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Basmilah Al Rahman Al Raheem

Asalam o Alekom wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatoho.

My name is Mohamad, I frequent

I am not a scholar, nor a mufti, but I have al-hamdulilah some knowledge of Qur'an and Sunnah.

I understand that, Osama, in many of your articles and rebuttals, you call the Christians, Clowns, you call Christianity a Disease.

Pretty much you do the same thing answering-islam does with Islam.

Did not Allah Subhana wa t'ala say: and Argue in the best way? Most beautiful way?

Regardless of how they reply, or how they themselves call Islam a disease (They'll be crying to Allah to come back and be Muslims on the day of Judgement so Essentially it doesn't bother me)

That certainly doesn't mean you must do the same, use manners akhi Abdullah, do not show pictures of women in your articles (Nakedness of Ms. California) Honestly Akhi, you need to set an example of Islamic Manners. Don't insult, and play games with them. Don't show bad pictures, and don't call them clowns.

Say: Look at this misguided person, how he speaks about Islam negatively while he prides and boasts ignorance saying the forbidding of Smoking, Drinking and Fornication is a loss and not a gain for mankind in total as well as for the individual.  See these certain misguided and So Called "Christians" (Who probably don't even follow one tenth of the teachings of the bible let alone be able to criticize the teachings of Muslims) Argue with insults, and word games. taking things out of context and ignoring facts that are right in there face. and many of their readers are equally ignorant. The only reason I post rebuttal's is for the Muslims who lack knowledge of Islam so they may be reassured that this man is a liar (If they hadn't figured it out by how he argues) and for people wanting to understand Islam so that they can understand that Islam is the truth, and that Christianity has fallen with the coming of Science and the error of man that has stained the bible for 2 thousand years has been made clear. That is why I reply with respect and manners while he rants on about the mozlemmz.

May Peace be onto the rightly guided.

This, is how you must argue Brother Osama, for I fear you may be held accountable with Allah while your intention is pure.

and as a Muslim it is my duty to convey from what I understand to be the Haqq.

Take care akhi, I hope you read this, and If you ever want someone on your team I'd be glad to help :)

Fe Eman Allah.

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