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Caliphate will not be established without all Muslim nations declare they want it to be established. Some nobodies working under the Command of CIA cant establish it.

I want to say a few words;

Brother Mclickin94,
You seem to forget the fact that humans are sheep and needed to be educated by people who knows stuff. Hence we got Prophets as our teachers who educates us and make an example of how to be the best believer you can be. Sunni means follower of Sunnah (the conduct of the Prophet). Its the same as trying to mimic the behaviour of someone of good character in our time. Prophets fills the role of teacher and example to humanity to be like them.

If we somehow got our hands on the information about our Prophet by the way of hadits (spelled wrong i think, sorry im on cellphone) you got the option of questioning it as to if it fits in to the teachins of Quran. If you decided it is not then you can ignore it.

But what i wanted to stress was you cant change the way of thinking of people. Thats why it is said it is harder than breaking atoms. I think in the year 21XX, all debates on religion is pointless. We got every source at our disposal as to however we want to believe. Whoever wants let him believe, whoever wants let him disbelive.

Brother Osama,
Im very saddened by your random labeling of people as infidels. I terminated my lifelong friendship with one of my best friends on the fact that he done the same as you. It is one of the worst things Allah strongly hates. I read even if a muslim does not do his obligations out of laziness, you still cant label him as an infidel. Whats more, it automatically makes YOU an infidel even if you are the best person second only to Prophets.

You have taken the burden of spreading the word of Allah out of selflessness, many thanks, may Allah pleased with you. But do try to pursue your goal without labeling people as infidel.

Thank you.

« on: April 11, 2014, 09:26:21 AM »
Salamun Alaykum

Yesterday my grandmother died. Can you guys give some information about what happens while someone is dying and while the people waiting beside the deceased person, do they already be gone to Allah ? Or they can see us until people in a hurry bury the deceased one and leave. And what happens while the deceased person is in the tomb ? Some information would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and before you brothers and sister try to console me and state your R.I.Ps. I'm really not that sad. We never shared a close relationship with our grandparents (my father's parents) neither me and my sister nor my mom and dad. But death is a sad thing indeed. Seeing the deceased under white burial robe. I also looked at her face one last time, her eyes were a little open and she was looking straithg.

Well R.I.P and my Allah have mercy on her. Ameen.

Can future answers be more elaborate on the topic ? Giving examples from The Quran and Prophet Muhammed(Peace be upon him) ?

Islam is against nationalism. Isn't Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him) told that The White has no superiority upon The Black and The Black has no superiority upon The White ? Also he said an Arab has no superiorty upon Other Nations and Other Nations has no superiorty upon The Arabs.

Also Allah Almighty said the best of you are those who have strong faith.

Nationalism is a stupid idea to easly herd the sheep(people) to hate each other for no logical reason.

Salamun Alaykum

Does reading Quran in Arabic compulsory ? It is maintained in Turkey that Quran should be read in Arabic. But there is a problem. Though reading Quran in Arabic is tought at Mosques in Turkey, understanding what you read howewer is not. So while people recite Quran in Arabic they do not know what are they reading. I know there are translations to Turkish in every page but if you ask people what do they know about Quran, you will come to conclusion that they don't know even a single piece of rice of knowledge. People are not bothered to read the translations and i can confirm it, my mother and another religious friend of mine do not have a clue about what does the Quran talking about. The Hodjas insinst on reading it in Arabic. But maybe that is because the some traitors in Turkey try to cut Muslim populations ties from Islam so that maybe why the Hodjas insist on Arabic. But the case is still not solved, and there is no way to make population read in Turkish. People will come you with arguments that the Quran demans to be read in Arabic. But what is the purpose of reading if you dont learn anything from it ? I once heard or read somewhere that in Quran it is said by Allah that "We send you this Quran so you can understand and learn what is written in it. It is not a book to be only read at a graveside to the dead and be put away." Something like that. So Allah wants us to learn whats written in it. Not just recited in vain.

By the way dont get me wrong. Im not some fanatic nationalist. People have every right to read whatever language they wish to read. But they skip translations. That is the problem.

Another question i have in mind is why birds are forbidden to be kept as pets, especially Budgerigars ? The cute, litte, colorful birds that can mimic human speech ? Taking care of them is easy, cheap and clean. They do not make messes as much as other pets do. The hodjas in Turkey just say that it is not good to have birds as pets but does not elaborate further. I know a story that have a good chance of being an ─░slamic one. It is that some people put a bird in a golden cage. But the bird began to cry "i want my motherland." so the people got curious and released it wondering where would its motherland could be. Then the bird fly and conquered the skies.

You guys have some answers ?

Adam means "man" in Turkish. Considering Turkish borrowed a lot of words from Arabic, i think it is the case in Arabic too.

Brother Osama,
The link you have given was very enlightening about The Bible's corruption. In the given link, there was a sub-link about Allah eventually accepting Hell's population into Heaven. But the said link displayes only the message which you informs readers that you have taken the page down. Im interested in what info was on that link and why you decided to take it down. Thanks.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: An advice to mclinkin94
« on: November 07, 2013, 01:08:05 PM »
After reading through most of your posts i favor brother Black Muslim. Brother Mclinkin94 you almost got me into thinking that Quran supported evolution. Brother Black Muslim your latest reply was perfect. Keep up the good work. But you guys should seriously consider keeping replies a bit short. It though for most of your readers to read Encyclopedias just to keep up with whats going on. Other than that you guys rock. All of you! Thank you.

I know this will be a little of-topic and odd but i have to say that brother Osama looks very cute and handsome at the main page where he had 3 of his litte portraits. I guess Allah has blessed you with his Nur sothats why i got to say this. Keep up the good work. And happy feast of sacrifice to all muslims. Love you all.

Doesnt alien mean that something not originated on earth ? So if you think in that perspective Allah is an alien, as he is not originated on earth. He has always existed, he created the earth so yeah. And not originated on earth means that Allah is not a man made god, as he is not originated in earth. In that sense telling that Quran is written by aliens is proof that it is not a man made book. They are refutating themselves(Noobs). -.-

« on: October 05, 2013, 12:07:30 PM »
What Turkish Church man ? Muslims do not worship in churces. So what is your point ?

« on: July 12, 2013, 11:39:42 AM »
Hi brothers and sisters!!

Long time no see. Insallah you are all alright and happy. I got a few questions i would like to ask;

1. I heard from a tv program about European Muslims that a friend of a Dutch Woman said her that listening to music was a sin.Is this true ? If true ? Then why ?

2. Muslims living in Turkey maintain the idea that we should call Allah just Allah, not God. Allah is his proper name. I mean no one is calling you with a common noun like human. Can you explain this ?

3. Some revolutionists refer to Allah as God (Tanrı in Turkish) saying that it is Allah's species(Like our species is Human). With regards to not refer to Allah as God, i prefer to name his species as The Creator. Can you make some explanations here ?

4. I read from a Turkish Islamic forum that drawing pictures other than scientific and engineering purposes is a sin. I'm a amatour comic book writer. Which involves drawing pictures. I asked my father's brother(he is a scholar in Islam) that is drawing pictures is a sin ? He replied that if you worship the picture you draw than it is a sin. If you do not worship it and doing it for scientific, engineering and entertaintment purposes than it is not a sin. Some explanations here.

That is all that come to my mind right now. I'll ask more later. :D

Thank you all for answers and maintaining a good Islamic Forum. Love you all.

i made a quick research and found that ''Hz.'' or ''Hazreti'' means he who is not affected by time and place, meaning those who can be anywhere - anytime. Something like that. i suppose in Turkey we are using a wrong prefix before our prohet Muhammed sallahu aleyhi ve sellem. But the word ''hazreti'' is arabic, so i leave the job of enlightening us to brother Osama insallah :-)

Thank you brother Osama.

Tanveer i should have remembered that but the university began to screw up my head very badly that i cannot think clearly.

By the way, do you guys understand that when i'm writing "Insallah" i mean if Allah is willing and when i put the prefix Hz. before our prophets name that im glorifying him ?

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