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Firstly, I encourage you to consider the presented evidence dispassionately. It is only recently that Islam has undergone serious historical scrutiny, due to obvious reasons. This scrutiny is much like the scrutiny Christianity and the Bible has gone through: it is objective, academic, and honest. And soon enough, you won't be able to dodge/censor it.

Note: I would also like to remind you that the Quran is the truth, from your God and preserved. Therefore, dishonest censorships will be punished accordingly by God, should you choose to partake in these deceptive practices whilst having full control over your mental faculties. You have been warned.

Below I put the key evidences in bold as they generally have least/no alternative interpretations:

- There is no archaeological evidence that Mecca existed until 150 years after Muhammad's death. This is peculiar given Arabia's dry, preserving climate (every archaelogists dream come true), and by comparative/contrasting histories.
- Makkah as "Mother of All Cities" ( i.e. a major trading city), a term used explicitly in the Quran at 42:7, is not sustainable historically, but fits Petra perfectly,
- Makkah was never a major city on a caravan route whereas Petra was both (how can Mecca be a huge trading hub is it's not even on the trading route?)
- Makkah is not found on any map until 900 CE, 300 years after Muḥammad’s birth
- Makkah does not have a distinct valley or substantial mountains (part of the Qur’anic concept of the holy site) yet Petra has both
- Pilgrimages were traditionally made to Petra from across the Arab region from ancient times
- There is substrantial literary evidence for the existence of neighboring kingdoms e.g. Yemen - detailing even the names of kings spanning many generations - going back 1700 years. Yet Mecca's supposed early existence has no literary evidence,
- The Jews have no record of Ibrāhīm in Makkah, or even of journeying anywhere near it
- All the earliest mosques for which we have evidence of orientation in the first 100 years from the Qur’anic revelation point towards Petra (over the next 100 years there is confusion: 12% towards Petra, 50% towards Makkah and 38% follow parallel orientations)
- It is only 200 years after the Qur’anic revelation that all mosques are built facing Makkah
- Stone boards for games of chance such as those mentioned in the Qur’an have been found at Petra, never at Makkah
- Extensive evidence exists over this period for pilgrimages to Petra from Yemen but none for Makkah
- During the civil war with Ibn Zubayr (64AH, 683 CE) the Syrian army attacked the holy city with trebuchet stones; there is no evidence of trebuchet stones at Makkah whereas hundreds exist in Petra, due to Mecca's barren archaeology,
- Physical statues depicting Allat, Uzza and Manat (Nabatean God's mentioned inside the Qiran explicitly) are found in Petra, whereas Mecca has barren archaeology as repeatedly stated.

This is taken from Dan Gibson's book with a few of my own embellishments. I removed some evidences for Petra, as I wanted to focus on Mecca, given how impactful this city is on your world view. You can watch his documentary on Amazon prime, or you pay for it (it will eventually be free though, when the filmmakers make their money back).

The evidence is clear, Mecca is a relatively recent city in historical terms. It did not exist during Muhannad's time and any attempt to prove otherwise will be met with double-think, similar to the Christian's obviously false trinity, a testament to the cacophony that is Christian apologetics today.

I am afraid I cannot link other sites because I am restricted by the moderators highly cultic and humorous forum rules  :-X.

[Screenshots have been taken, and I will defame this site on other sites e.g. key anti-Islam sites, if there is any unrighteous censorship] Someone will inevitably view this thread, and if it gets deleted then you know the true nature of the moderators.


There is a method repeated continuously throughout the Quran that outlines how to overthrow corrupt goverments - this is highly relevant today with advent of the NWO. The best example I can suggest, is surah 71 (Surah Nuh). Summary of Noah's story:

1. Noah goes to his people, in particular the eminent ones, and warns them about God's punishment for promoting polytheism,
2. Eminent ones reject,
3. Eminent ones are destroyed by God's leave.

Numbers do not matter, it is always a small band of men who stand up and rebel against their societies. This is the ancient methodology for overturning corrupt governments, and is to be implemented upon the banking cartels that rule society today. Previously, there were financial tyrannies, polytheistic tyrannies, homosexual tyrannies, and so on, all of which are present and alive today, and are enforced by the bankers with their satanic agendas.

This is what every prophet did. This theme of warning the elites can be found everywhere inside the Quran. In fact, you can start reading the Quran from anywhere and you will eventually run into this theme.

You maybe wondering: "But... you're not a prophet, so how can you affect world change by warning the elites?", you do not need to he a prophet to implement this methodology, as demonstrated by the people of the cave, all of whom were simple young men, Quranically.

I will be providing more information in the future, as well as take this message face-to-face with other enlightened Quran believers. I do not buy into the Hadithic narrative of a 2nd Jesus, this detracts clearly from the Quranic narrative and is likely a tool to make a people indolent: the concept of an external savior.

We have a common interest: to cleanse the NWO, and hopefully prevent the second coming "9/11" that will be conducted - by the elites - on a much larger scale. Thus, pleasing God.

[screenshots taken, will defame on other sites for unrighteous censorship]


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