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Wa alaikum assalam

Great research brother !

So, how would you translate Greek text of Isaiah 29:12 in Sinaiticus:

και δοθηϲεται το βιβλιον τουτο ειϲ Χιραϲ ανθρωπου · μη επιϲταμενου γραμʼματα ˙ και ερι αυτω · αναγνωθι ταυτα και ερι . ουκ αιπιϲταμαι γραμʼματα

Wa aleikum as-salam wa rahmatullah,


Brother Idris made considerable updates and additions, and requested that his final work be linked here instead:

brother Osama, can you fix these last curved texts? I don't know why the text appeared in that way.

As-Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah,


Brother Idris made considerable updates and additions, and requested that his final work be linked here instead:

As-Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

Thank you dear brother Osama, I would need a practical help, but I’ll explain after I finish entirely my post about Isaiah 29:12.
For now, can I upload an image directly from my PC ? I don't see such a function.

As-Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh,

I have not participated in this forum for long time.

I just want to tell you about a very interesting details which would be - as I think - a factual confirmation of the view that Prophet Mohammed (SAAW) is mentioned in Isaiah 29:12. I find this new discovery as a welcome support for Muslim interpretation.

Muslims for a long time have seen Isaiah 29:12 as an allusion to Prophet Mohammed's (SAAW) first revelation which was given by Gabriel (AS) in the cave Hira. Indeed, a very suggestive description is given by Isaiah, pointing to the first experience which according to the Muslim tradition occurred in this place.

There is a certain word which appear in the text of Isaiah 29:12 to which Muslims did not paid attention, since it was "obscured" under the translation. It seems that this word was originally understood as a proper name for a geographic location.
Moreover, I found a further confirmation from two patristic authorities that the one who was giving this book to the "unlettered one" is the Holy Spirit which in Islam is non other than Gabriel himself (AS). As biblical scholars has also observed, the motif of "creating human from clay" is a part of the chapter 29 which thematically fits the story of al-'Alaq.

I will discuss here insha'Allah this finding, but in return I would need some help from you.

As'salamu Alaikum dear brothers Idris and Proud Muslim,

Akhi Idris, I am always busy with work and life and projects.  I don't check emails.  But on this board, I did reply to your email that you sent a while back.  But on facebook and/or yahoo I am bad at that.  Anyway dear brother, you never offend me.  I am sorry for not replying.  And like dear brother Proud Muslim said, please feel free to post your points here.  If it's private then please send it here to my email on this board.

Jazakum Allah Khayr, dear brothers.  Ameen.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

As-Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh dear brother Osama,

of course brother, I undestand that, we all are somehow busy. I just wanted to ask you whether you already got access to the e-book Library we were talking about. Remember ? It is very important to me akhi.

Take care,

As-Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh,

brother Osama you are not responding anymore on my messages (here on private box as well as on messenger). Can you tell me why ? You said last time that you're sick, but as I noticed you are active in the forum here. Please, give me a sincere answer. Just tell me brother what I did wrong. I will not be offend and insha'Allah you will find me forbearing/understanding.

Take care,

I don't know, as for now I do not received any answer from brother Osama, therefore I can't tell.

As-Salam Aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh,

here are two articles on this issue:

The word "mursaloon" used in the verse under question does not bear the same sense as rasul or rusul. These three so called "messengers" cannot be put along with those sent with a book (i.e. rusul, like David, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them all)!


Wa aleikum as-salam wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh dear brother Tahmeed and others,

Jazaka Allah khayran for joining me akhi, I have send a message to you in private box. May Allah bless you too. We are waiting for you!


Wa aleikum as-salam wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh,

Yes dear brother, I decided that we will start our study after Ramadan insha'Allah. And yes, preliminarily I want to do a research upon all the most important prophecies related to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), but Isaiah 42 will be set as a central section from which we connect other prophecies. DSS materials also are to be included in our studies. Even apocryphal writings sometimes will be used. I have a huge e-book library with many valuable historical and scholarly publications.

Now, we will be in contact through FB


As-Salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh,

thank you once again dear brother Osama! Since, we are approaching the blessed month of Ramadan, I prefer to leave aside our study on biblical prophecies until Ramadan will end. The reason is because I really would like to concentrate on my fasting, reciting the Quran, doing nafila prayer and other worshiping duties if Allah will give permission. We have only one special month in the whole year, so lets take an advantage of it.

I will send you, and also to brother adilriaz123 and Mohamed Saif the link to my FB profile so to be prepared insha'Allah when I will open a group for our discussion on the topic. Also, please inform brother submit and Tahmeed, and brother Dawud that they are invited to join my team and I would like to contact them also per FB as well ad you brother Osama.
After opening the group insha'Allah, all the needed materials will be published in pdf to download (depending on the actual subject and section we will working on).

Ahmed (Poland)

Wa aleikum as-salam wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh,

I'am sure of which work you are talking brother adilriaz123, but it was not me who discovered Ahmed in DSS, but a brother named Abd'Allah ben 'Isa El 'Abd al-Jabbar from He published his Arabic work in pdf which inspired me and encouraged me to do my own research, so I developed it extensively. Alhamdulillah!

OK dear brother adirliaz123, thank you I will let you know brother insha'Allah :)

Thank you dear brother Osama for joining us, I really appreciate it. One brother from Poland has already now joined me and probably he will be the co-author of the book insha'Allah, since he declared his full engagement in this work. I decided that the book will be published first as a shorter edition (and it will be expanded in the meantime through consequence of our ongoing and systematic research). Originally it will be written in Polish language, but it will be immediately translated into English so then you can help our project financially dear akhi Osama :) As for now we must be an organized team. Brother Osama, I will assign you the task of translating Arabic texts. Since the book is based almost solely on English literature and the Arabic texts will be also translated directly into English, you don't have to worry about retranslating aspect, all the materials will be already prepared for English edition of this book and only some small material will left to translating process (usually my comments from the Polish version, but also a valuable comments from a rare Polish Rabbi). Some Judeo-Arabic rabbinical texts will be decoded by me to strict Arabic tongue and after that you will translate them into English.

Also, as I've said before, there is especially one digital library that we must to get access in and I believe that brother Osama and other brothers will help in this matter (I will write to you via email or in private box). This website contains all of the rest of publication we need to our study.

In my work, Isaiah 42 plays an important role, it is like a central theme from which I connect all the most significant prophecies. But since Isaiah 53 is one of the most difficult from all passages, I propose to begin study with this one. Believe me, what I have found during my research is an absolutely confirmation that Isaiah 52:13-53:12 indeed is speaking about Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and not about Jesus (pbuh). And Allah knows Best ! Anyway, I have gathered the best critical literature on this particular prophecy. When we are united as a team, and by following those instructions of mine, we have perhaps the only chance to provide a definite proof of who is the Suffering Servant.

I have a question: does somebody knows Abu Zakariya from ? Is he present in this forum ?

As to brothers Tahmeed and submit, I didn't noticed their response, but I hope they are in "their rings" and ready to help :)

Dear brother Mohamed Saif, thank you for joining into the team. I will contact you insha'Allah through your email.

Brothers, I thought that maybe it will be much better and comfortable to us to open some „secret group” in Facebook and discuss there the issue, otherwise I have to write to everyone of you individually which is cumbersome a little bit!

Ahmed (Poland)

Walakum salam rahmatulillahi wabarakatihu thanks brother Idris, ok brother i wont use any of the material until u give the Ok. Brother, can i still keep the work that i published on my website. Even though i made the document it was you who originally discovered it.

Wa Alaikum As'salam, which work of mine you meant that you have published in your website?

As-Salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh,

thank you dear brother Mohamed Saif for join me. I'am glad to hear that.
Also, thank you for proposing to me financial help dear brother Osama, I will tell you insha'Allah when I will need it, and thank you for appreciating my work. Dear brother adilriaz123, thank you that you want to join me, but the materials cannot be used until we finish the work, that is when it will be publish in a form of a book. I was thinking to publish first some short edition of this book and in meanwhile the material will be expanded by adding new findings and comments! All matters are to be consulted with each other. Anyway, I hope that brother Osama will also join us, since there are extremely valuable info from Arabic sources that must be translated. Brother Osama, I will send you an important lectures when you will decide to join our team. Moreover, there is a digital library we must to get access in that contains a very, very interesting books! Many people are not even aware of it.

Also, does anyone know where is brother Tahmeed/Tahmeem ? He almost certainly will join us also. What is the answer of brother submit… would you like to join me and the rest of brothers ?

Jazakoum Allah khayran!
Ahmed (Poland)

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