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Assalamualykum if this were true then their would be hundreds of thousands of different modes of recitation and Muslims would constantly battle over the correct recitation... Watch the video by nouman Ali khan on the preservation of the Qur'an...
Lol the fact that they have stooped so low shows that they have realized they can't prove the Qur'an has been changed...
Wowww it is unbelievable how much the Christian missionaries like to twist the words of others, the reason they added vowel markings is because non Arabs had problems reading the Qur'an. For an Arab they had no problem reading the Qur'an.
Brother I would strongly recommend reading "The History of the Quranic Text, 2nd Edition by M.M. Azami..
This book will answer all your doubts about the qurans preservation

« on: July 21, 2013, 01:20:23 PM »
Their are ten different modes of recitation all which have an unbroken chain of narration to the prophet (saws).your Qur'an is probably a different mode of recitation.. Here is a link that explains this in further detail

Assalamualykum he is athiest


Although I think it is important to debate this guy, I think it would be better to write an article or two exposing this fool and refuting his claims.
This fool already has more attention than he deserves and getting in debates with him will only gain him followers. Just leave him and let him live his miserable life in his moms basement. This is why the iERA of the UK won't let hamza debate him.. It is not because hamza is scared it is because He is just an amature and hamza has debated with some of the worlds most famous athiests such as Laurence Krauss, while he is still baby in the world of debating. The only reason he wants to debate is so he can gain followers so he can be treated like a god by his Fellow athiests.


Although it is true that Arabic words have many meanings, they forget about the literary element called context... Therefore their argument falls on top of itself

Also any time they bring up this silly argument go straight to the mathematical miracle of the Qur'an.. These miracles are irrefutable unless they keep claiming they are coincidences after a while that argument will also fall on top of itself because their are simply too many occurrences of mathematical miracles in the Qur'an
Yawn (day) repeated 365 times in the singular
Shahar (month) repeated 12 times
Adam and Jesus repeated 25 times each... Answering Christianity has a nice article on this topic
The miracle of 19
their are many more occurrences of repititions in the Qur'an

Also brother it should be noted that their are some people who are too blind to see the truth and at the end of the day it is only  Allah who grants guidance

Here is a good rebuttal to the silly claims made by the Christian missionaries who so desperately try to claim corruption in the Quran.

also I would recommend reading the book "The History of the Quranic Text, 2nd Edition by M.M. Al-Azami" This book in my opinion is the best book written on the history of the noble Quran's preservation.

assalamualykum akhi
This should be expected with some atheists, their problem is not a lack of proof of the existence of god, rather it is the fact that they are too arrogant to submit to god or something bad happened in their lives and they blame it on god, then they go on to say that god doesnt exist.

In order to refute his "alien theory", their are many prophecies in the Quran which cannot be explained by aliens, because of the fact that it is impossible to go back in time or to look into the future. Knowledge of the future is only with god, hence the Quran is from god.
Also his silly slavery theory doesn't match up with the message of the Quran. The Quran tells us not to be blind followers of society, rather we should be aware, deeply reflect, and think about what is going on around us.

also akhi I would suggest you prove to him the existence of god via logical deduction
The Universe has a beginning
Everything that has a beginning has a cause
Therefore the universe has a cause

The Universe could not have caused itself because saying it did would be tantamount to saying A mother gave birth to herself.
Therefore the only logical explanation would be that god created it.
god is eternal, he is the uncaused cause

surat al ikhlas goes very well with this argument

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