quite impressive work, but u have to make it clear regards to how u came up with Ahmed, that there is a need to change the kaf to dalet since it was a deliberate or coincidental mistake by the early scholars. U should definitely mention in the first part how kaf and dalet are related.

Asalam ul laykum brother Dawud, firstly is this all ur work? Secondly, if it is hats off to u brother great job mashallah. May Allah reward you for this effort.

Also is it ok with you that when I get my own Islamic site started by ur permission I can include your work their, do not worry I will make sure you are references there but make sure u give ur full name with that work.

Lastly, u said u already visualised that, but however I found no work in reference to isaiah 52:15, if u have plz direct me towards it, I did try my best to go through ur work through however I could have missed it. Let me know. Since I already found that reference in Isaiah 52:15 and showed in previous post how it confirms prophet Muhammad pbuh, I will make that into a Doc.

Jazakallah kyar brother.

Also bro can u link me to that work of yours, I noticed that u didn't identify the that the earlier word that u changed the kaf to a dalet. U showed the original word with vowels and and kaf and then converted it made the word without vowels and with dalet, but didn't identify the changes that u had to make. The characteristics between the 2 letters, in the work u showed above. Which is why I want to look at ur entire work so I would know next time what we already descovered and what is new that I have found.

Asalam ul laykum brother Dawud, I was not aware that u did this already. However, I will do some work on rest of Isaiah 42 and what I just descovered in Isaiah 52:15 in the earlier post. I think we should work towards completely dissecting chapters of Isaiah to show how many times there was a mention of prophet Muhammad pbuh by Isaiah.

I will look into this further and document it. also note that the topic of Suffering and Glory of the Servants starts at Isaiah 52:13(, Thus it is possible that I am right about this and Isaiah 53 could be about prophet Muhammad pbuh. However there are things in Isaiah 53 that can seem problematic.

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