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The American Muslims and Elections

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As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

The United States is in tough and crucial times right now.  There are the religious fanatics of the right, and there are the liberals on the left.  Each side has their own agendas and interests.  Generally, the republican party is not a good fit for the Muslims due to the following reasons:

1-  The party is mostly dominated by the Jewish and Christian right wing extremists.

2-  The party's political and religious agendas and stands had been opposing and even hostile towards Muslims and Islam in the past years.

3-  The party's economical philosophy is also questionable.  It's a top-down method, which basically believes in helping the rich by giving them massive tax breaks and grants so that in return they would hire more people and boost the economy.  The problem with this method is that the top CEOs (Cheif Executive Officers) of the Corporations had turned around and outsourced much of the US' industry for cheap labor and more gains.  This in turn hurt the US and gave little to the middle class citizens.

The democtratic party, on the other hand, believes in helping the middle class first and focusing heavily on them.  They also believe in taxing the rich more to help the middle class.  This is where the tax breaks for the average families, more funds for education and research thrive.  This is also where projects that deal with infrastructure and cutting on waste such as big military spendings also thrive.  The democrats believe in a smaller military that is equiped with the best weapons.  The republicans believe in a mighty military that has basis all over the world for world dominance and policing.

There are more points that I could add.  But these should suffice.  I myself am a democrat.  Yes, I am anti homosexuals and anti abortion, but still I am a democrat.  The republicans believe in imposing their religious views on the entire world.  This is where their hostility towards Muslims comes from.  To them, we are the Ishmaelites the sons of the slave woman, and we must be always beneath them.  It is important for Muslims to understand this very fact very very well about those bigots and Islamophobes.

And as always, feel free to share your thoughts and criticism, freely.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Yaakob Al-Afghani:
I also had that opinion before but later on it changed when I came across this fataawah of Shaykh Al-Albani(Rahimullah)

American politics have been very vague in regards to where true power lies. Since the very start of this country the belief of government for the people by the people was tarnished. The same powers that control UK sent their puppets to control america's upbringing. To put it in a very simple form going back back in history since 17th and 18th century there has been great influence on europe and then america. This influence is that of banks and mystic judaism. Inshallah when i have more time i will share my findings. Also i must let you know that the zionist entity is the same as illuminati. They are 2 parts of the same coin. For those who want to research on this subject i recommend learning the history of the worlds most powerful dynasty rothschild family, then i believe you will know the truth. Also israel is not state of judaism but state of rothschild. America's future was destroyed at the point of industrial revolution and when rockefellers who are close to rothschild came from europe to america.

Shouldn't Muslims be against both parties because they're both pro-war/destabilization of the Middle East?

That's a very difficult question


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