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Salam Aleykoum

Did you know that Prophet Moses (PBUH) gave the exact time of the appearance of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ??? It can be found in one of the Jewish apocrypha Pseudepigrapha under the title "Assumption of Moses" (also known as The Testament of Moses) and in Chapter 10, Moses foretold the advent of some Prophet who will establish the Kingdom of God. Actually I was shocked when I read that for first time. This is Amazing! What you know and what you can say about this testimony ?


Chapter 10 of the ‘Testament’, indicates its main and central theme. It relates the advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Some of its lines are reproduced below:

And then His kingdom shall appear throughout all His creation,
And He will appear to punish the Gentiles,
 And He will destroy all their idols.
And do thou, Joshua (the son of) Nun, keep these words and this book; 
For from my death [assumption] until His advent there shall be CCL times (Year weeks) (i.e. 250 year weeks i.e. 250*7 = 1750 years).

The meanings of the original Hebrew word (according to its idiomatic usage in that context), which has been translated here in English as ‘times’, are ‘year weeks’ as explained by the editor. The ‘year week’ stands for ‘seven years’, in the same way as the ‘day week’ stands for ‘seven days’. Consequently ‘250 year weeks’ will mean ‘ 250 x 7 years, i.e. 1750 years’.


Above passage foretells the advent of the ‘kingdom of God’, which is to be established 1750 years after the death of Moses (PBUH). To appreciate the exact personality that was to establish the foretold ‘kingdom of God’, first of all we have to find out the point of time in the world history that falls 1750 years after the death of Moses (PBUH).

- Exodus of Israelites under Moses (PBUH) from Egypt during the period of Pharaoh Rameses II who ruled Egypt ( 1290 to 1224 BC) i.e. Rameses II drowned and died in 1224 BC. [Oxford Bible Atlas] & [ Exodus 14:5-18,21-23,26-28]
- Israelites wondered for forty years in Sinai before entering into the land of Canaan. Moses (pbAh) died at the end of this forty-year wandering in the wilderness before the entry of the Israelites into the Promised Land of Canaan under the leadership of Joshua son of Nun. It shows that Moses (pbAh) died in the year 1184 BC (1224-40=1184). That the Israelites had wandered in Sinai for forty years after the announcement of this punishment for their misbehavior in Sinai and before their entry into the Promised Land of Canaan.

- The punishment of forty years wandering in the wilderness had not started just after the entrance of the Israelites into Sinai. There had elapsed a number of events and misdeeds of the Israelites stretching on a long time that justified this heavy punishment. The description of this period is stretched in the Bible on 26 chapters of the book of Exodus, complete book of Leviticus (27 chapters), and fourteen chapters of the book of Numbers; which make a total of 67 chapters. It would have definitely taken at least four years of the sinful activities of the Israelites to justify the pronouncement of the punishment of forty years wandering into the wilderness of Sinai.
It means that Moses (PBUH) would have died almost forty four years after the death of Rameses II who died of drowning in the sea in the year 1224 BC. As such the year of the death of Moses (PBUH) becomes 1180 BC (1224-44=1180). It can thus be affirmed that the gap between the death of Moses (PBUH) and the birth of Jesus Christ (PBUH) is 1180 years.

Birth Year of Muhammad (PBUH)

It is almost unanimously held that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in AD 570.
Geo. W. Gilmore observes in his article ‘Mohammed, Mohammedanism’:
Mohammed, ‘The Praised,’ the posthumous son of AbduAllah, a member of the Koraish tribe, by Aminah, was born at Mecca Aug. 20, 570, and died at Medina June 8, 632.

Moses (PBUH) foretold about none other than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his prophecy recorded in the ‘Assumption of Moses’

It can thus be appreciated that the number of years from the death of Moses (PBUH) till the birth of Jesus (PBUH) is 1180 years; and the number of years from the birth of Jesus (PBUH) till the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is 570. Now 1180+570 make nothing else than 1750 years. It reveals that Moses (PBUH) foretold about none other than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his prophecy recorded in the ‘Assumption of Moses’. It should also be borne in mind that there is only one prominent figure in the annals of history that fulfils this prophecy of the ‘Assumption of Moses’ in letter and spirit. It is only the person of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and none other than he. He came exactly after 1750 years from the death of Moses (PBUH). As such, there remains no justifiable reason to denying the sincerity of the claim to the apostolate of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for an honest, impartial, and unbiased person.

The book "ASSUMPTION OF MOSES" consisted of 12 chapters, originally of 1,100 stichoi [lines], about half of which had been discovered. This ‘Assumption of Moses’. According to the Introduction of this book by its editor, it was originally written in Hebrew, between AD 7 and 29. A Greek version of it appeared in the first century AD. The Greek version was translated into Latin not later than the fifth century. Included in ‘The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament in English’, Vol. II, edited by R. H. Charles in conjunction with many scholars, (The Oxf. Univ. Press, 1979), pp. 414-24, with an Introduction to this ‘Assumption’, pp. 407-13.  It was first published in 1913. Please download "Muhammad foretold in the bible by Name" Courtesy Abdus Sattar Ghauri (Al Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences) for full details


It's my pleasure brother, I'm glad that we can create together such as this beautiful work.
This will be insha'allah the strongest, the irrefutable proof - about the prophecy of Muhammad (PBUH) in Bible - that Christians never break ! maybe in their dreams !
My brothers, it's impossible to refute this evidence so let their foggy eyes open widely at last ! Allahu akbar and Alhamduli'llah ! Thank you God for this

Salam Aleykom, take care brothers and sisters :)

Salam Aleykoum brother,

No problem my brother :) certainly when I'll find an another interesting research I'll put this here for our investigations and dua for all who seek the truth about Islam :)

Salam Aleykom to every one,

exploring the resource of internet I've just found a really interesting investigation made by our brother Abdullah ben Isa/Al Abdul'Jabbar. Namely, a very detailed work about the prophecy of prophet Ahmad in the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS). This book is written in Arabic language, so is there anyone can translate it to English ? It is a great job, the exhausting and stately attention an analysis of Isaiah's manuscript. That's what we looked for my brothers :) Let's all join together our strengths and translate it to English. Can you imagine ? This will be a powerful dua for those seeking the truth !!! dzazakom Allahu hayra :)

here is the link to the book:

Salamu Aleykum,

well, actually brother I meant directly proof like this one:

Finally I found it ! but thank's anyway :)

No one answer to my post ! Thank's my brother ! Salam

As'Salam Aleykum,

my dear brother, I'm looking for the original text of Codex Syriacus (written in fifth century C.E) from the of John 14:26 that which begins: "Paraclete, the Spirit"; and not "Paraclete, the Holy Spirit." Please help, I need this to prove it in my future work "The Detailed Prophecy about Muhammad in the Bible" in Polish language inshallah ! Dzazaka'llahu khayran  :)

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