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Salam brother Osama and brother Idris,

I told u previously brother Osama that I will not post anything until my exam ends. But I couldnt resist seeing the masterpiece from bro Idris. And the schedule also changed because of the beautiful(!) political situation here. However, please pray for me.

It is really amazing that even in John 15:26 the prophet is called Spirit of Truth! So I am damn sure that Ehmeth is Ahmed (pbuh). May Allah bless brother Idris.

Remember my post about the existence of the name 'Muhammad' in Songs of Solomon 5:16? It's just the same case brother. The translators translate the word 'Mahamadiym' as 'Lovely' and 'Ehmeth' or 'Ahmed' as 'Truth'. Both time they take the literal meanings of the names. And that's how they hide the crystl clear prophesies of our beloved Prophet (pbuh).

But if the conversation between Jesus and Pilate about prophet Ahmed (sm) really took place, then it means Jesus was really arrested. So when did Allah raised him up? I read in wikipedia that in the gospel of Peter, Jesus is said to have been taken up when he was on the cross. Read this from wikipedia:

"Christ's cry from the cross, in Matthew given as Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? which Matthew explains as meaning "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" is reported in Peter as "My power, my power, thou hast forsaken me"'. Immediately after, Peter states that "when he had said it he was taken up", suggesting that Jesus did not actually die. This, together with the claim that on the cross Jesus "remained silent, as though he felt no pain", has led many early Christians to accuse the text of docetism. The account in Peter tells that the supposed writer and other disciples hid because they were being sought on suspicion of plotting to set fire to the temple, and totally rejects any possibility of their disloyalty."

To read the whole thing, visit;

The Quran says he wasn't crucified. Notice that it is told here that he felt no pain. Maybe he was put on the cross but wasn't actually crucified and was raised up. I ain't sure. Please make it clear brother.

 Brother Osama, please check my previous posts and send ur reply soon. I will InshaAllah check for ur reply.

May Allah be with us


Wa laikumus salam,

Brother I know a sahih hadith for ur first question. But it is too big. So I will just quote the necessary part

Narrated by Nao'as ibn Sam'an (r): Once in a morning Rasul (Sm) talked about Dajjal...............Then Isa (A) will go to the nation whom Allah will have saved from the fitna of Dajjal. He will wipe their faces with his hand and give them the good news of their PLACE IN JANNAH. Then Allah will send His wahi to Isa(A): "I have sent My sevants, none has the power to fight them. So you will take them to mount Tur......

(Sahih Muslim, Book of Fitna and signs of The Last Hour, hadith no 7028 or 7198)

As for ur second question, I really cant understand how the christians call christ the antichrist and they have not come into the world yet !!! Though some believe that they had already come (Nonsense). According to the bible, antichrist will claim to be a prophet and will show great signs (Matt 24:24). But mahdi is not expected as a prophet. Isa(A) also wont be a prophet as he will come as a ummah of Ahmad(Sm). He will just kill Dajjal, he wont show any great sign.

 It is true that the infidels call Islam a satanic cult. As they know about the overwhelming scientific and other miracles of the Quran and so they try to explain that by claiming quran as a book of satan. I also asked bro Osama a question like that and he replied too. You will find them in the general topic 'refuting answering islam on quranic challenge', post no. 8 and 9 (from the top).

However there is a big problem with calling Islam a satanic cult. I will give a few points.

The Quran says in sura As-Shuara 26:21-212
"No satan has revealed it. They are not worthy of doing so, nor do they hold the power. They have been kept deprived from listening to it."

Sura Yasin 36:60
"O children of Adam! Didn't I tell you; don't serve Satan, as he is your evident enemy?"
Well, if satan revealed Quran, he wouldn't reveal this verse, would he?

Islam gives us the most logical concept of God. The christian say three is one. Even the Jew believe that God dwells in the heaven of heavens but has a holy existence on earth named Shekinah. Some even say that Shekinah is feminine. But Islam says Allah is one and only. So which is logical? 3=1, 2=1 or 1=1? Satan wouldnt turn people towards God. He is Satan, not a saint !! ???

Satan is the father of all the evil and vulger things. So why on earth will he tell people to control themselves, tell women to cover their entire body and to do good deeds? And Allah says in sura Ankabut 29:45
"Verify, as Salat prevents from vulgerity and evil deeds."

The Jew and the christian calls themselves the children of God. But we simply say we are the servants of Allah, bound to obey His laws. Their bible says 'He who humbleth himself shall be exalted'. So the muslims are humble in this regard. As claiming to be children of God is not being humble, its shirk. So which is satanic?

And u said they use the book of revelation, eh? Well I have some opinions on that book. Jesus said about the false christs, "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the CHOSEN ONES." (Matt 24:24) John was a chosen one. So if all that nonsense things really happened, Isn't it possible that John was deceived by someone looking like christ, satan maybe?

There are many prophesies of the coming last prophet not only in the bible but also in the hindu and zoroastrian scriptures, even Buddha prophesied his coming. I am actually busy because my exam is near and I dont know the links. So I am sorry that I couldn't post any links. But do know this, no matter what the infidels say, Muhammad (Sm) was the last prophet promised to every Ummah of the world.

Noble verse 17:81
"Truth has arrived, falsehood has perished. As falsehood is to perish."

May Allah bless and protect us all. Ameen.


Assalamualaikum dear brother,

Thanks for ur reply.

Unfortunately I will be unable to post anything until 16 March as my SSC (matriculation) exam is gonna start. Pls pray for me. I will Insha Allah try to contact u after that by posting some articles I am currently working on. :)

May Allah be with us always.


Salam brother Osama,

Brother, did u miss my article on
January 26, 01:07:06 pm? Because I
asked u to let me know ur opinion
on the book of revelation but u
didnt. If u missed it, pls read it. At
this moment it is number 8 in
'Recent posts'. And I made a little correction of that post in my last post on January 27, 04:28:58 am.

I also want to know what u think of
Dan Brown's book 'the da vinci
code'. I am glad to know that at
least some christians deny the
divinity of Christ. But he also wrote
that Jesus (a) was maried. I always
heard that he was unmarried but I
didnt find any hadith on this regard.
Do u know any?

And finally, do u have any page or
article on "Hadith and Science"? If u
do, pls post me the link.

Allah Hafiz

« on: January 27, 2015, 04:28:58 AM »
Assalamu alaikum brother Osama,

Jajakallahu khair; for reading my little discussions. I think the discussion about the prophecy in SOS 5:10-16 is one of the clearest prophecy of Ahmad (Sm) in the bible. And for the information, I downloaded the hebrew Tanakh not from any muslim or neutral site, but from a totally christian site. So they can show no excuse. The site is this;

And a little correction of the post on 26January 01:07:06 pm about God's being great among the Gentiles. I said the total number is 188. I mistakefully added two extra rakats. But it does not really matter as Witr salah can be 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 rakats.
And I just considered the salahs, what about other extra I'badats!!

May the grace of Allah Almighty be with us all.


GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Muhammad sm in the bible
« on: January 26, 2015, 07:48:40 PM »

You said the name of the Prophet (s) 'Ahmed' is present in the bible. But I think the name Muhammad is present too.

I first heard dr Zakir say that the name Muhammad exists in Song of Solomon 5:16. So I read the NKJV translation. I also downloaded the hebrew tanakh. Read the hebrew verse now.

"Hikko mamtaqqiym vekullo MAHAMADDIEYM zeh dodiy vezeh reiy beno yerusalem."

The translation is :

"His mouth is most sweet,
Yes, he is altogether LOVELY,
This is my beloved,
And this is my friend,
O daughters of Jerusalem!"

If you see verse 5:10, you will have no doubt that this verse is about the Prophet (sm).

"My beloved is white and ruddy,
Chief among TEN THOUSANDS(!)"

I don't believe this anymore. The beloved is somebody else in SOS and his words in the book are too nasty and vulgur to be words of our holy prophet SAW. I also explained this here on reply#12,

I found the word Mahamad also in some other places in the bible. But the problem is, the translations dont match.For example, see the hebrew of Isaiah 64:11

"beyt qadsenu vetip, artenu, aser hileluka lisrepat, ea vekol MAHAMAMADDEYNU hayah leharbah"

the tranlation:

"Our holy and beautiful temple,
where our fathers praised You,
Is burned up with fire,
And all our pleasant things are laid waste"

I find no similarities between the translations, but both contain MAHAMADA in hebrew. I dont know hebrew or Aramaic. But I think the translators are hiding the prophesies of the Prophet (Sm).
Please explain this to me.

Allah Hafiz,


Assalamu alaikum,

Thanks for clearing the verse. I really forgot to check the Arabic.

At first, I want to share a thought. I told in the previous messages how the AI articles bothered me. But thanks and praise to Allah Subhanu wa Ta'la for revealing the following verses of the same sura;

15: 95-99:-
"For We are sufficient for you against those who scoff. Those who adopt false gods with Allah will soon come to know. We do indeed know how YOUR HEART IS CONSTRAINED AT WHAT THEY SAY. But praise your Lord and be of those who prostrate themselves in adoration. And serve your Lord until the hour which is certain comes to you."

Now, I would like to talk about a bible verse which came to my attention recently. I don't know if you already know about this or not. If you do, please forgive my vain repitition.

Malachi 1:10-11 (NKJV)

"Nor will I accept an offering from your hands;
For from the rising of the son, even to its going down;
In every place incense shall be offered to My name;
And a pure offering;
For My name shall be GREAT among the nations,"

I thought about this and the result was amazing!

A general Muslim, who says 5 times prayer regularly, has to say at least 17 rakats of Salah, ie in only the Faradh salah. And here he has to say the word 'Allahu Akbar' (Allah is Great) 94 times! If I add the Witr and other sunnat salah, this number becomes 188! And there is also Tahazzut, Ishrak and various kinds of salah. Now the calculation is upto you!

There is also Azan and Ikamat in the Jamah where the muazzin says several times 'Allah is great', daily! Oh, I almost forgot the Tarawih salah in the ramadan where we have to say this almost 44 times if that is only 8 rakat. And there is also takbir of the Eid "Allah is great, Allah is great,there is no god except Allah, Allah is great, Allah is great, all praises to Him."!

The life of a muslim is impossible without saying 'Allah is Great'. Only Allah knows how many times a muslim says this in his whole life! But how many times does a general Christian say 'God is Great' daily?
Someone said, "Christians in America worship dollars six days in a week, and on the seventh day they turn to God."!

And some other things to notice in the verse. It is clearly said that God won't take the offerings of the Jew and His name will be great among the Gentiles. Which means that the true religion will be given to the Gentiles and thats Islam !!!

From this we can also say that Allah is the divine name of God, as it is said, 'MY NAME shall be great'. And indirect answer to the question they often ask.

Please post ur comment on this little article of mine. And I say again, If you had already known this, please forgive my vain repitition. ;D

And also kindly let me know ur opinion on the book of Revelation, because that book looks like a nonsense act of satan to me.

Allah Hafiz,

Assalamu Alaikum,

Thanks for ur reply. I read ur article 'God Almighty swears by who?'. It's brilliant. But I would like to quote a verse from the quran that I found this morning and I think it will be helpful for ur article, unless u have already added it.

15:92-93:- Therefore by the Lord, We will surely call them to account. For all their deeds.

Its clear in this verse that Allah is making a promise so He swore by Himself! The same case when God promised to Abraham.

Please consider adding this verse.

Allah Hafiz,



Jajakallahu khair.

I again tell brother Osama to take my sincere apologies.

To 'the comforter', I didnt fall in any trap.
 Its just like bro Osama said, the infiders concerned me a little and so I wanted to get the questions answered. I am a student of Science. How can I believe in a book like the bible when it begins with an unscientific chapter!

Now, I wanna ask a question. Suppose A is a monotheist Christian. He doesnt call Isa (a) the son of God. He also believes that the bible has been corrupted. But the problem is, he doesnt believe in the quran. When I show him the scientific miracles and other speciallities of the Quran, he says even satan knows science, and the Quran was written by satan. (nau'zubillah).

How do I make him understand?




I am extremely sorry that you misunderstood me. I never wanted to personally attack you. I just wanted to know if u have answered those links.

I am not a munafiq. I am a muslim, trying to follow Quran and Sunnah. I fear and love Allah, His prophet (sm) and His religion Islam. That's why the kafirs' attacks on Islam bothers me so much.

Sorry that I didnt completely read those two pages myself. I just saw the quotation 'no content' in the google page and wanted to give u a suggestion. You can see it urself if u search 'answering christianity' on google. So I am extremely sorry.

I just started reading ur site and am very happy to see the questions answered. I myself try to answer those kafirs' questions. For now, please post me the answers or links for the following questions

1 Do the Jew call Uzair (a) the son of God or they called so long ago when he was sent to them?

2 Have u answered this page?

 If u have, please post the link. This page bothered me the most.

I hope u will forgive me a.d clarify the 2 questions.


Salam brother Osama,

I am Tahmeed, a new member and your brother in Islam.

Recently I have been reading the articles of 'Answering Islam', they are really challenging and are making me crazy!

Almost 40 kafirs gathered their to spoil our faith. You have taken a great effort. But unfortunately, they seem to give counter answers to your articles, I dont know if you are aware of this. So I am giving you the web address where they have criticized your articles.

Really, something has to be done. These trinitians claim to follow the religion of Abraham (A), so visit their site, answer their every questions and circimcise their belief.

But one thing they have said true, your blog lacks a content. It is really hard to find any article I wish without a content.

So I suggest you to open a new site only for answering that bloody website. Use the same content as they, and answer their questions serially. I myself do some research on the bible, so insha' Allah I will try to help you if needed.

Reply soon. Salam.

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