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« on: October 02, 2016, 10:37:08 PM »
Did he run with his tail between his legs, again?  I am waiting....
Wait, what are you talking about?

Wa 'Alaikumus Salam.
Could you please provide us that article. And make it clear on what you are asking us. And please provide evidence from the Quran and/or Sunnah for what you are telling us.

I don't think that their is a contradiction between science and Islam, but they might appear later on

For you to even say that, is potentially blasphemy, because then you are saying, that scientific facts, are contradicting Islam. So are you saying that, Allah (SWT) does not know how he has designed his creation?!?!?? Are you saying, that Allah (SWT)'s guidance, is wrong?!?!??!?!?? ?Repent to Allah Brother Abdullah.

Abdullah Almadi was talking about scientific concepts and not scientific facts. In a way, it can argued that there is no such thing as a scientific "fact" because every concept has the potential to change with time and new information. This is the point of view from which Abdullah Almadi was talking about.

You are right in sort of a sense, it can be argued that in science, there are no facts. However, there are observations, which can be used as empirical evidence, to a theory, however the theory might not be a fact. So if Brother Abdullah was talking about scientific concepts, then he is saying that in a theory, with evidence, it can contradict Islam. Which is impossible, because Allah (SWT) knows his creation the best, and his guidance cannot have mistakes, since Allah (SWT) is the one only god, and he is infallible.

This goes to show the extremes these rotten salafies would go to to:

1-  Dumb down Islam and turn it into a stupid and corrupt religion worthy of mocking and making fun of like the Bible's religions and the pagans' religions.

2-  To remove the DANGEROUS Miracles of the Glorious Quran, because they are indeed dangerous to the enemies of Islam.  They're the only thing that:

(a)-  Truly prove that Islam is the Divine Truth, and not just some BS from some bedouin.

(b)-  Truly confirm the previous Miracles of the other Prophets that are constantly being mocked and made fun of.

(c)-  Truly cement the Believe of all Believers, and truly make Islam stand the test of time.

(d)-  Fulfill Allah Almighty's Divine Promise that He will indeed reveal the Miracles of the Quran to all of mankind to prove to them that It is indeed from Him, the Almighty.

Why did you have to bring Salafis into this? Who said that Salafis try to "debunk" the scientific miracles of the Quran? What I follow in Islam, is close to the Salafis, probably the only difference is, that some of them claim that they are a part of a sect, which they call the Salafis. Whereas I follow the Quran and Sunnah, but I do not claim to be a part of a sect. And "Salafis" follow the Quran and Sunnah, except they claim to be a sect of Islam. So please can you stop using "rotten Salafis" as an insult?

« on: September 19, 2016, 03:15:05 AM »
that if they meet my open challenge, I will convert to Christianity and bow and worship the statue of Jesus in Brazil.  Here

Astaghfirullah, take that back, for you to even say that, is apostasy. You are a human, what if you have made a mistake in your articles, unless, if it is purely Quran, but even then, you should not say that "If this happens, I will apostasies". As that in itself is apostasy.

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Ok first of all, why would you ban him? Please unban him, and let us discuss this in a proper manner, that includes you brother Osama, instead of just calling him a "rotten Salafi", and instead of being close-minded Almadi, be ready to learn.

This is disgusting, how 2 Muslim brothers are simply just getting angry at each other, see it is the Muslim ummah that is suffering from disunity like both of yours.

Now onto moving onto the point.

Your attempt to save the lie of the "scientific miracles" which many scholars have forbid because of its harmfulness to Islam and Muslims

Give evidence, of any scholar saying such things.

You barely even address many of the true scientific miracles in the Quran.
 Allah (SWT) always sent his revelation to the people, in what they were advanced in or were interested in or reasearching at that time. Why? Because, so when they see the amazing miracles, that theymselves cannot replicate, they know the Prophet is speaking the truth. So in Musa's time, people were interested in magic, what did Musa do by the will of Allah (SWT)? He struck his staff, turning it into a real snake, which eats all the other "snakes" from the magicians. In 'Isa's time, people were interested in medicine, so when 'Isa, by the will of Allah (SWT), 'Isa did many medicinal miracles, such as curing lepre, making a clay bird into a real bird, curing a blind man,etc. So at the time of Muhammad (SAW), people were interested into poetry, the Quran, was a miracle, which is beyond their  abilities to replicate. Now, what are people interested in? Essentially, science. Then in the Quran, look at the scientific miracles.

Now a major point in your so called "refutation" was that those miracles already predate to the Greeks, or other civilisations. Do you know who the Greeks were, or at least what they were known for. They were philosphists. Look at what all they did. They made millions upon millions of "hypotheses" or "theories", and when it turns out, one of them is partially right, people make a big deal out of it, when in fact, all they did was guess-work. And the ones that were partially right, that was not the Greeks' favoured view, like, look how they believed in the 4 humours. That was very pathetic, they had no evidence to back most of their claims. And the ones who were partially right? Well they were wrong in other aspects, and I GUARANTEE you that! I challenge you to bring me one Greek philosophist, who was not wrong in any of his claims, well, you can't because, as I said, some made partially right claims, yet other parts of it were wrong, and the partially right parts are often cherry-picked.

Furthermore, Muhammad (SAW) was illiterate, he would not have had access to any of the Greeks ideas. And lets say hypothetically, that he did have access to the material, and hypothetically he was literate. If like the non-Muslims say that he had access to the Greek's knowledge, how would he have differentiated between which claim was right, which was wrong, if it were like the non-Muslims say, it would have been inevitable, that in a million claims, that after "plagiarising" (which Muhammad (SAW) did not do, and the scientific miracles are accurate), there would be a mistake, yet look at the Quran, not a single mistake. Why? Because it is the word of God. See, you can't even see through the illogical claims you are making, Brother Almadi. See, look at the Big Bang one for instance, the major claim at that time, was that the earth was flat, there were many people, saying that it was round, but the Church and others, hid their claims, like look at Galileo, he said that, and then he was persecuted, his claims were hushed, and not many people know of it, and this was during or after the 1500s. Nearly 1000 years after the prophet. Whether or not, the Quran says if the earth is egg-shaped, it does not say it is flat. Also FYI, that image is highly exaggerating the folds and crevices, so it is easy to see. So you say that some Sumerian texts say that the big-bang happened, so what? That text was probably not have been easily accessible at Muhammad (SAW)'s time. So it would have been highly unlikely that he would have accessed it and then used it, especially since he was illiterate.  And he didn't need to, as Allah (SWT) gave the Quran to him, which had the scientific miracles.

a sceptic could argue that it could be just a guess

How it could have been guess work? There are many many many, scientific miracles in the Quran, and there are no un-scientific claims in the Quran. Even If hypothetically speaking, it cannot have been guess work, especially since, you could make a million hypotheses, for one scientific question, yet none of them can be right, a good example is the Greeks, as I said, they made many many claims, for example, what is matter, none of them said atoms, yet they said many other things, the closest claim was, that everything, can keep on being split into half, then it cannot be split anymore which is substance that makes up matter. That claim is partially right, however, atoms are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, all which, are different substance. So if there was a 0.000000001% chance that was guess-work, and it came right, if another question arises, then there is a 0.000000001% chance that, that is guessed, and then correct. So the chance of guessing and getting them both right is 0.000000001% squared, and if this is done many many times, it is statistically speaking, extremely close to impossible for it to be a guess. However, practically it is impossible for it to be a guess, and since Islam is the right religion that is practical, then of course it is cannot have been guess-work. Also, scientific theories are like that too, after many evidences, it is like a 0.000000001% chance that is wrong, so the theory is then deemed to be correct, and to be used.

I don't think that their is a contradiction between science and Islam, but they might appear later on

For you to even say that, is potentially blasphemy, because then you are saying, that scientific facts, are contradicting Islam. So are you saying that, Allah (SWT) does not know how he has designed his creation?!?!?? Are you saying, that Allah (SWT)'s guidance, is wrong?!?!??!?!?? ?Repent to Allah Brother Abdullah.

You continue linking those comments, and those comments do not ever direct to a hadith, sometimes it would just have a google search for the hadith, but there is nothing else I can find. Give me a reference to an authentic hadith please.


THE HORN OF SATAN will come from Saudi Arabia.

You mention this time and time again, yet you don't provide a hadith for this.

What a shame.  Apparently, the cult of "Horn of Satan", as Prophet Muhammad himself called you, is fond on reducing Islam to nothing.  The following points will thoroughly take care of you, Insha'Allah:

Give evidence for "the horn of satan" please.

If you want us to answer your questions 1 by 1, then why not make it 1 thread? Why did you make 1 separate to another, I am not going to call you a troll, because it seems to me that you are genuinely asking questions, to clear doubt. However just wait for 1 doubt to be cleared, before the other. I recommend that you stop thinking too much and arguing with the Shaitan, because the Shaitan will immediately give you another doubt, do you not see this as a sign that you are consistently thinking about doubts, this is clear that the Shaitan is giving you doubts. Just say Auoodhobillahi minashaytaanirajeeem, and stop indulging in all this philosophy, you can refute these, when you gain the knowledge, continue seeking the knowledge of Islam, and then you can argue against others, right now, you are probably nowhere near qualified to start refuting other people's claims, and your own doubts, to an  exceptional level.
And Allah knows best.

Also advice for your waswasa: .

The DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder (then called pedophilia) define this paraphilia as the sexual preference for prepubertal children. There is only one generally accepted medical or scientific definition of prepuberty, that is, Tanner Stage 1 of pubertal development
According to "modern Western standards," pedophilia is sexual attraction to children under tanner stages 2 or less, Menstruation occurs at tanner stages 3 or 4. Muhammad (SAW) had sexual intercourse with Aisha (RA) when she started mensturating. Therefore, Muhammad (SAW) was not a pedophile.

Note: I will provide evidence for the first paragraph when i get time, but please use this for the website, Brother Osama. Also, sorry if this is terrible formatting, this is just what i replied to a person who claimed he (SAW) was a pedophile.

Ramihs97, if all this propaganda is getting to you, just take a break from the internet or  electronics, just avoid them for a couple days, go to the mosque, fast, do good, visit your parents, visit a sick person, there is so many good things you could be doing, and yet you choose to waste your time on useless and harmful materials such as that? If it is bothering you go speak to a sheikh about it, don't waste your time on websites that try to defame Islam.
Also, if you want us to help you, then specify what exactly is bothering you please.

« on: August 29, 2016, 03:52:23 AM »
First of all I just want to tell you that, why do you argue on youtube? I used to do it, still do, but it is pointless, you're probably never going to get through their thick skulls, Allah guides whomever he wills, and Allah misguides whomever he wills, and none other than Allah can change that.

"Your answers are childish, illogical, irrational, incoherent in complete non-sequitur and pathetic as perhaps, perhaps, perhaps... thinking that all those involved were stupid or crazy and thinking that the delusion of Muhammad was the best explanation! It is comical!"

Notice how he just dodges any of your arguments (if you had any)? This is how most people who argue about Islam on the internet stall for time, they usually don't back up claims with evidence, even if they do, they just link to the entire page, and just say: "Oh look at this" when the arguments on the website are so stupid and then you ask to provide evidence FROM the website, which they refuse to do, and tell you to look it up yourself, and when you do, you just see that the website is full of bull, don't waste you time with this guy, he is not worth your time.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Sites like rationalwiki
« on: August 25, 2016, 07:47:13 AM »
Visiting anything anti-Islamic is haram and forbidden.
Where is your evidence for that claim?

Jazakalluhu Khairan Brother Osama.
Wiki Islam have a webpage where they claim they can refute the scientific miracle in the Quran about the speed of light, (seen here )
However their calculations are too simple, and they make it that simple because that is what will appeal to a random person, who knows little about physics, I will admit, I don't know much here, but Wiki Islam seem to be missing something, they're just brainwashing people to hate Islam.
Regardless of that, seem to analyse it in a scientific way, as they take the theory of relativity into the equation, which probably brings in relativistic physics, which Wiki Islam fails to do. But we do need a physicist to fact check the website Insha Allah.

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