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 Osama accused me of lying against him because I said that he loves Rasahd's work. He apparently thought that I said that he loves Rashad himself, but notice how I said "work" and I underlined the word? This is because I knew that Osama would misunderstand what I said. Rashad's work is all over Osama's website! He uses his translations quite often! He also uses his "numerical miracles" which he invented!


 Osama accused me of lying when I said that Rashad invented the number 19 "miracle" and he said that a man by the name of "Adnan Al-Rifae" invented it. So let us see who really invented it:

"In 1968, Egyptian biochemist Rashad Khalifa began his translation of the Quran because he was not satisfied with any of the other translations at the time. He vowed to never move past a verse without understanding it. After completing chapter 1 within a week, He arrived at chapter 2:1 with the letters Alif-Lâm-Mîm. His lack of understanding of this verse caused him to statistically analyze the Quran with a computer. Over the course of several years this continued until January 1974 when he claimed he had discovered an intricate mathematical pattern when he placed the original Arabic text of the Quran into a computer. The intricate pattern was found to be divisible by a common denominator of the number 19, hence "code-19" is sometimes used to popularly describe Khalifa's work or the community of Qur'an alone Muslims who go by the name of the Submitters.[3]"

Source: Wikipeida, The Quran Code

"A truly awesome mathematical pattern has been discovered in the Quran in the year 1974 by Dr. Rashad Khalifa. For 14 long centuries Muslims took the challenge presented by God to produce a Sura like it (2:23) to be one primarily related to literacy excellence. But as a result of the new scientific discovery a new meaning for the challenge has surfaced and is astounding mathematicians all over the world.

It was found out that the verses, words, letters and all parameters of the original scripture were coded by means of the prime number 19. The complexity and amazing intricacy of this deliberate structure made it apparent that the phenomenon was superhuman."


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