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I think the article ( authored by an atheist is a good rebuttal to all Bible followers who avoid to discuss OT Laws by saying "Jesus change blah blah blah . . . ." (Note: I don't give a sheep if she'll get angry if I'll use her work.)


Please enlighten me with Qur'an 3:35-37.

Who is Im'ran? (I'm serious with this!)  :(

Is he a "direct biological father" to (Virgin) Mary? (Also, I'm serious with this!)  :(

Who is that Mary there? (I'm extremely serious!)  :(


- Ben (from Philippines) ;D


I would like to suggest to our dear Admin to make "special" section concerning "about" every Qur'anic Verse, particularly on when and where it was revealed to the Last Prophet (peace be upon him); and what is the situation shortly before and after of its revelation that we "can" say connected to it, etc. So far this is the thing that is playing in my mind.

Hopefully this will be granted.  ;)

May Allah be pleased with you all, AC Team.

- Ben  ;D

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