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Dear brothers, and especially brother Osama,

You can see that the Internet is filled with anti-Islamic websites. The people behind these websites are spending a great time and making much effort to express their view in the best way. It is true that when it comes to Islam, answering the critics is a lot more easier compared to other religions and philosophies, because Islam is intellectually the most powerful religion, entirely different, not something man-made, so the arguments against it are quite simplistic and easy to answer for someone who is knowledgeable. The reason why so many Muslims are troubled by such anti-Islamic websites is because there doesn't exist a strategy on how to battle them. I want to express my opinion on how to counter this anti-Islamic campaign in the best way. We have to be careful not to just do some work, without thinking whether it is something that will benefit the Muslims.

So first of all, I have an advice for the Muslims, excluding brother Osama, in this forum. A lot of you remind me of myself some years ago: wandering from one website to another, reading anti-Islamic material, and at the same time, not having the necessary knowledge to give answers to myself. Something which really lowers your faith. I advise you to do one of the following:

1. Immediately stop visiting such websites, and concentrate on something which will be beneficial for your faith, for your afterlife. When I think of such Muslims, losing their time, reading anti-Islamic articles and discussing with non-Muslims whose intentions are just to insult our religion, and not sincere intentions to find the truth, I'm amazed how stupid these Muslims are (and how stupid I once was).

2. Read all of the websites that defend Islam, then turn to those that attack it. Wallahi, I'm sure, not a single Muslim here has read, if not all, most of the articles in Answering-Christianity, Islamic-Awareness or Call-to-Monotheism. How dare you discuss with non-Muslims when you are not knowledgeable about what you are discussing. Keep in mind that you will be judged by Allah for speaking without knowledge. Speaking without knowledge will harm Islam, not help it.

And something wich is really important: learn the English language, then start doing dawah, writing articles etc.. Do you think someone will take you seriously when you don't know basic grammar? I'm also advising myself here. This is one of the main reasons I wouldn't be able to defend Islam, even if we suppose that I have the necessary knowledge; I don't know English.

You should know that I love you my dear brothers, but no matter how much we want to defend Islam, we won't be able to defend it if we don't have a clear strategy. We won't be able to defend it, if every Muslim opens a website when he feels enthusiastic, just to write some articles and leave it forever, not being able to do the great amount of work that needs to be done. We should find ways to improve what we have, not start new projects, predestined to fail.

I always feel ashamed to criticize brother Osama, because he has done so much in defending Islam, but as it can be seen in this forum, he welcomes constructive criticism, so I hope he considers my advice:

When it comes to the domains, you have simply done an excellent job. But again, the site is a mess. It is not attractive. You have the skills dear brother, so please do something about this. The website's design has the highest priority. Just leave aside the languages for a moment, and don't do something which is unnecessary at the moment. Even if the website becomes available in all the languages of the world, it means nothing if someone who visits it, leaves within a minute. An important thing also, as the user Student of Ilm some time ago suggested, is the content. I know that a lot of work has been done, so it is really painful to just think about starting everything from scratch, but it is really important, not beacuse I'm saying it, but because all of you can see how much effort those that attack our religion give to do it on an attractive way. It is important to have some irrefutable answers, not some articles which more than clarifying, do the same thing that non-Muslims do: insult. Leave your nervousness aside. I don't know if you have time, that's the problem, beacuse it isn't needed so much work, just reorganizing. Now I'm going to give some suggestions:

-Don't respond to a general claim, but direct responses to articles, to websites. For example, instead of writing an article "Refuting the allegation that Quran says that the Sun sets...", make articles which address specific articles (ex. "An answer to WikiIslam's article about Quran saying that the Sun sets...", and the same for Answering-Islam etc.. It is more technical work, and some improvement on the content. This is important because people want direct, clear responses. They read an article in WikiIslam, and then they want to find an answer to that article. The answer perhaphs might exist, but because it doesn't address what he/she has read, word for word, he/she stops looking and feels like Muslims weren't able to respond. I hope you understand what I want to say.

-In order to offer well articulated answers, the best of Muslim apologists should cooperate. That's why it is crucial to create a wiki. Ok, it will require a lot of work, and it seems you don't have the time dear brother, so don't take into consideration what I write here if that's the case, concentrate on what I mentioned earlier. However, I feel this is critical in the dialogue between Muslims and those that attack our religion. You should find knowledgeable people, and build a wiki, supervise it, so anyone could edit, but the changes may appear only after your/some other administrator's approval. There is a brother in this forum who, if he has time, may help you: ThatMuslimGuy. You should try and contact with Bassam Zawadi and if possible with Sami Zaatari, or anyone else you know, and unite what you have written, improve it, and publish it in one website, or wiki. Leave aside opinions wich clash with the orthodox understanding of Islam, and for topics on which you might differ, write about all opinions.

No better way to conclude other than quoting the user Student of Ilm (;u=4991):

"Hello, Answering Christianity. I'm not quite sure who you guys are, but a big thanks for clarifying many issues and misconceptions about Islam. But I've noticed a major problem when I search Islam in general, many sites are Islamaphobic, the ones that come up. Wikiislam being a major one. I have a humble suggestion to put forward to you guys. And this is coming from a non-Muslim seriously interested in Islam, thinking about reverting (In'sha'Allaah, eh?).

I mean no offense when I say this, but the main reason Wikiislam is ranked so high, is because of the neat and professional, sleek look that they have for their site. They stay away from any propaganda, and stick to hard facts (opinions which are usually misinterpretations). It is the way they present themselves that allows them to be so easily searched. And I haven't really found a single site that can match them, though you guys do a great job, your site seems to be jumbled, with many English errors, and lets be honest, there is some propaganda. So here is my suggestion...

Create "WikiIslaam". Notice the two a's? And base it entirely off of theirs, match it exactly, but with rebuttals. Use only the opinions of the Ulema, the scholars, and cold hard facts. Information according to traditional Islaam, the Qur'an, authentic Sunnah and the Salaf, or even contemporary opinions, but make sure you do both. As well as correct "perceptions". Make sure the English is near perfect, that it looks clean and professional, presented very well.

I think you get the idea. Basically, they are so successful due to the same reason people believe the nonsense from Dawkins, Hitchens and their ilk. They "present" themselves in a clear, professional and clean-way. It's about the perception. And to be frank, as a non-Muslim who uses your site, a lot of the information is absolutely wonderful to have, but to be honest, many things are kind of a turn off, such as the propaganda, conspiracy theories, and the like. Just stick to Islaam, and the rebuttals."

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