وطعام الذين اوتوا الكتاب حل لكم

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Qualities of Allah:
Assalamu Alaykum Brothers,
In Suratul Maidah Verse 5 it says:

"Today all good, pure foods have been made lawful for you. Similarly, the food of the People of the Book is permissible for you(وطعام الذين اوتوا الكتاب حل لكم)and yours is permissible for them. And ˹permissible for you in marriage˺ are chaste believing women as well as chaste women of those given the Scripture before you—as long as you pay them their dowries in wedlock, neither fornicating nor taking them as mistresses. And whoever rejects the faith, all their good deeds will be void ˹in this life˺ and in the Hereafter they will be among the losers."

This verse says that meat sacrificed by the Jews or Christians (people of the book) is Halal for us Muslims. I heard we could eat Kosher food but we can't eat the Christians' food. That's why we have a rule for Halal and Haram meat. The problem is if we could eat the food of the Christians, that means we could eat the McDonald's Big Mac and meat burgers! That doesn't make sense though because Muslims believe that McDonald's and Burger King and whatever are Haram because they are not sacrificed in the ritual Muslim way! So what does this verse actually mean?

Wa Alaikum As'salam,

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Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Qualities of Allah:
But I think the Christians have to be religious at least, don't they? Anyway, do all Christians clean the blood of their meat? Because most Christians are not religious.

Another thing, what about these Verses (6:118-121):

"[6:118]So eat only of what is slaughtered in Allah’s Name if you truly believe in His revelations.

[6:119]Why should you not eat of what is slaughtered in Allah’s Name when He has already explained to you what He has forbidden to you—except when compelled by necessity? Many ˹deviants˺ certainly mislead others by their whims out of ignorance. Surely your Lord knows the transgressors best.

[6:120]Shun all sin—open and secret. Indeed, those who commit sin will be punished for what they earn.

[6:121]Do not eat of what is not slaughtered in Allah’s Name. For that would certainly be ˹an act of˺ disobedience. Surely the devils whisper to their ˹human˺ associates to argue with you. If you were to obey them, then you ˹too˺ would be polytheists."

This raises another question: Do the People of the Book sacrifice their meat pronouncing the name of God? Even if they did, the Jews' god is the same as our god but the Christians' god is not the same as ours! Only 1/3 of their god is the same as ours! I know that your article said the trinity existed during the Prophet's times but the Verses in Surah Anaam say to eat meat sacrificed only in God's name. I understand why the meat sacrificed by the Jews would be Halal (because their god and ours is the same) but I don't understand why the Christians meat would be Halal (because they have 2 more gods and Surah Anaam says to only eat meat sacrificed in God's name!)

It seems like there is a contradiction between Verses 5:5 and 6:118-121 but I know there isn't! Please help me clear this confusion up!

Qualities of Allah:
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The people of Book include both Jews and Christians, which many of them were blasphemers at the time of these Noble Verses.  So the food of the people of the Book is allowed.  I personally eat from American restaurants here in the US.  Most of my food is halal Muslim food, but I sometimes also eat from big franchise restaurants, because they're owned and operated by Christians and Jews.

We don't eat pagans' food.  Food prepared for idols or in the name of idols we don't eat from at all.  However, the Jews' and Christians' food, we recite the Basmala before we eat it.  We do this with all food, regardless.  We of course don't eat any pork product (sausage, bacon, ham, etc...).

Personally, when I shop for meat, I go for Halal or Kosher, since they're both bloodless and have the Holy Name of GOD Almighty recited over them at the time of slaughter.  But sometimes we also buy deli meat from regular American stores.  And when we go to restaurants, we eat any non-pork food if the restaurant is owned by Jews or Christians.


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