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one of christian friend show me this two verses (zechariah 3:9 and zechariah 13:7) from their bible and told me look bible has prophesied that Christ must die for the sins of humanity. 

zechariah 3:9 mentioned about particular land
and zechariah13:7  mentioned about shepherd and sheep from that particular land.   it does not refer to humanity.  by their logic about salvation, thus such salvation only happen to the sheep of that particular land.

christians believe in 3 presence that is father, holy spirit , jesus ('word' after getting flesh). all three had the status of God, thus being equal.

however if we research roman christian scriptures. we can see that 'word' need to be supported by father (just like how Jacob was supported on right hand of God).
and when 'word' need to be on earth in the form of man. 'word' need the aid of holy spirit to be born in womb of woman. word does not posses the ability to perform miracle by itself or mightiness as it seems. but still based on what was mentioned in their doctrine,  status of 'word' is equal to the other two.

father does not need holy spirit to be inside father's body. while 'word' need to have holy spirit supporting each other. and if we look at holy spirit ranking by comparing to father, holy spirit does not stay in the same realm that is in the realm of father's throne. but holy spirit stays in the realm of water. thus we see holy spirit hovers over the water. realm of water is the realm below father's throne.

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« on: October 19, 2014, 08:26:12 AM »
Now some others let's say, are talking about the Conquests that time as a proof to the claim that Shariah is to be spread through the sword . So how do you reply to such claims ? Why did the Prophet conquer ?

first the basis of spilling blood. we know even before the creation of humans, sayings of angels mentioned about killing and bloodshed wars among humans. This is nature of human when conflict of interest arose between them, so they end up with killings and wars.

conflict of interest that may led to bloodshed even among muslims can be due to choosing political figures governing state, dispute of sovereignty of lands.

reason to war is to counter the hostility made by enemies. if enemies choose peace, then there should not be any reason to war.

that is the point , and the prophet promised of the conquest of Qustantiniyya in Turkey( Not sure about the English correct spelling ) . So how will they be "opened " or "conquered " ( Fath ) ? And HOW will the promised Caliphate return if our enemies are still killing Muslims every where ? ?

if muslims are being killed, thus if they do not have any means to defend and retaliate. they should leave the transgressors until they possess the means to reclaim back what was theirs. But if the transgressors are among muslims, thus mightier third party should jump in to initiate peace between them.

about prophecies of conquest, it is certainly due to enemies engaging in wars and hostile towards those who spread the religion of God. and if they seize to be hostile, so does Muslim need to stop to be hostile and seek peace.

sharia being implemented by swords,
prophet s.a.w sent out his companions to preach about one God to many regions without troops. Only once Islam grew in those regions, and if those that dislike the growth of Muslimeens began to be murdering Muslims and thus retaliation is needed by means of war too.

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« on: October 17, 2014, 12:10:23 PM »
regarding (Surah 9:29). If we read the verse before that Surah 9:28. We will understand that the command to war is to cleanse the House of God in the East from falsehood.

As Mekkah stronghold grew, there will be skirmishes attacking the place and of course Muslims have to participate in war to protect it.
War does not end in Mekkah but it shall end in the House of God in the West. And thats just about it. Prophecy mentioned about conquest of Al-quds and did not say that they shall do war to India, do war to China or whole world, liberate the world from idol worshiping by brute and sword.

Basically our Holy war revolves around defending these two Houses of God from being infiltrated by falsehood. Even the prophecies of war with Constantinople becoming Islam and descend of Jesus in Syria has got to do with defending the House of God in the West. As Romans keep on doing crusades onto Al-Quds, and in the latter situation Dajjal wish to infiltrate the House of God and bring falsehood into it. So Muslims need to protect it with their life and fight the enemies.

Apart from that, message of Islam should be conveyed to the world with wisdom + beautiful preaching. Sometimes as simple as just writing invitation letters to Islam.

maybe stars , trees relate or as intro to following verses. Allahu'alam.

And the heaven He raised and imposed the balance 55:7
And the earth He laid [out] for the creatures 55:10

« on: October 08, 2014, 12:35:10 PM »
[[How can He be Just and throw people in Hell, when He was the one who decided what his Creation would do in the first place?!]]

Indeed, Allah does not wrong the people at all, but it is the people who are wronging themselves. (10:44)

what shall happen in the future have been prerecorded due to human's own action anyways, its just a matter of human to carry out those actions when they come into existent on earth.

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« on: September 29, 2014, 06:58:08 AM »

they said 'messiah' and further emphasize some more by saying the phrase 'messenger of Allah'.
As chosen children of God, The jews believe in a quick punishing fire to wash their sin something like a 1 day hell. So thats why they have no problem killing prophets.

And [for] their saying, "Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah

if you look in the verse of Quran we will read that the mother give birth to a daughter. The mother clearly said.. "I have named her Mary" . Why did the mother choose that name? So if we look at hadith Mughira b. Shu'ba . Then we know the mother give names after the names of Apostles and pious person. But still..

what trigger her to give name of Mary? So if we reread the verse in Quran, we will see the phrase wife of Imran. So we know that father has the same name with father of Moses that cause the mother to pick same pious name for her daughter following the name of Amran's daughter.

He said: The need for the New Testament was decreed before Jesus was even incarnated, ...
for example see the two promise made by God in Jeremiah 33:14-26 and Jeremiah 31::31-37

..... Jeremiah 33:26 For I will restore their fortunes and will have mercy on them.

Jeremiah 31:31 “The days are coming,” declares the Lord,    “when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel    and with the people of Judah.
Jeremiah 31:37 This is what the Lord says:“Only if the heavens above can be measured    and the foundations of the earth below be searched out
will I reject all the descendants of Israel    because of all they have done,”declares the Lord.

New covenant is 2nd chance. What he quotes refers to promise prior to  second temple era. And guess what happen during 2nd temple era. Jews were shamed by God after rejecting Jesus who were to preach covenant only to Israelites. New Covenant can not be Greek New Testament as the content of greek gospels are meant for gentiles while God promised new covenant with the peoples mentioned only in Jer 31:31.

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« on: July 28, 2014, 07:27:37 PM »
The most devout Muslim I know today did not fast during your holy month.

Then if sins outweigh good deeds, he/she will enter hellfire until certain period of punishment.

Salvation is found only in God. (You know that I mean Jesus Christ by my username but God The Father God The Son and God The holy Spirit all saved me)

Yes only God can give salvation. Not the creation that is son of man or spirit. Triune God belief is totally something new and been widely spread by Roman Christians and not Children of Israel by the way.
I don't ask you to read the bible, although that would be the best thing for You because it speaks about the true God who in the old testament is called Gods (the Hebrew word Elohim) and in the new testament is revealed as Father Son and Spirit, but to examine what it is you believe.

Thats good of you talking about Israelite scriptures and Roman Christian scriptures. Do you know that God reveal Himself as YHWH (I will be whom I shall be) . Why did God not proclaim in plurality but as singular God?

As for Roman scriptures, you can never find the books in New Testament as corpus prior to 4th century. If you check the  for surviving original manuscripts, you will see those books were found separated in different regions meaning they were written by different Roman scribes. Only in 4th century , Christians choose to pick which books to be compiled into New Testament.

So the stories inside New Testament are not original anymore.
We are made in the image of God are we not?

when God speaks, God use We/I/Us/Me, but you can NEVER find verses referring to God as “They/Their”.

Then God said, “Let Us make man ‘in Our image, according to Our likeness’; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” Genesis 1:26

God was speaking with majestic authority thus using Us/Our in Gen1:26.

God said clearly “in Our Image according to Our likeness” referring to mankind becoming rulers and creators on earth. Not by any means using the physical of God to create shape of man and female, but rather figure-like to that of God having dominance over universe, but for mankind they having dominance over other living creature on earth.

(followed by singular third person verse) And God created man ‘in His (notice verse do Not use THEIR) own image, in the image of God’ created He him; male and female created He them. Genesis 1:27

And if we use Pauline-Christian logic. Who's image was the verse referring to? Father? As Christians should know that Word and Spirit do not have image.
Do Christians believe Father/Word/Holy Spirit have image or all three were imageless?

I've mentioned many times the Hebrew word Elohim which is translated as God but in Hebrew it means Gods im being the masculine plural ending

like i have mentioned many times too. Jews and Arabs have no issues about it. But non semitics people have misinterpret the portrayal of plural endings.

Yet your religion has man making the first move...

Of course that why we have prophets. As God ensure that His Laws need to be preached and spread. Followers of prophet keep on spreading the message for generations and generations. It is up to mankind to accept it or not. And they will be judged for their actions in afterword

Christians preach God crucified for our salvation a message of Love that can be understood all around the world without a single reference to the bible...

If you read Israelite scriptures. God do not need to be crucified to give salvation to His creation. Romans seems to interpret wrongly about how God gives salvation that is by becoming a creation that is son of man and need to die on cross, and later wake up again.

Quran Morality and Moral Code, Laws & QA / Re: Trinity
« on: July 21, 2014, 05:36:39 AM »
That is why we have Judgement Day, if good deeds surpassed sins. You will be safe.

There is no imprint left by God in subjects like space, time, matter nor families, as those creations are not even equal to each other. Thus one can not use it to relate to thee entities in equality being in oneness. Hope it make sense to you?

One simple way to check about the belief of Romans Christians which is obviously in the wrong is by checking the message brought by past prophets. Even before the time of Israelites, prophet Noah never preach about God having equals, or triune in nature. The Israelites too do not preach about triune or believe Holy Spirit being God.

Only the Romans Christians who misinterpret the Israelite writings belief in such falsehood.

like black muslim said, such hypothesis will only remain as supposition. It is something that will never happen. Why? the answer lies in the scriptures.
If you believe in God and what was sent in Israelite scripture. You will understand that God have promised that many nations will receive guidance. Thus telling that God will not abandon his creations and let them being misguided. God's Law will remain known to mankind till the Hour reaches them.

we have sets of prophets that were sent to sets of nations to give prophecy and sets of rules on how man kind should live on earth.  this happened in the past.
so we know that message from God will still remain as long as the followers adhere to it.

the Quran was revealed by Holy Spirit that descend down onto prophet . Then prophet preach it to his followers, have scribes write verses down and have his followers memorizing the verse. Say shall Quran cease to exist, all the memorizers can still gather together and reinstate a written copy of Quran.

but lets say there is a generation where Quran no longer exist say burnt or destroyed, all memorizers of Quran died. Not a single person on earth knew the content of Quran.  This will be an era where Muslims can be said close to extinction. And its just a matter of time 'the hour' shall be called upon. 

Quran Morality and Moral Code, Laws & QA / Re: Trinity
« on: July 17, 2014, 03:10:37 AM »
well in Islam, you can not imagine about God using using the concept of His creations and try to relate to it about the existence/nature/attributes of God.
Almighty God be like a family? Almighty God like mixture of space,time,matter..? Almighty God like spirit? Almighty God like flesh? All of those are things created by God.

That is why in Islam , one need to strive hard fulfilling what was ordained by God. to be righteous so that the reward in the afterlife is to meet God the creator.

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