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If you think there is a contradiction in the Quran, then ask the following:

Have I made any unverified assumptions?
Have I considered all possible definitions of the words?
Have I considered all possible translations of the words?
Have I considered all grammatical syntactic definitions/renderings?

If the answer is no to the first one and yes to the last 3 and there still is a contradiction--you have found a contradiction.

If you wonder why verses in the Quran are vague and don't 100% show God, consider these logical premises

Premise 1: God created humans to test if we worship him without proof of his existence
Premise 2: If God created humans to worship him without proof of his existence, then he has to give us sufficient evidence.
Premise 3: If God has to give us sufficient evidence, it cannot be a strong enough evidence that automatically 'proves' God. The evidence has to be  there, but it cannot be too strong.
Premise 4: Therefore, God gave sufficient evidence for those whose hearts are open, unbiased to show his existence, but that evidence is sufficiently vague so it doesn't compel those whose hearts are closed.

Imagine the Quran was a strong miracle that was 100% compelling and there was no vaguness in it and it was direct. Imagine the Quran listed scientific phenomena so clearly that in the future everyone knows its divine. Does that make sense for God to do that given the fact that our purpose in life is to worship him without 100% proof? If he gave us really strong proof of his existence, then our purpose in life is violated. We all believe in God and life is no longer a test--because everyone saw the undeniable proof.

Life is a multiple choice test with many choices. If you pick the wrong choices throughout the test, you will be punished; if you pick the right choices throughout the test, you will be rewarded. The test is going to have many tricks in it to see your answer. This is life. Make the right choices. If the Quran was presented with unvague, clear 100% proof of God, then everyone passes the test. Its like the professor decides to give everyone the answers to the exam--Whats the point of the exam?

If you think that the Quran sounds like it was written by a 7th century Nomad consider the following premises:

1.) If God were to give a revelation to 7th century nomads it has to compel them and has to give them things to reflect upon so they believe in the scripture
2.) If that revelation is the final revelation and is supposed to compel people of the future, then that revelation cannot contradict reality that future humans will discover
3.) Therefore, the Quran MUST affirm 7th century belief without contradicting science.

And it must be sufficiently vague (read my past logic)

So yes, you find that in the Quran many words are purposely avoided or the Quran used alternate words so it could affirm 7th century beleif without contradicting (but supporting) science. So the Quranic scientific miracles have to be vague enough so they don't compel those whose hearts are closed and has to NOT contradict 7th century belief.

Imagine Muhammad directly told everyone at the time that the Earth is round and that you are standing off of the middle so you won't fall off. People at that time would have considered him "idiotic" and "unscientific" and would have never considered Islam. So what did God do? In the Quran, there isn't a single verse that says the Earth is flat and there are many verses that hint at the Earth being round. Those have to be sufficient enough to compel those whose hearts are closed AND not contradict 7th century belief AND support modern science.

So why does the Quran sound so basic and why didn't the Quran cover extensively the complex scientific topics?

God kinda patronizes us in the Quran. He knows we are only limited to understanding certain things, and that is what he utilizes. So of course the Quran has to give 7th century people something to reflect upon. Its like me trying to explain the theory of relativity to a 2 year old. I am going to sound like I am 2 year old. Right?

I just wanted to let everyone know that through this logic, I have converted to Islam and seen the rationality behind my decision. I hope it helps others inshallah.


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Re: OFFICIAL: Guidelines for determining Quran "contradictions":
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 100% agreed. Allah said in the Quran:

"We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and INSIDE THEIR SELVES, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things?"  (The Noble Quran, 41:53)

 This means soon Allah will show His signs in the Heavens. And after all the signs are shown I think no ones repentance will be accepted. This is because, then the life won't remain a test anymore as all the answers will be disclosed.

 So still we have time to repent for our past sins and lead our life according to the rules and regulations laid down by Allah The Most High.

Take Care.


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