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There is this youtube video called "the deen show" and in the comments section. Sam Shamoun is going crazy and he is revealing his inner insecurity. The funny thing is that this youtube video is so recent, and Shamoun is all over chat.

I think that proves his inner insecurity about Islam. The fact that he is constantly looking at Islamic sources is hilarious.

Why is it that nearly every online source tells me that land is mentioned 32 times and sea is mentioned 13 times. But the answering-Christianity article seems to say otherwise. Has the answering-Christianity article actually counted the numbers and proved all the other sites wrong?

Also, it is said that the word for males exists 23 times in the Quran, and the word for females exist 23 times in the Quran. If you add them both together you get 46. You have 46 chromosomes and 23 are from mom and 23 are from dad. Can anyone verify that the Quran says 'males' and 'females' 23 times each?

Hello brother,

I read a few of them, they are full of ignorance and rhetoric. This rhetoric they use may sound convincing but it is extremely deceptive.

Don't fall for. Inshallah, there will be refutations to those (shouldn't be hard to refute)-I have refuted some in my mind whilst reading them.

They have very weak arguments to say the least. The problem is, I don't want to be refuting online as I am a new convert to Islam (from Atheism) and I don't know much--but thankfully, I am learning.

Quran Morality and Moral Code, Laws & QA / Re: Evolution
« on: May 27, 2013, 11:55:42 AM »
Evolution is a subject that mainstream atheists use against religion. I believe it is an extremely important subject when it comes to Islam.

There is an article here that talks about how evolution (from lesser beings) could have been Allah's (swt) method of human creation:

I'd like to know what you think.

And I may have found part of the answer to the whole a day of God equal 1000 years so the universe is 6000 years dillemma:

Taken from:

Clocks run slower in stronger gravitational fields (near bigger mass).

Moslems believe that Paradise and Hell are both much bigger and much more massive than Earth (but still much smaller than God's Throne). The theory of general relativity says that time should pass slower near an object more massive than Earth (clocks run slower in stronger gravitational fields). So according to general relativity, time should pass in Paradise/Hell much slower than on Earth. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. It is stated in the Quran that 1 day in Paradise/Hell measures a 1000 years on Earth:

[Quran 22.47] They challenge you to bring forth that torture [in Hell] and Allah will not break His promise;  a day of your Lord [Paradise/Hell promise] is like a thousand years of what you count.

Here God promises those who do not believe in Hell and punishment that each day of their torture in Hell will measure a thousand years on Earth. So according to the Quran, time passes faster on Earth than in Paradise/Hell. But this agrees with the theory of general relativity which says that time passes slower near bigger mass. Paradise and Hell are much more massive than Earth and time should pass there much slower than on Earth.

Christians believe that God created the universe in 6 earthly days and rested on the 7th. Moslems believe that 6 days passed at God's Throne but we experienced 13.7 billion years on Earth:

Moslems believe that God is not bound to His Throne; rather He created it and set it as a reference. The Quran says that God's Throne is even wider than the whole universe; so how about the mass of God's Throne? God's Throne is much more massive than Earth. Time should pass there much slower than on Earth:

Our solar system is 4.567 billion years old. Earth started accreting concurrently with the sun and our neighbouring planets 4.567 bln years ago. However the universe is 13.7 ± 0.2 bln years old. This places the age of Earth at one third the age of the universe (4.567 bln/13.7 bln = 1/3). Moslems say that this is what Allah says. The Quran says that in God's Throne time Earth is 2 days old while the Heavens, Earth and everything in between are 6 days old (2/6 = 1/3):

[Quran 7.54] And your Lord, Allah, who created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and then settled on the Throne...
Those six days are on the Throne; so the frame of reference for creation is the Throne, not Earth.

[Quran 41.9] Say: "Is it that you deny Him [Allah] who created the Earth in two days?...
Also those two days are on the Throne. The frame of reference for creation is still the Throne, not Earth. When God says that He created the Heavens, Earth and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN (including you and me) in six days this means that He is referring to the period of existence. Earth has been in existence for 2 days (out of 6).

In God's Throne time, Earth is 2 days old while the Heavens, Earth and everything in between are 6 days old. This makes the age of Earth to be one third the age of the universe (2/6 = 1/3). Similarly in Earth time, the age of Earth is 4.567 billion years while the age of the universe is 13.7 billion years; this is also one third (4.567 bln/13.7 bln = 1/3). So it is the same ratio in Earth time or in God's Throne time [8]. The theory of general relativity explains why time at God's Throne passes slower than on Earth. General relativity explains why 6 days passed at God's Throne but we measured it as 13.7 billion years (that is each day at God's Throne measures around 2.28 billion years on Earth).

So according to the Quran:

God's Throne >Paradise/Hell > Earth

The smaller the mass, the faster the time

Moslems ask how could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have figured out that time passes slower near bigger mass?

We are sure that time is relative, that is, the age of the universe is different for observers with clocks running at different rates. For example, there exists an observer who measures the age of the universe to be 3 billion years, however he also measures the age of Earth to be 1 billion years. But the Quran presented it as a ratio (1/3) and this ratio turned out to be correct for any observer (whatever the clock rate). If the Quran presented it in any other form other than a ratio it would have been wrong for different observers.

(The Christian Bible puts the creation of Earth on day one; making the age of Earth equal to the age of the universe)

--So in the end, that verse is talking about a day in paradise/Hell.

This would be a great addition to Answering-Christianity!

Aslamu Alaikum brother Osama And brother Egyptian

He also mentioned (indirectly and directly) in the article of how a verse says a day to God is like a 1000 years to us (clearly a misinterpretation). So if God created earth in 6 days it must mean 6000 (or 6500) years. Clearly there is some deception here, but it would be great if it was explicitly refuted in

And brother Osama, thank you very much for creating such an amazing website. I love it when I can post references to answering-christinity to Christians and Atheists who always make allegations to Islam.

Its not 'clearly' a dumpster, people fall for it!
And you're helping MORE people fall for it !!

No I am trying to combat that website so people don't fall for it in the future.

"So let me get this straight , you're angry about this site and don't want people to visit it because it's clearly a dumpster , but now you bring a direct link to it ?! For the 8694359852 time : Stop advertising for garbage dumps"

Its not 'clearly' a dumpster, people fall for it! I have a friend in which his faith in Islam was weakened because of that site, he showed it to me and I think ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN.

Thats the reason I posted.

The article is called

"The Days of creation in the Quran, Literal or indefinate periods of times" from Answeringislam.

This seems to be a response to answering-christainity's article about this.

The link of the article is here:

I watched the Debate between Osama Abdullah (may god be pleased with him) and David Wood. David Wood made the allegation that those scientists that had testimonies in the "brief illustrated guide to islam" were bribed to say what they did. And that a proof for this is that Dr. Keith moore (despite saying that he doesn't have a problem that the Quran is from God) did not convert to Islam.

Can anyone refute this?

Asalamu Alaikum:

I have been on that website and I initially thought that it was an Islamic reference site. It is the complete opposite! I'm sure others have seen it, it is the first website that I see when I search for anything islamically related. It strays people from Islam.

Does anyone know a site that refutes wikiislam? If not, should we create one with the same format so it is easy for non-muslims seeking guidance to see.

This is ridiculous and will not help the progression of God's religion.

This one seems to be the most misleading, they misinturpret so much and I am extremely angry about this:'an

As we can all see, they misinterpret the Quran, put it out of context and then present scientific facts that refute the misinterpreted texts. This is an intelligent and deceptive tactic!

The reason I asked this is because I believe action should be done against this site. Maybe creating a site like it that refutes everything the wikiislam has in the order wikiislam posted it.

Quran Morality and Moral Code, Laws & QA / Re: Evolution
« on: May 19, 2013, 02:26:16 PM »
As-salamu Alaykum,

Islam does not deny neither accept the theory of Evolution. In Islam Allah (swt) is known as Al-Bari (the evolver). In the Quran, Allah shows how the earth and the heavens was one and how he has evolved them into the earth and the heavens. Allah shows how he evolved eve from Adam (Adam's rib). Allah also shows how all creatures are created from water (does that mean they were created in the same method?-yes)

We cannot accept that Humans came from monkeys though. Adam was created miraculously in heaven. But one may argue why are there so many similarities among humans and animals. Well as an architect uses the same methods and tools to make different buildings, Allah also used the same methods to make different creatures. Think about it, Earth has a specific set of elements--that means that creation will contain those elements and will be formed from those elements. Just as an architect has a specific set of tools, his method of creation of different buildings will be the same.

Think about it, If God created Adam and had to banish him from heaven, where is he going to put Adam? In mars? No, he will put Adam in a place in which he can live. And this place that Adam lives will require Adam to breathe in Oxygen and other life functions. Well since this Earth allows Adam to breathe oxygen, then why shouldn't the animals there also breathe oxygen. They are both living in the same environment, so they have the same life functions. Now for some people to say that Adam was therefore created from those creatures is absurd. If Adam and those creatures were to exist in the same environment, then they would have close anatomies/physiologies (so they utilize the environments the same way). Even with the evidence of evolution, there are so many missing links. The reason they say this is because it is easy to understand and makes sense. Yes, we know that neanderthals for example once existed. But did you forget that Allah said that he created creatures in Earth and then he wiped them out.

I hope I answered your questions.

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