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Title: Video by former US veteran that blows open the entire 9/11 lie
Post by: adilriaz123 on January 11, 2017, 09:14:37 PM
Asalam ul laykum brothers. It has been a while since ive been back on this site been busy with lot of stuff. I am not sure if you brothers are aware of this video by Ken O Keefe a former us veteran who renounced his citizenship after serving in iraq and became an activist. Also i confirmed his info. Through other sources and seems truely legit.

This also shows the overwhelmimg corruption in our government. Also comparing his video to this article also proves even more validity.

This site proves the severity of asbestos contanmination of world trade towers.

Larry silverstein went from paying millions to repair world trade center to recieving BILLIONS of of dollars of US insurance payers money and killing americans, securing israel interest, and ruiening muslim world future. All by planning this naferious plan with his friends who are directly connected with nethanyahu.