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Dream interpretation
« on: February 16, 2018, 06:39:01 AM »
I am asking about a dream that i have seen few years ago. I know that the ability to interpret a dream is a blessing that Allah give to whom he wishes. If anybody like that, then try to interpret my most memorable dream.Sometimes some part may be missed since i saw it before some years. Dream is as follows.

    "I was drinking water by sitting.When i tried to stand after drinking
someone hold me and asked: Do u know who i am?...I said: Azrael(A)..He said yes.Then i
went to sleep and slept by turning right side.At that time i heard someone uttering 'La Ilaha
Illallah...' from prayer hall of my home. I knew that Azraeel (A) was coming. He
came and said to me that You should come to such and such place at such time.When
i was ready to go to there i gave my purse (it contains some money) and said
to my friend : take this and he took it. After that i went to that
place(where azrel said). Azrel (a) said me to lie on bed and i did so.I felt many
people around me and I thought that they were my family members (now i think that they may be angels responsible to take rooh with azrael (a) ).When asrel started to
take my rooh it didn't make me pain.I thought that why death has no pain since it
must have pain (as prophet said).I remembered that i once recited Surah Rahd
in my life time when i heard from someone that reciting surah rahd can reduce pain of death.i was surprised
since No pain for death although i only recited ONCE.Soon after i finished this thought
I felt that i (rooh) was separated from my body.When asrel started to leave i (rooh) ran
behind him.And I saw a tree where many souls are playing on that tree with a
ball and they are climbing on it..I also climbed on that tree.While playing with the ball, the ball was missed from them.At that time One of the soul said :LOOK ALLAH CAME.I am
surprised and looked at him quickly but I didn't see any shape or any figure, but
from him the ball thrown back to us (to the souls on tree) .After that i went to home to see
my family members although they couldnt see me.I saw my mother cutting vegetable and i went to
the room where i slept last(where azarel said to come to such and such
place).I saw many of my family members were reciting quran.After that i
returned back.

Please..Can any one interpret?

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Re: Dream interpretation
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2018, 07:13:10 AM »
That's cool...

I don't think there's anyone knowledgeable enough to properly interpret your dream over here...Islamqa does these kind of stuff as far as i i dream though...


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