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Unsurprisingly, the question still remains unanswered.

Regarding your point,
Do you have a quote from the Bible saying that the Bible did not exist in eternity with God?

The bible is a historical document ( so we know it did not exist before it was created by human beings )

 unlike the Koran that is supposed to be in existence in eternity with Allah according to muslim scholars

Muslims believe that before the start of this test, they were asked by God whether they want to go through with it or not.

Allah must have revealed to the "test takers" that failing to worship Allah would result in being burned alive in hell forever

His Words are created or known.

Do you have a quote from the Quran saying that the Quran did not exist in eternity with Allah ?

You disagree with other Christians about the Jesus being the biological offspring of David?

Both the Quran and Bible do not say that Jesus is God's biological son (Son of God ) or that Jesus came from Mary's egg (son of Mary ) or that Jesus was  David's biological son, from David's sperm (son of David) , so  biological offspring from either God, David or Mary is not what the Koran or the Bible is saying

Quran mention the exemple of Jesus is like Adam.

In addition to my comment above, the Quran uses the word "be" to indicate Adam's creation but when it comes to Jesus, the word "be" seems to be different since it involves the Spirit of God "be" (coming) Jesus in Mary's womb

Answer the question!

And there has not been a consensus of scholars about the un-createdness of the Qur'an.

You said that there has not been a consensus ( of scholars )  which means, some scholars believe in the Quran and Allah existing together through eternity, right ?

substances inside Mary

Can you quote the Quran regarding the "substances" inside Mary that formed Jesus ? or

 was it just the Spirit of God that be (came ) Jesus

from the substance of Mary.

Adam was formed from dust but Jesus was not formed from any substance of Mary, according to the Quran, right?

Answer the question!

And there has not been a consensus of scholars about the un-createdness of the Qur'an.

Why do some scholars say that the Quran and Allah existed as two through eternity ?

Isn't Bible supposed to be the word of God too? I mean, Jesus was just one word, whereas the Bible is much greater than that. So... is Bible a bigger God? Or at the very least, it should be a God too. Right?

You do agree that the Koran ( Allah's word ) and Allah have existed together through eternity ?

If you wanted to talk about this subject, you should have just said so,

The subject of the post is " Does God have human needs and wants ? " and the answer is pretty clear: according to muslims/christians/jews,  God wants people to worship Him ( a very human want ) and in return,

 heaven is the reward ( a very human response ).

and in the case of certain religions ( muslims being a part ) , sex is also part of the list of rewards.

 My question is , how far does sex go in heaven ?  Is it only with a person's wife or does the person have a  choice of multiple partners, in addition to the wife on earth ?

If that is what the residents of heaven desire, than it will be there.

Was there a reason you left the sex part out when you listed the rewards in heaven (in your previous post )  ?


 Jesus's flesh were made from the substance inside the womb of Mary 

Can you quote the Koran talking about the  "substance" inside Mary becoming flesh (Jesus )

submitting to one singular God

Paul did submit to one God and God's Word (who appeared to Paul ), just as muslims submit to Allah and the Koran (Allah's word)

You do know that when God says the Word "I", both "I"(the Word)  and God are not two different beings but one God.


Prophet Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) was sent for Children of Israel. But in the end, the Jews attempt to kill him. Certainly they do not succeed.

Jews attempted to kill Paul too

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