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Allah Almighty has set up His system in such a way that if you obey His commands and prohibitions, you begin to experience blessings in this world, and if you do not, you begin to experience hardships in this world...

Prayer is one of them.

Not only is prayer in itself good for the human psyche, but the time of the morning prayer is precisely the time when nature begins to come alive and joy and peace are at their peak. And even if the person who wakes up at this time does nothing, he will still be filled with the joy of living. And if he performs his prayers, his happiness, peace and joy will grow exponentially.

In addition, the time of Maghrib prayer is also a time of peace, introspection and relaxation. By praying at this time, right on time, you will be able to maximize the benefits of this transitional phase and minimize the problems that may arise from it.

In other words, praying 3 times a day will provide you with countless material and spiritual benefits. It will enable you to perceive its traces in this world even before you go to paradise. The benefits to your physical and mental health are countless. I don't even need to mention again the real beauties of the work such as good deeds and getting closer to Allah.

And if you don't do this, apart from the reward and servitude part of it, what will you miss in terms of worldly blessings?

This is what happens; you start looking for help from yoga, meditation, stimulation of your energy point on your forehead (Shirodhara), as Westerners and Far Easterners are doing now. You will be swimming in depression and stress, and you will be in a hurry to look for the beauty of prayer in these methods. In fact, if there is a craze for meditation, a craze for yoga, a craze for Shirodhara in today's world, it is because of the search for prayer. It is the lack of it.

You can find the "Shirodhara" technique, the real name in Ayurveda, on the internet, on search engines, and you can examine it.

And today people are in a rush to get up and do yoga in the morning just in time for the sunrise. Because they think it makes them more peaceful and reduces their stress and depression.

And they call this cleansing gymnastics in the morning at the time of sunrise "sun salutation". And again, if you study this yoga practice, you will see that the movements are very similar to salaat.

In the same way, in the evening there is a similar yoga exercise, and people are trying to achieve peace and health.

And apart from that, they usually try to meditate twice a day.

And again, people are actually looking for prayer/salaat. They are struggling to attain the beauties and blessings it will give. But unfortunately they are looking for this happiness in the wrong place.

So, if we say that prayer is superior to practices like meditation and yoga, then there must be some concrete evidence to confirm this.

Yes, there is. As even Dr. Deepak Chopra(now he is Muslim), an ayurvedic expert, admits and even writes about in some of his books, the longest-lived people in the world are usually Muslims. And these people have achieved this not through meditation or superfoods like ginseng, like the Far Easterners, but through rituals like prayer and fasting and foods like yogurt and red meat.

In today's geography, societies with long-lived individuals called "super centenarians" can be found in places like Georgia and Azerbaijan. They live especially in mountainous areas. But since their genes are mixed, scientists explain their longevity not by genetic factors but by their way of life.

The longest known long-lived person is the Azerbaijani Shirali Mislimov. He is said to have passed away in 1973 at the age of 168.

The healthy people of the town of Lerik on the Azerbaijan-Iran border are especially noteworthy.

In fact, the benefits of prayer and fasting are now being discovered by the scientific world. They are more beneficial for health and quality of life than yoga and other techniques.

We hope that people all over the world will discover the prayer they have been searching for without realizing it and take another step towards true happiness and salvation.

(My Turkish article translated with machine)


Holy Quran:

34:18 We placed between them and between the towns that We blessed, towns that were easy to see; and We measured the journey between them: "Travel in them by night and day in complete security."

34:19 But they said, "Our Lord, make the measure between our journeys longer," and they wronged themselves. So We made them a thing of the past, and We scattered them into small groups. In this are signs for every person who is patient, thankful.

Quran 81:2 and when the stars lose their light

Quran 21:104 On the day when We roll up the heavens like a scroll of books is rolled up. As We initiated the first creation, so shall We return it. It is a promise of Ours that We will do this.

Quran 39:67 They have not given God His true worth; and the whole earth is within His fist on the day of resurrection, and the heavens will be folded in His right hand. Be He glorified; He is much too high above what they set up.

And look at this news, maybe it is beginning:

Everyone believes in Allah and the verses and strictly abides by what they say:

There would be no such thing as murder on earth.

There's no such a thing as theft.

Fraud would also be history.

No lie, slander, and no say bad words.

Wars would disappear.

All forms of violence on earth would disappear.

Interest-usury, etc. There would be no gain by harming others.

There would be freedom of economic enterprise and the right of property.

People to be so respectful to each other that they not pass without greeting each other.

All the countries of the world would join hands and compete only to create a better world for humanity.

The world would be like a single country, and the freedom of movement and settlement would be at the highest level throughout the world.

Since there would be no adultery, every child was born and raised in a family environment.

Private companies etc. the powers thought of the interests and pleasure of not only their own, but all people, and they produced beauties in this direction.

Even the poorest person in the world could spend weeks in 5-star hotels.

It would advance in science, technology, art and democracy more than we can even imagine now.

All people lived and helped each other in line with the "real interests" of both themselves and the whole world.

Nature was preserved.

Diseases, injuries and even aging would be largely prevented.

Goodness, peace, happiness and all material-spiritual riches-comfort would cover every place.

This world would be like Paradisely, and in the hereafter, you one would be one of the winners.

Emre Karakose (Emre_1974tr)

(My Turkish writing translated with machine)

Quran Morality and Moral Code, Laws & QA / Quran abolished slavery
« on: December 20, 2021, 04:02:07 AM »
My Turkish article translated with machine:

Quran abolished slavery

And the subject of slavery is constantly being asked and discussed. Although some authors have made necessary explanations on this subject, I thought I would mention it.

The Qur'an forbade slavery and declared that people are equal.

As stated in the Qur'an, even the prophets do not have the authority to take slaves. Servitude-slavery to something other than Allah, that is, created is one of the greatest sins:

29. GOD gives the example of a man with conflicting partners and a man who is dependent on a single person. Will these two ever be equal? Praise is to GOD. But many do not know.

(Man has only one master, and that is our Lord. Servitude-slavery to anyone other than the Almighty Creator is shirk, and in this verse, those who serve only Allah and those who are created are compared with an example. And it is stated that these two are not the same.)

Religion They have taken the scholars, the priests, and the Messiah, son of Mary, as lords (masters) after GOD. However, they were commanded to serve only one God. There is no god but Him. He is Higher than those whom he associates with. (

9:31 ) Say: 'People of the Books! Come to a principle that is the same between us and you: that we should not serve anyone but Allah, and that we should not associate anything with Him, and that neither of us should take the other as lords after Allah. ` If they do not accept, `bear witness, we are Muslims! say. (3: 64)

Surah Ali Imran
Verse 79: No one to whom Allah has given the book, knowledge and prophethood has the authority to stand up and say to people: "Be a servant to me, not to Allah". But: "Become the soldiers of Allah's way because you are teaching the book and taking lessons!" says.

Surah Hud Verse 2: That is, do not be a servant to anyone but Allah! I am a prophet sent by Him to give good news and warn you!

Surah Anbiya,
Verse 98: "You and those you serve as slaves besides Allah are the firewood of Hell. You will all enter there."

No Muslim could acquire slaves after the religion of Islam (the periods when true Islam in the Qur'an was practiced). But the cessation of slaves from the period of ignorance took place step by step. The verses command the release of the slaves in the smallest thing, financial assistance to them, and getting them married if the age has come. For example:

5 Maide Surah
89 GOD does not hold you responsible for your random oaths. However, it holds you accountable for what you knowingly do. If you break your oath, the punishment is to feed or clothe ten poor people from the food you usually feed your family, or release a slave. Whoever cannot find it should fast for three days. This is the punishment for your willful oaths. Keep your vows. This is how Allah explains His verses so that you may respond well.

12. Do you know what the hard way is?
13. To liberate slaves;

It is clearly stated that even prisoners of war cannot be enslaved.

"When you finally prevail, take them captive; release them either free of charge or for ransom. Apply this until the war situation is over. "(47-4)

Allah, with a slave who has no power and is the property of someone else, secretly and openly from the beautiful sustenance We have given him. He gives as an example the one who spends in the way of Allah. Are they ever equal? Praise be to Allah, but most of them do not know. (Nahl 75)

Here again, a person who serves other than Allah is compared with a free person who serves only Allah, and slavery is condemned. We also see in the verse that wealth is held above poverty. These and similar verses indicate that servitude should only be against Allah.

And in fact, in a religion where even stealing is prohibited, slavery, that is, stealing human freedom, is completely abolished.

Think about it, while it is forbidden to even take a person's car or pen without permission, it is highly prohibited to acquire a slave by stealing that person's self.

In other words, if you cannot take even one item of a person without permission, it means that you cannot make that person a slave to you by force.

And again, as stated in the verses, since all people are free to believe and live as they wish, slavery is prohibited in the religion of Islam, due to the world of testing.


Examples from Quran;

2. The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)

164-164. Behold! in the creation of the heavens and the earth; in the alternation of the night and the day; in the sailing of the ships through the ocean for the profit of mankind; in the rain which Allah Sends down from the skies, and the life which He gives therewith to an earth that is dead; in the beasts of all kinds that He scatters through the earth; in the change of the winds, and the clouds which they trail like their slaves between the sky and the earth;- (Here) indeed are Signs for a people that are wise.

3. The Family Of Ìmrán (Al-Ìmrán)

190. Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day,- there are indeed Signs for men of understanding,-

191. Men who celebrate the praises of Allah, standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (with the thought): "Our Lord! Not for naught Hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the Chastisement of the Fire."

45. Bowing the Knee (Al-Játhiya)

4. And in the creation of yourselves and the fact that animals are scattered (through the earth), are Signs for those of assured Faith.

88. The Overwhelming Event (Al-Gáshiya)

17. Do they not look at the Camels, how they are made?-

18. And at the Sky, how it is raised high?-

19. And at the Mountains, how they are fixed firm?-

20. And at the Earth, how it is spread out?

67. The Dominion (Al-Mulk)

3. He Who created the seven heavens one above another: no want of proportion wilt thou see in the Creation of the Most Gracious. So turn thy vision again: seest thou any flaw?

4. Again turn thy vision a second time: (thy) vision will come back to thee dull and discomfited, in a state worn out.

7. The Heights (Al-Aráf)

185. Do they see nothing in the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that Allah hath created? (Do they not see) that it may well be that their terms is nigh drawing to an end? In what message after this will they then believe?

25. The Criterion (Al-Furqán)

49. That with it We may give life to a dead land, and slake the thirst of things We have created,- cattle and men in great numbers.

27. The Ants (An-Naml)

86. See they not that We have made the Night for them to rest in and the Day to give them light? Verily in this are Signs for any people that believe!

54. The Moon (Al-Qamar)

49. Verily, all things have We created in proportion and measure.

56. The Inevitable Event (Al-Wáqiá)

57. It is We Who have created you: why will ye not witness the Truth?

95. The Fig (At-Tín)

4. We have indeed created man in the best of moulds,

78. The (Great) News (An-Nabaa)

7. And the mountains as pegs?

8. And created you in pairs,

9. And made your sleep for rest,

10. And made the night as a covering,

11. And made the day as a means of subsistence?

12. And (have We not) built over you the seven firmaments,

13. And placed (therein) a blazing lamp?

14. And do We not send down from the clouds water in abundance,

15. That We may produce therewith corn and vegetables,

16. And gardens of luxurious growth?

29. The Spider (Al-Ànkabüt)

19. See they not how Allah originates creation, then repeats it: truly that is easy for Allah.

20. Say: "Travel through the earth and see how Allah did originate creation; so will Allah produce a later creation: for Allah has power over all things.

21. The Prophets (Al-Anbiyáa)

30. Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

62. And ye certainly know already the first form of creation: why then do ye not take heed?

63. See ye the seed that ye sow in the ground?

64. Is it ye that cause it to grow, or are We the Cause?

65. Were it Our Will, We could make it broken orts, and ye would be left in wonderment,

66. (Saying), "We are indeed left with debts (for nothing):

67. "Indeed we are deprived"

68. See ye the water which ye drink?

69. Do ye bring it down (in rain) from the cloud or do We?

70. Were it Our Will, We could make it saltish (and unpalatable): then why do ye not give thanks?

71. See ye the Fire which ye kindle?

72. Is it ye who grow the tree which feeds the fire, or do We grow it?

73. We have made it a reminder and an article of comfort and convenience for the denizens of deserts.

74. Then glorify the name of thy Lord, the Supreme!

75. Furthermore I swear by the setting of the Stars,-

76. And that is indeed a mighty adjuration if ye but knew,-

30. The Romans (Ar-Rüm)

22. And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors: verily in that are Signs for those who know.

39. The Groups (Az-Zumar)

6. He created you (all) from a single person: then created, of like nature, his mate; and He sent down for you eight head of cattle in pairs: He creates you, in the wombs of your mothers, in stages, one after another, in three veils of darkness. Such is Allah, your Lord and Cherisher: to Him belongs (all) dominion. There is no god but He: then how are ye turned away (from your true Lord)?

40. The Believer (Al-Mümin)

57. Assuredly the creation of the heavens and the earth is a greater (matter) than the creation of men: Yet most men know not.

52. The Mount (At-Tür)

35. Were they created of nothing, or were they themselves the creators?

22. The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)

5. O mankind! if ye have a doubt about the Resurrection, (consider) that We created you out of dust, then out of sperm, then out of a leech-like clot, then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed, in order that We may manifest (Our power) to you; and We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term, then do We bring you out as babes, then (foster you) that ye may reach your age of full strength; and some of you are called to die, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age, so that they know nothing after having known (much), and (further), thou seest the earth barren and lifeless, but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs).

10. Jonah (Yünus)

6. Verily, in the alternation of the night and the day, and in all that Allah hath created, in the heavens and the earth, are Signs for those who fear Him.

51. The Winds that Scatter (Az-Záriyát)

49. And of every thing We have created pairs: that ye may reflect.

36. Yá-Sín

38. And the Sun runs unto a resting place: that is the decree of (Him), the Exalted in Might, the All-Knowing.

29. The Spider (Al-Ànkabüt)

43. And such are the Parables We set forth for mankind, but only those understand them who have knowledge.

77. Those Sent Forth (Al-Mursalát)

8. Then when the stars become dim; (dies of stars-like black holes)

24. Light (An-Nür)

43. Seest thou not that Allah makes the clouds move gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap? - then wilt thou see rain issue forth from their midst. And He sends down from the sky mountain masses (of clouds) wherein is hail: He strikes therewith whom He pleases and He turns it away from whom He pleases, the vivid flash of its lightning well-nigh blinds the sight.


77. Doth not man see that it is We Who created him from sperm? Yet behold! he (stands forth) as an open adversary!

78. And he makes comparisons for Us, and forgets his own (origin and) Creation: he says, "Who can give life to (dry) bones and decomposed ones (at that)?"

79. Say, "He will give them life Who created them for the first time! For He fully knows all!-

80. "The same Who produces for you fire out of the green tree, when behold! ye kindle therewith (your own fires)!

81. "Is not He Who created the heavens and the earth able to create the like thereof?" - Yea, indeed! for He is the Creator Supreme, of skill and knowledge (infinite)!



Ahteism & Agnosticism / Quran mentions atheists many times
« on: November 23, 2021, 05:43:02 PM »
Holy Quran

69:33 For he did not acknowledge God, the Great.

4:38 Those who spend their money to show-off to the people, and they do not acknowledge God or the Last day. Whoever has the devil as his companion, then what a miserable companion!

52:35 Or were they created from nothing? Or was it they who created?

In Addition, all verses mentioning the design criticized atheism.

I translated my article with the machine. But of course machine translation can make many mistakes, but you can generally understand what I am talking about in my article.

Resolution of Heritage Verses

Each of the heritage verses, Nisa 11, 12 and 176, actually offers separate formulas for individual situations. In fact, each sentence in these verses mentions a separate situation and formula in its own right...

When I was researching it online, I saw that there were people who noticed and said that these three verses gave separate formulas in them. But as I said, not only the verse, but also every sentence in the verses also mentions a different situation and sharing in its own right. Each sentence is a separate list of heirs and the proportions they will receive.

Whoever's mentioned in the sentence, they're the only heirs. So either they're alive, or they're still being inherited, even if they're others.

Therefore, in fact, there is no ratio to each other, common formula, hunting, as the sects practice. In Nisa 11, for example, "If there are more than two women, they own two-thirds of what the deceased leaves." is a separate formula alone (if only girls are heirs and more than two girls, this rate applies, or else it is not in other stylish and circumstances).

And so the stones are in place. In any case, it's enough. Not only is there increased inheritance in some cases, but there is also who will be given this increased amount in light of the verses. (E.g. Verse 8 of Nisa...)

Now let's write verses Nisa 11, 12, and 176 describing this heritage share and then provide an example of analysis through one:


4:11 God directs you regarding the inheritance of your children: "To the male shall be as that given to two females. If they are women, more than two, then they will have two thirds of what is inherited. And if she is only one, then she will have one half. And to his parents, each one of them shall have one sixth of what is inherited, if he has a child. If he has no child and his parents are the heirs, then to his mother is one third; if he has siblings then to his mother is one sixth. All after a will is carried through or a debt. Your parents and your children, you do not know which are closer to you in benefit, a directive from God, for God is Knowledgeable, Wise."

4:12 And for you is half of what your wives leave behind if they have no child; but if they have a child then to you is one quarter of what they leave behind. All after a will is carried through or a debt. And to them is one quarter of what you leave behind if you have no child; but if you have a child then to them is one eighth of what you leave behind. All after a will is carried through or a debt. And if a man or a woman who is being inherited has no ascendants, but has a brother or a sister, then to each one of them is one sixth, but if they are more than this then they are to share in one third. All after a will is carried through or a debt, which does not cause harm. A directive from God, and God is Knowledgeable, Compassionate.

4:176 They seek a ruling from you, say: "God gives you the ruling for those who have no ascendants. If a person passes away and has no children but has a sister, then she shall receive half of what he leaves behind; and he will inherit from her if she has no child. However, if he has two sisters, then they will receive two thirds of what he left behind; and if he has siblings, men and women, then the male shall receive twice what the female receives." God makes clear to you that you do not stray; God is aware of all things.


As an example, let's open up the information given in verse 11.

I have said that each of these verses, let alone each sentence in them, offer separate formulas for different situations. Let's present his analysis:


11. "Allah advises you regarding your children: For the male, the share of two females."

That is, if the heirs consist of only children and there are both male and female children, male children will receive 2 units, while female ones will receive 1 unit.

Briefly, with an example, if there is 300 L. inheritance and a man and a woman have children, the male will receive 200 L. and the woman will receive 100 L.

"If they are more than two women, they have two-thirds of what the deceased left."

So if they only have daughters as inheritors and their number is more than two, they have two-thirds of the inheritance. Here I would like to draw your attention again; The desired here is for girls to receive two-thirds only and only in this case. Otherwise, there is no such share in other terms and conditions.
(By the way, considering the statement in verse 176, if the inheritors are 2 girls, these 2 people share two thirds).

If we continue with the 300 L. example, they only have girls and if they are more than two, they share 200 liras among them.

"If the child is just a woman, he owns half the inheritance."

As stated in the continuation sentence in the verse, if the deceased left only a single daughter  she could receive half of the inheritance.

Again, if we go over 300 Lira, 150 Lira means this one girl child.

"If the deceased has a child, he will have a sixth share for each of the parents as he left them behind."

We understand from this statement that this time the heir has left his parents behind as well as his children, and that's why they have a share (one sixth for each ...).

Of the 300 lira, 50 lira belongs to the mother, 50 lira to the father, and the remaining is the children.

"If the deceased has no children and his parents have inherited him, then his mother is one third."

In this sentence in Nisa 11 verse, it is mentioned that "only the mother and father are inheritors". So this time there are no children, only the parents of the deceased are inheritors (even if there are siblings or something left behind, they are not inheritors).

In this case, the mother received a third. Since the share rate is not given although the father is mentioned in the sentence, the remaining two thirds means your father.

In this case, the mother receives 100 Liras of 300 Liras, while the father receives 200 Liras.

"If he has siblings, his mother's share is one-sixth of what is left of his will and debt."

If the deceased has a mother but does not have a father and also has siblings, the share of the mother decreases to one in six. The rest are shared by the brothers. But let's repeat, if the father had also been the father, only the mother and father would have received the estate, and the siblings would not have their share ... (And as it is understood from the verses, if the deceased has a child, the siblings cannot get a share.)

Likewise, in verses 12 and 176, special cases and formulas are mentioned, sentence by sentence. For example, if the deceased left a spouse in verse 12, verse 176 tells how the division would be if only siblings / siblings left behind, and as I said, each sentence in these verses contains a list of heirs and a formula.

If you wish, let us briefly examine the verse 176 of Nisa in this context:

4:176 They seek a ruling from you, say: "God gives you the ruling for those who have no ascendants. If a person passes away and has no children but has a sister, then she shall receive half of what he leaves behind; and he will inherit from her if she has no child. However, if he has two sisters, then they will receive two thirds of what he left behind; and if he has siblings, men and women, then the male shall receive twice what the female receives." God makes clear to you that you do not stray; God is aware of all things.
Here, too, "if only siblings are heirs", it is explained what the proportions are and of course, each sentence offers a separate list and a separate formula:

If the heir is only 1 sister, half of the inheritance,
If the heir is 1 brother, he takes all of the inheritance,
If 2 sisters are heirs, they get two-thirds,
If only the siblings are inheritors and they are men and women, that is, of both sexes, they share the entire estate as one (female) and two (male).

By the way, we indirectly understand from these verses that if there are only many brothers left, these sisters will receive the entire inheritance, or if there are more than two sisters (referring to verse 11), these sisters will receive two-thirds of the inheritance (equally divided among themselves).

If you read verses 11 and 176 of Nisa one after the other, you will see that the rates given to boys and girls only when children are inheritors in verse 11 are exactly the same as those given to brothers and sisters when only brothers are inheritors in verse 176.

(Incidentally, let us state that the siblings mentioned in one sentence of Nisa 12 verse and the deceased's spouse are the heirs. But in this verse 176, "only brothers" are heirs.)

In summary: In verse 11, there is no spouse, while in verse 12, there is a spouse, verse 176 tells how to make a taksim when there are only brothers.


And as it is known, what is essential is the testament according to the verses, and these rates are for the division of the remaining property after the will is fulfilled and the debts, if any, are paid.

As you can see, there are none of the problems such as insufficient inheritance or courtyard. The verses describe the sharing of heritage in a flawless manner. The important point here is to be able to see that each sentence gives a separate formula according to a separate list of heirs. In other words, each sentence in the verses gives a unique list of heirs and tells what the heirs will receive in this case.

While solving problems related to inheritance sharing, it is checked who the surviving heirs are, and the inheritance is divided by determining which sentence of the verses related to inheritance.

As an example, let's solve the question involving 3 famous girl heirs.

“A man dies and leaves behind a mother, a father, three daughters and a wife. How will the heritage be shared? ”.

Since both the spouse and the children are inheritors here, the fourth sentence of Nisa 12 verse describes the relevant section (each sentence of this verse describes what should be done if there is a surviving spouse):

". And to them is one quarter of what you leave behind if you have no child; but if you have a child then to them is one eighth of what you leave behind"

According to this sentence, if the man leaves his wife behind and has children, only these people can be inheritors. His wife gets one eighth of the estate, and the children get seven eight . Even if the deceased has a mother, father or siblings, he cannot get a share in this case.


As I said, each sentence gives a separate heir list and formula, and as you can see, inheritance is always enough.

Increasing inheritance is in question only in some cases, again, as I mentioned at the beginning of my article, there are verses containing signs that show who this increased heritage can be given ... For example:

4:8 And if the distribution is attended by the relatives and the orphans and the needy, then you shall give them part of it and say to them a kind saying.

Almost all pagans are pantheists.

Pagans who worship idols or humans are aware that the things they worship are not gods. But in their perverted pantheistic philosophy, they see what they worship as a reflection, a manifestation, a part of God. Thus, they fall into the trap of the devil. They think they are monotheists, but they are actually polytheists.

The fact that the pharaoh sees himself as a Lord is also the result of this pantheist philosophy. He thought of himself as the reflection, that is, the manifestation of God. Like all pantheists, he worshiped himself and the universe.

The Holy Qur'an clearly explains these facts. At the moment, the only real holy book we have is the Qur'an. On the other hand, the elites hiding the books like the Torah and gave the Fake Torah and false Bibles to the people(hadith books).

2021 1443 in Hijri calendar

2022 1444
2023 1445
2024 1446

Holy Quran

14:43 They will approach with their heads bowed, and their eyes will not blink, and their hearts will be void.

14:44 Andwarn the people of the Day when the retribution will come to them, and those who have been wicked will say: "Our Lord, delay this for us until a short time, and we will heed your call and follow the messengers!" Did you not swear before this that you would last forever?

14:45 Andyou resided in the dwellings of those who had wronged themselves, and it was made clear to you what We did to them; and We had put forth the examples for you.

14:46 Andthey schemed their scheming, and their scheming is known to God; and their scheming was enough to make the mountains cease to exist.

All prophets including Muhammad showed miracles, I showed this in my Turkish article.

And again, all the prophets were able to show miracles only when God wanted them. Every time a miracle was asked from them, no positive answer was given. Like the prophet Muhammad, they said, "We cannot perform miracles on our own." Many times, requests for miracles were denied:

Holy Quran 14:11 Their messengers said: "We are indeed human beings like you, but God will bestow His grace upon whom He pleases from His servants. And it is not up to us to bring you proof except with the permission of God. And in God the believers should place their trust"

13:38 AndWe have sent messengers before you and We have made for them mates and offspring. It was not for a messenger to come with any sign except with the permission of God; for each period there is a Book.

40:78 And We have sent messengers prior to you. Some of them We have told to you, and some We did not tell to you. And it was not given to any messenger that he should bring a sign except with the permission of God. So, when the judgment of God is issued, the matter is decided with the truth, and the followers of falsehood will be lost.

11:32 They said: "O Noah, you have argued with us, and continued arguing with us, so bring us what you promise us if you are of the truthful ones."

11:33 He said: "It is God who will bring it to you if He wishes; you will not have any escape."

11:34 "And my advice will not benefit you if I wanted to advise you and God wanted that you should go astray. He is your Lord, and to Him you will return."

Holy Quran

6:137 And it was adorned for the polytheists, by their partners, to kill their children in order to turn them and to confound their system for them. Had God willed they would not have done this, so ignore them and what they invent.

14:46 Andthey schemed their scheming, and their scheming is known to God; and their scheming was enough to make the mountains cease to exist.

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From a forum:

"Did Satan trick Christians into worshiping it as 'God'?

Here is description of Yahweh, the God of the Bible:

There went up a smoke out of his [Yahweh's] nostrils, and fire out of his mouth devoured: coals were kindled by it.
Psalm 18:8 & 2 Samuel 22:9

And here is a description of the Leviathan [aka Satan]:

Out of his [Leviathan's] nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron.21 His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth. Job 41:20

As we can see, Yahweh’s description is identical to Leviathan’s/Satan's description! Both described as a fire-breathing dragon!
Isaiah 27:1… Leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; the dragon that is in the sea.

Yet Yahweh is described exactly as the Leviathan? (dragon)

Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world [into worshiping it as 'God']

Here's another possible clue that ‘the LORD’ ['God'] of the Bible really might be Satan!

These 2 passages are referenced to each other in my Bible (KJV) and you can check for yourself that they are in the same context (by reading the succeeding few verses)

<< 2 Samuel 24 >>
King James Version

1 And again the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah.
Is referenced to:
<< 1 Chronicles 21 >>
King James Version

1 And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.

Within the same exact context, the terms ‘the LORD’ and ‘Satan’ are used interchangeably! – as if they were the same entity!"

6:7 And if We had sent down to you a book already written on paper, and they touched it with their own hands, then those who have rejected would say: "This is but clear magic!"

If we look at other signs other than the clear meaning of this verse; Does it mean that you insist on accepting all these realities as an illusion and illusion, even though we clearly present you physical things that you can perceive with your buyers?

52:13 The Day they will be called into Hell, forcibly:

52:14 "This is the Fire which you used to deny!"

52:15 "Is this magic, or do you not see?"

Again, apart from the first clear meaning of this verse, if we are to do brain training; You have always called the world of matter a dream, an illusion, now taste the torment of the fierce fire and see if matter is real or is it illusion? Could it also contain an indirect warning in its sense?

52:44 And if they see a portion from the heaven falling, they will say: "Piled clouds!"

54:2 And if they see a sign, they turn away and say: "Ongoing magic!"

In these verses, apart from their first meanings, can it be a warning for those who see the world of matter as an illusion and try to deny its reality by saying that there are "energy fluctuations piled up in the origin of matter" or something?

6:30 And if you could see them when they are standing at their Lord; He said: "Is this not the truth?" They said: "Yes, by our Lord," He said: "Then taste the retribution for what you have rejected."

Again, in this verse, the first and real sense of the disappointment of the unbelievers as a result of their religious denial is described. But again, if we are to do brain training other than the first meaning of the verses,  that those who thinks worls is a illusion despite all their proof of the material world be criticized indirectly.

As I said, the reason I wrote all these verses is just to exercise the mind. In any case, no one can say "this is the following" for the secondary and tertiary meanings of the verses. Those who say are in error.

However, some verses directly give us the information that matter-creatures are real:

46:3 We did create the heavens and the earth, and everything between them except, with the truth, and for an appointed time. And those who disbelieve turn away from what they are being warned with.

29:44 God created the heavens and the earth with truth. In that is a sign for the faithful.

In his verses, Allah states that He created as "truth".

In addition, in some of his verses, he swears on the creatures he created. For example:

95:1 By the fig and the olive.

95:2 And the mount of ages.

95:3 And this land of peace.

Our Lord does not swear on a dream. The truth is that he swears on them.

In short, the belief that "everything is a game of our perceptions, in fact matter is just a dream" that the Spiritualist/New Ageist doctrine tries to impose on people is not true.

(from my Turkish article with machine translation)

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