Author Topic: The reason why noone is debating Abdullah Sameer  (Read 1855 times)

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The reason why noone is debating Abdullah Sameer
« on: September 24, 2017, 04:11:39 PM »
So this is my last post on Ex-Muslims,I'm also gonna take a break from debates,and refutations,etc but I'll still be active here.after i'm back I gotta focus on Christianity now.

so basically the reason why noone wants to debate Abdullah Sameer,is because he's a stalker,
He goes to different Muslim channels only to insult Muslims, and Insult the Prophet SAW,etc,etc

and the second reason is plagiarized claims

All his atheistical claims and views are from Richard Dawkins,Robert spencer,etc,etc,etc

And his other claims on the Prophet SAW are from Christians such as David wood,Sam Shamoun,etc,etc

So really why debate him when we already disproved his claims? infact,all debates have ended,not many Muslims or christians,or atheists debate anymore,so thats why its worthless,
infact this also proves Abdullah Sameer is looking for publicity and fame,the way HE BEGS for debate,etc,etc the way he begs to discuss with famous ex-Muslims shows hes only looking for the $$$ and he has indeed exposed himself as a liar and a emotional beggar in these terms.
so instead of fueling the fire,we just refute his arguments rather than debate him,so therefore Abdullah Sameer is a waste of time since he will bring nothing new,but Emotional,subjectivist,christian Arguments

and also,whenever someone refutes his emotionality and refutes his anti-Rational arguments, he is refuted completely,but yet the issue is,its clear he sends his followers to dislike any videos they find of him being refuted,so the issue is this person really needs to lay down on the fan support and actually try to bring a new argument rather than try to stay relevant by being a beggar,so my advice is and my conclusion is,leave this man to be a irrelevant beggar against Islam for the rest of his life.


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